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  1. Hi everyone Unfortunately I did not do sufficient research when I booked a house for a week near Maryport and realised most of the dining destinations are over an hour away further south. Does anyone have any advice for places around me? I am traveling with my parents and 2 small children (3 and 6 yrs) so am wary of such distances. Should I drive north? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Looking for good food places/pubs or farmers market as I am sure we will be cooking at home too. Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi! I am traveling with my two children 3 and 6 to Monte Carlo next week and would love any recommendations on restaurant/food places? Not looking for anything fancy - good food that is hopefully reasonably priced in a place which would welcome children. My kids are relatively well behaved thankfully. Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!
  3. My son just learnt about Pisa and I thought it would be great fun to visit while we are staying a week near the Savona area. However, the drive is somewhat long and I was hoping to get any recommendations on where to stop for meals/snacks/breaks? Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
  4. Have to take the Heathrow Express next Tuesday (am sadly in town for only 8 hours) and am hoping to at least grab a proper pub lunch before I head off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. Hi, Am in desperate need of a city ham for Christmas by this Friday to bring with me to London. Alternatively, if anyone knows a place in central London that I can pick up a good city ham, that would work too. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks! Su
  6. This is great info. Thanks all!
  7. Off to Umbria in a week and hoping to visit and but more importantly purchase a case of olive oil. Any suggestions? And any thoughts on how one ships it back to the States? Thanks in advance!
  8. SuY


    Is l'Achimista the same as Bacco Felice in Foligno?
  9. SuY


    Much appreciated, thanks!
  10. SuY


    Heading over to Umbria at the end of Sept and would love any recommendations on food/lodging? Tried finding info on the forum and may have searched wrong but there was nothing post 2006? Any more recent info would be greatly appreciated! Su
  11. My trusty Black and Decker toaster oven of 13 years has sadly died. Any suggestions on what I should get? Don't need anything fancy as we generally use it for toast/heating up small amounts of food and broiling a piece of chicken for my 2 year old. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  12. We're pretty adventurous eaters. Only thing we tend to shy away from is French food. And we're pretty open on the budget just nothing too too insane in the economy that we are in!
  13. Hi, Visiting in-laws in London and want to bring my husband out for a birthday meal. Looking for good food and wine - doesn't have to be fancy. Went to Chez Bruce for his last birthday meal and loved that. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. We are staying in west London but will have a car so we're pretty mobile. Thanks in advance!
  14. Any good? What days are they on? Thanks!
  15. Not from the area. Could anyone tell me where it is? Thanks!
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