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  1. Just wanted to say that I think I found the pan in question. I looks very much like the Zwilling JA Henckels cookware with Thermolon. http://www.chefscatalog.com/product/26429-Zwilling-Twin-Choice-Thermolon-Fry-Pan.aspx Thanks!
  2. More like nostickish. I want it for cooking fish, sauteing when I am not looking to make a pan sauce. So I want my brown yummies to stick on the food rather than create fond... I want it to release an egg when cooked in a little butter, or an omlet. Scrambble eggs, know what I mean
  3. Please elaborate Easy, as I have the painful combination of dumb and paranoid. I like to preheat pans, and all the stuff about Teflon and 300/500/662 Degrees dead birds. I'm sure I am over reacting, but that's my choice. I mean Teflon was created by mistake, a mistake that most people love!! I'd just rather not use them or find another solution.... Currently I use Cast Iron for most stuff, but I have never done the "Dry Fried Egg Test", People cook eggs without butter... gross ;-) I looked at some reviews of 'green' non stick pans in 2009, but they were not good.
  4. Thank you for the links and the info. While I have all-clad cookware, I don't own a non-stick pan as I don't trust them for some reason.... Do you know if these will work on an induction stove (which I love). @ Pawncrackers, do you cook eggs in this pan? I presume if you preheat it a bit its ok? Thanks for all the help!!!
  5. Greetings, While watching Hell's kitchen a pan caught my eye and I can not seem to figure out what it is. I have attached a screen shot to this post. If you notice the Blueish looking skillet in the bottom left hand side of the screen. What is it? My best guess is some kind of Ceramic coated skillet of some sort.
  6. Greetings all, I came in to position of 3 beautiful Florida Spiny Lobsters today. 2 girls and one boy. I started getting them ready for a good broil when I thought about it and it's time to step up my lobster game. I have cleaned many lobsters and from my understanding: - The green stuff is the tommalli or liver. Very tasty but it can be a souce of concentrated toxins. So I am going to avoid it. - From the boy lobster I got the strange, firm white parts, that for some reason has always creeped me out. I don't know that I want to do anything with that. - The red/pink stuff is the coral or Roe from the 2 girl lobsters. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good sauce I can use these for? Or if there is a another good use for them in general. Am I being silly by not using the other parts? I am going to be feeding it to my 2 small children as well and I always error on the side of caution when it comes to them.
  7. I too have a food saver, I prefreeze it in a plastic container then seal it up. But I also have limited freezer space. It never fails (for me) that somehow the seal gets broken and I end up with freezer burn. Seal could be broked by a puncture, carma, bad luck who knows. It works great for a couple of months, but beyond that.... Something will happen. I am really looking forward to canning some stock. Being as I don't have a lot of preprocessed foods around, I have lots of pantry space. Freezer space is at a premium.
  8. Here is what Kuhn Rikon has to say about canning: http://www.kuhnrikon.com/tips/canning/index.html
  9. Deltadoc - Thank you ever so much for sharing your experiences and knowlege. You have provided me exactly the kind of first hand information I was looking for! I do have a question though; my dishwasher has a sanitization run as well, however does the 'cleaning agent (or what ever JetDry is called) still run in this cycle, if so is that a problem? I use Grass Fed Beef, and bones for my stocks. Not feeding Cows to Cows stops the spread of Mad Cow! Thanks to you all for sharing your knowlege with me on this subject. Sparrowgrass, as you say the USDA doesn't recommend using a pressure cooker for this, and I imagine it is becuase there is no way to know for sure the amount of pressure is in there. However my Kuhn Specificaly lists "canning' as a suggested use, so would that be okay? When using a pressure cooker for canning mine doesn't really release steam until it is over pressured. The rack that it came with allows for about a little over quarter inch of water. If I just place my jars in the cooker with out touching bring it to pressure for the recommended time (+5 minutes). Then speed release steam (vent) , would I be 'doing it right'? I assume that as long as there is still water in the cooker when I am done, then pressure/temperature was maintaned, and I am good to go. Thank you to everyone!
