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  1. Bump.....OK, forget "new and wonderful". Anything within walking distance of the coliseum which would accommodate a group of 12-13? Thanks in advance for suggestions!
  2. Hub & I will be in Charlotte for the ACC Tournament in a few weeks, haven't been there in several years. I've gone back through some Southeast threads for advice on Charlotte restaurants and since Lan4dawg seems to be impressed with Lulu, I thought we could check that out. Since we usually sit through all the games, we'll probably be going out to eat only a couple of times....for dinner. Are there any other "don't miss" places out there? We're very much into chef-owned places; not too interested in BBQ/steakhouse places on this trip. We used to love going to Lamplighter's on Morehead
  3. Sorry I didn't suggest this sooner (maybe because it's not "southern"): Fins in downtown Raleigh, 110 East Davie Street, on the corner street level of a Progress Energy Building. Restaurant moved to this location several months ago and I think the the food there is better than ever. They don't have a website; I've copied this from Open Table (because I'm too dumb to figure out how to do links): # Fins writes... Open the door to Fins new restaurant in downtown Raleigh and WOW! The expansive bar has plenty of table seating for the early and late bar menu patrons. The open dining room, div
  4. I'll give shout-outs for Frazier's and Porter's....a louder one for Frazier's. As to parking, you might get lucky and find a space on Hillsborough Street in front of the restaurants. However, we can usually snag a place off Hillsborough on Chamberlain Street with no difficulty.
  5. Just a nitpickin correction: South is part of the Urban Food Group which also includes Frazier's, Porter's and Vivace and is owned by Kevin and Stacy Jennings. The Noble Food Group is owned/co-owned by Charlie Deal and I don't think any of their restaurants are in Raleigh....correct me if I'm wrong.
  6. I'll cast a vote for two of my faves which you didn't mention: Sermet's Corner on King Street and Cru Cafe on Cumberland Street (easily overlooked because of its out-of-the-way location), both in downtown Charleston. Both serve lunch and dinner.
  7. Guess Raleigh isn't a pizza kind of place! Visitors come to NC looking for great 'cue, but great pizza? Not so much. You, of all people, know that!
  8. I'm giving this thread a bump, just having returned from Charleston yesterday afternoon, mainly for the benefit of those planning a trip there in the near future. I especially want to report back on Hominy Grill since I kept suggesting that "hazardnc" go there for a special meal. I sensed that something was up when, shortly before our trip, I got an e-mail from HG saying that their hours have changed---no more dinner on the weekends, cutoff for dinner during the week is 8 PM (meaning that you have to get there by 8; they don't clear out the place at 8). We went there for dinner on our first
  9. Best pizza in the triangle? Guess that depends on what your taste buds are in the mood for at a given moment---thin, cracker-like crust; thick, chewy crust; great tomato sauce/no tomato sauce, etc. etc. etc. I can make a pretty fine pie in my home oven....crust is focaccia-like and I can use whatever toppings I want to, put as many mushrooms on as I like---after my pizzas, the commercial ones pale in comparison. I do however lament the loss of Brothers Pizza on Hillsborough Street.
  10. I wish I'd seen this post before we went to Fins last night. I thought there was just one Progress Energy building, the one on Fayetteville Street, and could not figure out how Fins could be on the corner of anything when that building isn't on the corner. But we finally found it. Yes, the new place is beautiful and so spacious compared to the location in North Raleigh. I think my meal last night was the best one I've ever had at Fins. Started with house salad....OK, not too imaginative, but I've gotta have my greens! Hub had conch seviche, a little of which he shared with me; I preferr
  11. Where exactly is Fins located? My understanding is that it's in the Progress Energy building. I drove by there recently but didn't see any sign/hint that Fins was there. Maybe I had the wrong building? Could you give us something more specific about the location. Thanks.
  12. Um....I don't know how often you visit the Moore Square/City Market area on Saturdays but I can tell you that very often, especially from spring thru fall, there are other things going on at Moore Square on Saturdays, if not the entire weekend (meaning lots of congestion). Granted, I haven't visited the Wed. market so I have no idea as to how much space is needed for that operation. I wonder if the farmers' market could be moved to another area (Nash Square, near Municipal Bldg.) or a closed=off street (on the weekend, of course). Also....are you aware that 2 vendors/farmers are at City Mar
  13. Inquiring foodies await the report of your culinary experiences....while still fresh in your mind.
  14. Sorry to keep harping on Hominy Grill here....maybe I've misunderstood you, but I want to be sure you're aware that HG isn't "across the bridge". Last time we were there (dined on the patio with twinkling lights), it appeared that several duos/groups were indeed there for special occasions---I say that based on the way they were dressed, body language, etc. How about Carolina's, located right off East Bay St. near the Broad St. t-intersection...I'd consider that "fancier" than HG. Or for more sophisticated ambiance, the restaurant inside the Charleston Place Hotel....the Charleston Grille?-
  15. Wow, you totally nailed that one, I couldn't have said it better myself! I try them once in awhile, but am always dissapointed. Other things: Mushrooms. (if one more person tells me "There's some mushrooms in this, but I swear you can't taste them!" I'm gonna go postal. I can SENSE the slimy little bastids.) Shellfish/Mollusks. Texture, again. I like crabmeat in stuff, and the flavor of shrimp, but the texture of all of it (plus the idea of eating oceanic bugs, or the entire whole of an animal digestive system and all, just kinda turns me off). I'm not so into veal either, it always felt
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