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  1. the other thread is very old...can we revisit this topic? thanks!
  2. please let me know! my husband loves this! thanks, sonja
  3. my husband is diabetic and would like to taste red velvet cake...any ideas where i might be able to buy one of these? i'm in northern nj many thanks! sonja
  4. does anyone know if i can get this in New Jersey? thanks!
  5. anyone know where in bergen or essex county i can purchase fresh lobster, not too expensive, to serve 24 guests? making a lobster pumpkin bisque...starts to run into mucho money.. best*
  6. I heard that a seafood restaurant is opening up in Whole Foods in West Orange on the second floor....has anyone else heard this? Thanks* njpetsitter@gmail.com
  7. my mother in law has decided she would like to try lobster for the very first time for her 80th birthday....she lives in the lower part of manhattan....she's in a wheelchair and her kids want to take her out to dinner...any not-too-expensive recommendations in manhattan? thanks, njpetsitter@gmail.com
  8. My husband and I don't drink....I like to go out most every night because I hate cooking and it's the only quality time we get to spend....we live in west orange and would like recommendations for restaurants in our area, montclair, verona, west orange, east hanover, livingston, south orange...I use the entertainment book when I can and I am always looking for Japanese entertainment book coupons (Yoshi Sono) is my favorite which I would love to trade for. In any event, any suggestions would be appreciated.... And if you want to trade coupons from the entertainment book, please find me as well. Many thanks, njpetsitter@gmail.com
  9. husband said he saw a new restaurant either where TOP NOTCH was located or next to it...name was something like La Carouselle? anyone know it? or is he hallucinating again? s
  10. Just called the West Orange Planning people at Town Hall. Whole Foods has their application in in frotn of the Board as I write this. If they get approved, and when all is said and done, they should be in by 2007. Oh bliss, oh joy... njpetsitter@gmail.com
  11. Heard of a great restaurant in one of the hotels...any one know its name? Thanks*
  12. Where in Northern New Jersey can I find a restaurant that serves pate de foie gras? Many thanks* njpetsitter
  13. Hi all, my first post... I called the West Orange Town Hall and they confirmed that Whole Foods will be opening in the no-longer-there Pathmark across from Pal's Cabin. I called Whole Foods and they absolutely confirmed that they are not closing the Montclair store. There you have it... petdaycare@aol.com
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