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  1. I am a little bit biased, having an affiliation with the company, but Incendio has the best pizza. I love the simple pies because a thin crust shouldn't be overwelmed by too many toppings. A volcana with capicolla or a cheese pizza hits the spot. I'm looking forward to the Gastown location reopening this week-hooray!
  2. I was in contact with Wayne (from Dessert Trends). He was very helpful and offered to send some digital photos of the cakes that they are creating this summer. Thanks for the suggestions; I probably would still be surfing the 'net, looking at marzipan concoctions and armadillo cakes! I am, of course, in the service industry. Sometimes, one (not me!) gets jealous when our peers are recognized again and again. I have never seen/heard anything as catty as a bunch of chefs slagging their competition over lagers and Jagermeister! That's all. . . Thank-you fellow e-Gulleters! Jen
  3. Thank-you for the suggestions. I did look at the Dessert Trends website a few weeks ago, but the name threw me off a little. "Trends" doesn't inspire the feeling of quality. It just makes me think of 16 year old girls in 80s-inspired clothing. Cheers!
  4. Hi folks, I will be getting married in Toronto in the Autumn and I would love to order a small (16 ppl) wedding cake. I checked out the Dufflet site and their cakes looked busted. Why? Their reputation is very good, so I'm not sure if it is just a lame web photographer. Oh well, any suggestions? Thanks, Jen
  5. Hello everybody, It's been a little while since I've last posted, however, this topic caught my eye. The new venture on West 2nd avenue is one of those new meal assembly outlets that everyone is buzzing about. It is called Sensational Suppers (www.sensationalsuppers.com) and one of the principal owners is Dean Mallel of Incendio, Incendio West, and Stella's Tap and Tapas fame. The space will be gorgeous modern art gallery meets urban-cool professional kitchen. I am personally looking forward to it opening, since my partner is a chef, therefore, we eat a lot of take-out on our days off! Cheers, Jennifer Bragg Manager Stella's Tap and Tapas
  6. What a timely topic for me to stumble across. I have been craving a good steak for several days and my choice destination will probably be the Hamilton Street Grill. As for doneness, it depends on the cut. My preferences range from very rare (filet) to medium rare (ribeye). A good server should know the cooking patterns of his/her chef. Does that make sense? P.S. What about Chartwell @ the Four Seasons?
  7. The last three places that I ate all took place on Commercial Drive (in the span of a mere two hours) Stella's Tap and Tapas: Three of us feasted on a fabulous array of small plates and washed it all down with Strongbows and mineral water. Memphis Blues: The best home-made pecan pie! Thai Away Home: some curry take-away for later. P.S. A couple of marzipan-pistachio chocolate cups from Dutch Girl chocolates snuck in there, and are worth a mention. . .
  8. Hi, My favorite butchers are at Winsor Meats on Main & King Edward. The ribeye has a great beefy flavour and sufficient marbelling. I also enjoy the old-school meat pies. Regards, Jen
  9. Hello, I enjoyed three South Granville lunches last week. Two of them were at the Cactus Club (around the corner on Broadway) and the third took place at the Red Door. The decor and the waitstaff looked great. The food was mostly good, however, I found it a bit over-priced. Lunch for three was $67, including soft drinks. I felt unsatisfied afterwards. So, I went home and had some potato chips. . .Cheers, Jen.
  10. Wow! There has been some really interesting feedback re: favorite hot dog. I've noticed that most people prefer their dog from a street vendor. I remember when there wasn't any street food available in Vancouver. I believed that carts were the height of urban sophistication. The cart on the corner of Robson and Burrard (across from Virgin) is/was? called 'Heavenly Dog'. They have excellent home-made condiments. I hate it when vendors charge $4 for a smokie and offer a saddo array of no-name dressings. P.S. What about bacon bits on hot dogs...too much of a good thing? Jen
  11. Hi everybody! This is my first posting, so I'll try to stir it up a bit. Who serves the finest hot dog in Vancouver? I've tried many of the contenders, ranging from an Orange Julius relish dog to the Parisian-style chiens chauds at the Crepe Place. Personally, I favour the hot dog stand located on West Broadway (in front of the Future Shop). The buns are fresh and chewy and there's brand-name condiments a-plenty. The smokies are juicy, skins popping with gas-grilled criss-crosses. The texture is sublime. Worst dog---Ikea; no comment.
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