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  1. I was wondering that as well, since it isn’t an original part of the product. But I think I recall there was a point where Campari did temporarily go away from using cochineal and then resuming using it again. If I come up with any deets, I’ll let you know!
  2. Does it list the coloring agent, E122, E102, and E133? E120 is cochineal. The E stands for Europe and the coloring agent classification has been around since 1962. But I don’t know when it was a label requirement. Campari Around the World
  3. What you should do, is make it by the gallon. Following link is from Jeffery Morganthaler, and it is THE best batch cocktail recipe I've ever had. http://www.jeffreymorgenthaler.com/2006/a-gallon-of-margaritas/ I have brought these to BYOB restaurants in Jersey. Restaurant ice (same as regular ice maker, ice) filled glasses. Dilutes quickly, but everyone loved the balance of the ingredients.
  4. I second Dave's comment! Pre-batch in pitchers or large containers.
  5. 1. Cleanliness. The whole hand washing, using ice scoops and spoons for olives thing. 2. No pre-made sweet & sour mix. I know you may not have control of that, but if I know a bartender is willing to take the extra time use fresh citrus and sugar… I’m one very happy, heavy-tipping customer!
  6. Wow, you were right! This IS a lot of discussion about about a raspberry syrup!
  7. I believe a certain Mister Damon Dyer will also be joining us in Sicily for the finals... Here was my entry: La Cola Nostra 1.5 oz Ron Zacapa 23 1 oz Averna .75 oz Lime .5 oz Simple .25 oz Pimento Dram Shake and strain into a tall glass with ice. Top with about 2 oz of Moët White Star. Garnish with candied lime wheel. ← Congratulations!!!!
  8. For New Jersey I’d have to say the spirit has to be applejack. Though no longer “popular” within the state itself as I'm sure MANY of the inhabitants either never heard of it or if they have, don’t know what it is. If a state cocktail is to be chosen, it must contain applejack ala the Jack Rose, the Jersey Lighthouse or the simple Jersey Sour. If not an applejack cocktail than the Jersey Cocktail at the least: Sugar, bitters and carbonated cider Agreed? Rich
  9. I will have to give this one a try before the month is out!
  10. Erik, Kudos to you and your excellent constitution! You’ve made and consumed drinks I couldn’t even bear to smell let alone taste (I still shudder when I think about the Glad Eye Cocktail). It’s created some very interesting topics! Rich
  11. JerseyRED


    Finally, I’ve found the time to make my own (I got sidetracked making pimento dram). To echo everyone else’s sentiments, the homemade is so much more interesting and complex than any bottled orgeat I’ve tried. Very much worth the minimal effort it take to create a batch.
  12. JerseyRED


    THANKS for the info! I'm off to Whole Foods. Wanted try Q Tonic and I understand they carry it as well.
  13. Disclaimer "Only one entry per person and per e-mail address will be accepted. Duplicate entries will be disregarded. "
  14. JerseyRED


    Okay, now I'm sucked in too. Where does one purchase whole, fresh, blanched, almonds? Or must I buy almonds, shell them and blanch* them myself? Thanks, Rich (*Not that I know how to do that...)
  15. I'd recommend the Secret Cocktail from Vintage Spirits & Forgotten Cocktails 1 1/2 oz London dry gin 1/2 oz applejack Juice of 1/2 lemon (I suppose you can compare regular to Meyer*) 1 egg white 2 dashes grenadine Shake "up with all due vigor" and strain into a cocktail glass A variation on the Clover Club and Pink Lady *Not a fan of the Meyer lemon as I don't care for the smell of the oil. As someone recently pointed out to me, it's smells like graphite. EDIT: Added opinion on Meyer lemon... to stay on topic
  16. I've used Trader Vic's in the past as they have real Passion Fruit in their Passion Fruit syrup. I haven't replaced my bottle because the cost of shipping is quite expensive, so I don't know if the quality has changed.
  17. If you make your own simple syrup then you have the time to make your own grenadine as it's that easy*. The difference between REAL grenadine and Rose's HFCS colored water is huge. Huge. Then try the Jack Rose again. *Grenadine (Cold or hot method) Combine 1 cup sugar and one cup of pomegranate juice (POM) and shake. Then shake again. And again. And again... Pour two cups of pomegranate juice into a saucepan. Bring to a boil, then simmer over medium-low heat until reduced by half. Add one cup of sugar, and stir until dissolved. Remove from heat and let cool. The first is a fresher brighter grenadine while the second has a deeper, richer flavor. Then you can play with it some, add Orange Flower Water, etc. Both kick ass over Rose's.
  18. Erik Every time you post a picture of a drink in those glasses I always wonder if you received them from your parents. I have the same glasses, grabbed them from my mom before she disposed of them. I also have another set of gold and black but instead of leaves the motif is coins. Rich
  19. Ok, if like me you had a DVR "malfunction" you can view last Friday's episode here. Late Night with Conan O'Brien Select the Jan 11 Episode, Chapter 4 Whine Whine Twang Twang
  20. Damn Cablevision DVR!
  21. Ok, looking at Conan's site that was Thursday's show. My DVR says it taped Friday's show. Also this from "Conan's Blog": Also on tonight's show, we've got a "demo" on!! It's always funny when we have "demos" on. A demo is anything that's "demonstrated" - it's always in the performance area (aka where COB does his Conologue from), and more often than not, involves some kind of food or drink or something you can put in your mouth (watch it, dude). Well, today we have on David Wondrich; a "mixologist" who talks about different kinds of historical alcoholic beverages. And he, of course does "a demo" for his segment - he mixes up a bunch of drinks, and Conan drinks them! Awesome, right? Awesome. But you know what's REALLY awesome about demos, kids? All of the stuff that's left over from the demos are FAIR GAME. That's right - it being a demo, and it being a FRIDAY SHOW, it was a sweet sweet boozefest backstage!!! OH MAMA!!! What a great way to kick off the weekend!!! You know what's NOT such a great demo to consume the leftovers of? Martha Stewart! Drinking paint can be reeeeaaaal tricky. OH JOKES. Anybody happen to see last night's show? Did my DVR screw up or was last night a repeat? Or was there a Blue Blazer demo that caused the set to catch on fire and force the show to be canceled?
  22. What happened? You get bumped for the Tampa Bay cheerleader/probation officer? Rich
  23. Thanks to Gary and Mardee Regan's special announcement email via their e-letter 'Ardent Spirits' (and due to the fact that Mr. David Wondrich is "Loth... to engage in shameless self-promotion") I have become aware that Mr. Wondrich will be appearing on Late Night with Conan O'Brien this Friday, January 11. Ardent Spirits Conan O'Brien Set those VCR, Tivo, DVR things to record! Rich
  24. Hmmmm, I think it was jazzyjeff who sourced the original recipe . That's the problem with these Spirits and Cocktails posts, isn't it? ← Well a hearty thank you for pointing that out to me! And belated kudos to 'Return of the Magnificent' JazzyJeff for sourcing the recipe.
  25. That's the very one (and thanks for the kind words!). William Schmidt invented a lot of drinks--in fact, he was running a new-drink-every-day thing at his bar for a while there in the 1890s. By apple whiskey he of course means applejack; 1 drink = 2 oz, 1 pony = 1 oz. And thanks, Mitch, for the correction. I'm doing things at Astor Center on the 17th and the 18th and I got them well and truly muddled. I have fixed it. Friday the 18th it is. ← Thank you Mitch for finding the source to the original recipe! And thank you David for the interpretation of the proportions. As far as your engagement at the Astor Center, well all I can say is I am SO there. See you on the 18th. Rich
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