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  1. I too am fortunate to live near both a Kroger and a Publix (Toco Hill area in Decatur). However, at least with my two, I'd disagree - the Kroger is far superior to the Publix for produce. But I do like Publix's Greenwise line of products. If I don't find what I need at either of them, there's a Whole Foods just down the road, the Dekalb Farmers Market a bit further the other way and Buford Highway Farmers Market not far in another direction. This place is foodie-shopping heaven.
  2. Woodfire Grill continues, in my opinion, to be one of the under-appreciated jewels of Atlanta dining. Michael Tuohy not only runs a fine restaurant but continues to keep his cuisine fresh, and his devotion to responsible ingredient sourcing is commendable. A Saturday night meal with my wife was outstanding. Excellent service, fine atmosphere, great food - what more can you ask? My wife had the Georgia white shrimp and caprese salad and I tried the woodfire-grilled (of course) salmon. Perhaps the only dig I have is the sparse beer selection. Atlanta has truly discovered craft and Belgian beers. Woodfire would do well to join in. After our meal, we sat at the bar and enjoyed a scotch (her) and madiera (me). While there, Bruce the sous chef came out, recognized me and promptly delivered a cheese plate, gratis. Nice.
  3. Jennifer's blog is worthy and the girl definitely gets around (presently in Tokyo). I keep up with her on atlantacuisine.com, as she's a frequent poster there.
  4. Agreed - best in Atlanta. There are several others in the area that compete - Swallow in the Hollow, Sam & Daves BBQ1/2, etc - but for Texas brisket and ribs, the Fox brothers are the best .
  5. I'd ask Jason Molinari. http://www.curedmeats.blogspot.com/
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