  10. I am looking into canning my own stocks. I like to make large batches of my own stocks, for personal use. However this takes up a lot of freezer space that I don't really have. Additionally my stocks sometimes suffer from freezer burn and the occassional off flavor absorbed in the freezer. I have found information that it is safe to pressure can stock: http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/can_05/stock_broth.html But my question is what to expect from the flavor, does canning ruin the flavor. What shelf life should I expect? What is the "Flavor curve" if storage does deminish flavor? Currently I fall back on store purchased Stocks. Full of MSG and questionable flavor.
  11. Greetings, I am looking for some advice on renovating my kitchen. My current kitchen is a "Builders Special", everything is cheap and terrible. The cabinets are plastic wrapped MDF and the Plastic is coming off, appliances are the bottom of the line. None of the Corners in the cabinets are accessible, just wasted space. etc, etc etc... Looking forward I am preparing to have everything ripped out and start over. I plan on having cabinets’ custom made to accommodate the copious amounts of kitchen gadgets I have accumulated. Here is a bullet list of things I want in the new kitchen: - An Induction Cooktop (I can't get Gas nor Propane where I live) - A double combo oven (microwave/convection oven on top, real oven on bottom) - More efficient Pantry Currently my Pantry is mostly filed with Stock Pots, Deep Fryers, Sheet Pans, stuff like that. This is all stuff I’d prefer to put in the cabinets but can’t as of the design. Here is the layout of my current kitchen. Here is my current plan: - Gut the kitchen - Move the Refrigerator to the Pantry - Install a 27" or 30" Combo oven next to the Refrigerator - Have a Pull out Pantry installed where the Refrigerator is currently located - Install a 36” Kenmore or Kitchenaid Induction Cooktop where the stove is located now - Vent the exhaust outside!!! What do you think of my plan? When installing a Refrigerator next to an oven do I need to choose a "Build in Model"? Am I making a mistake filling in my ‘walk in pantry’? What do you think of my Appliance choices? Should I get a 27" or 30" oven? Do those 3" make a difference? Is there a better forum for this topic? I appreciate and advice guidance you can offer.
  12. I had seen them but didn't know how they worked. I just assumed that it was a heater under a glass top! I am really getting excited and now comes the more difficult task of selecting one. I have read some opinions that the "Power thing" in the kenmore was underpowered. Also that you should be careful when selecting an induction range as the maximum output of the devices is split between the burners that are on. In other words, it takes to longer to boil 4 pots of water then 1 or 2. What would 'you' get in a 36" cooktop (HOB) Vince
  13. I am almost giddy! I had checked around but wanted to start this thread with out any pretensions as to what I was looking at. I wanted the opinions of foodies, and it is looking good! This is going to be a 2 fold treat for me I think. New pans and I'll be able to take my old LTD's to the in-laws and have something to cook with there too! Thanks you so much! Vince PS. What is a HOB?
  14. I had looked in to it a little bit. But I figured it was all hype. Are the induction cooktops really as good as gas, performace wise? Vince
  15. Hello, I am hoping someone can advise me as to what my best option is for electronic cookery. Unfortunately, a gas stove isn't an option. Down here in South Florida there aren't a lot of gas lines. When I purchased my house I intended to bury a propane tank when I remodeled my kitchen. Well as a result of not attending HOA meetings, a rule has been passed baning all large volume propane tanks. (Large volume is anything above a 20LB tank). I too find this rule stupid and the decision silly, but that is not the topic of this tread. I do want to move, but the wife doesn't so I loose! Is there any electric option that is better then another? The only electric stove I have ever cooked on is coil so I don't know if the induction options are better, or if there is anything else out there. I hope the experts here can shed some light on my crappy situation. Appreciatively yours, Vince
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