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  1. There are a few professional associations that might be able to assist you and point you to some up and comers... Women Chefs and Restauranteurs http://www.womenchefs.org has a very active New England Chapter Women's Food Service Forum http://www.womensfoodserviceforum.com is just getting established in Boston--their first NE Regional meeting in November had close to 100 participants-- (I loved the program!) The American Culinary Federation's Boston Chapter, called the Epicurean Club, is currently run by a woman http://www.theepicureanclubofboston.com/ Johnson and Wales or any of the assorted culinary schools should have a media relations/alumni resource center that might know who is doing what... and any of the state restaurant associations might be able to send you in good directions. PM me if you need more suggestons... KV
  2. I concur on Mangia Squared's evaluation. iirc, it was still there two years ago. ← It's still there...Tidal Falls distinction is that the falls reverse depending on the tide direction...way cool. On your way there, don't miss 'Sullivan Harbor Farms Smoked Salmon", also on Rt 1 in Hancock. Yummy salmon products.
  3. My mother relays that she was in Fairfield this week and on the recommendation of a local, went to a place for lunch that was "D- for decor and ambience, but A+ for food"...she had "chicken shortcake" (Seemed like a chicken pot pie cousin, but served over a home made baking power biscuit) The other person she went with had a fish chowder that was scrumptious...couldn't remember the name, though...maybe it rings a bell for someon else? KV
  4. Chris- There is a defunct diner on Newport Ave in E. Providence--"the Star Dinner", teal and silver retro....do you know any of its hisotry? It looks like it is in reasonably good shape from the outside, but in the 3+ years I've lived in the area it jas never been open... KV (I love the Modern Diner..as long as you get there before the lines start forming )
  5. Back when I was a food service manager in hospitals, I recall an article about fiddleheads and blood thinners like warfarin and coumadin...small amount of fiddle heads were ok, the problem arose when greens starved Maineace woul eat a whole plate... KV
  6. Tidal Falls can be good, but a bit hard to find the first time. I think it is technically in Hancock. If you are in the vicinity, though, Sullivan Harbor Farms on Rt 1 for smoked salmon is a must. Also in Hancock are The Crocker House Inn and Le Domaine. Both have been around for years. Not sure of the food these days, but they used to be well received...
  7. I love Town Wine and Spirits as well... Elliot is great to work with...he is working on ordering me some Kensington Gin... KV
  8. There are changes going on in the kitchen there I believe... the exec is leaving to start his own place now the owners are back from their French sabbatical...I don't know if the change has happened or is still in process... KV
  9. My family's recipe is canned the usual way (hot water bath). The receipe process includes cauliflower, pearl onions and green tomatoes in the vegetable ingredients, as well as the cucumbers. IIRC, the process is to blanche the veggies, soak 24-48 hrs in brine, rinse brine off, add the mustard 'sauce', then can using hot water bath. A curing period of 4-6 weeks is recommended. If you would like the explicit recipe, PM me and I'll send it to you... What kind of 'traditional' mincemeat recipes are out there? KV
  10. One trip to the rest room (through the kitchen!) cured me from desiring to go to New Japan... your call. KV
  11. I'd add Cafe Nuovo to the list, maybe McCormick and Schmicks as well. And don't forget a very important element-- reservations made earlier than you would normally make reservations! KV
  12. I had dinner at Gracie's recently and was very impressed...the best was a Valhrona Molten chocolate cake with candied kumquats and mandarin oranges...probably one of the best chocolate desserts I've ever had...the entrees were excellent as well...lamb loin roasted with an olive & almond crust, a fois gras appetizer (I am at peace with my place in the food chain) and a pureed onion soup that was perfection... Chris: I have to ask: what is your picture ? I can't figure it out... KV
  13. "Sauces N' Love" used to be in Somerville/Union square-- they do high quality Italian sauces...you can find the sauces at Whole Foods. http://www.newenglandcheese.com/allabout/types.html can also get you to regional cheese artisans... KV
  14. Yup-- all those are Maine dishes I remember from growing up...of course not forgetting maple anything, red flannel hash (made from left over boiled dinner)fiddleheads, blueberries, and the occasional 'sea moss pudding' --a bizzare dessert my biology teacher mother used to make from a specific type of seaweed! Corned Hake is in there too, but I never experienced that until my 20's and working on Chebeague Island Cheers KV
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