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    Steven Shaw

    I am so sorry to hear this news. It has been several years since I've been a regular on egullet, but like many of you, it was foundational in my transformation from being a recipe-following cook to a COOK cook. Stephen once sent me a pound of vanilla beans -- I think he did that for several on here -- because he wanted a bunch of people to experiment with making vanilla extract. I haven't bought extract since then.
  2. Mom and I went to Evergreen for lunch one day and took the remainder of our meals back to the hotel kitchen. We each got two more meals from the one! Very tasty, but we were both a bit tired of Chinese after eating it three times in two days. The trip was successful, and I thank you for your recs.
  3. Thanks for the replies and recommendations. It ended up that we had to cancel our res at Jean Georges -- Dad was just too ill to be able to go. Thankfully, his surgery was very successful and he is much better, and as I told him, Jean Georges will be there for another time or if it isn't it won't matter very much in the larger scheme of things.
  4. Thanks so much for the specific recs and locations. VERY helpful and just what I needed.
  5. Thanks very much for the reply. Do others concur?
  6. Thanks, Seth. I was expecting lots of firm opinions about this, but near silence! Does nobody else eat at both places? The deals seem similar pricewise, so I'd like to know what you think.
  7. My dad is having surgery next week and Mom and I will need to feed ourselves but stay nearby. We won't have lots of time or wish to spend more money than necessary -- this isn't "fun" dining, of course. Still, I enjoy my limited chances to try new places and have good food. Any recs in the neighborhood of the Hospital for Special Surgery for cheap, friendly eats?
  8. My parents and I will be in NCY next week while my dad has surgery in a local hospital. On the day before, he has pre-op tests in the morning but no restrictions for eating and a free afternoon. So, we have an opportunity for a nice lunch and a few hours to do something relaxing and distracting-from-surgical-anticipation. I get to the city about once a year and have always wanted to eat the "cheapo" lunch at JG, but timing and/or companions have never allowed it. Now I see some of his other restaurants are offering a "Winter Promotion" deal that has become year-round. JoJo looks like it would be the best of those locations if we went with that alternative, but I know nothing about either place. Where do you think we would have the nicest experience? My mom is the least adventurous eater among us, but both sample menus look like she would find plenty to love. I think we'd all like to enjoy delicious food, be a little impressed, but not feel like we have to expend a lot of mental energy overcoming any potential intimidation factors. Also, where would you take people "in our condition" after lunch to while away a few hours? Thanks in advance for advice and help. I always get the best assistance from all of you!
  9. I don't think anybody has said what I prefer, so I'll chime in. (Hi, everybody -- long time no see!) For my FIRST breakfast, I need protein or I'll have blood sugar probs all day off and on. For my SECOND breakfast (in an idea world this happens, but my world is far from ideal), at 10 o'clock or so (right about now as a matter of fact), I will have a cup of coffee and something homemade, wonderful, and sweet -- a muffin, a slice of sweet bread, or even a couple of pancakes.
  10. I must thank you for posting the link to this recipe. I have made it a few times last winter -- for myself for days' worth of lunches and as an accompaniment to roast chicken (served over a simple base of greens tossed with plain vinaigrette) for a dinner party. Everyone loved it. I love it, too.
  11. Kim, those picks are just gorgeous -- so clever of you!
  12. An excellent thread to resurrect! For breakfast I had an English muffin, toasted, buttered, topped with slices of Havarti, and broiled to bubbly yumminess.
  13. I have been mostly away from dear eGullet for the last months, but saw a reference to this blog on Abra's own. What a treat! I've been keeping up with Abra and Lucy via their blogs, but missing Clary and all the rest of you. It feels like a homecoming, but I'm still here in my home -- weird, the online world. Thank you for the glimpse into your cooking and visiting.
  14. My best Stresa memory: dh and I went to a gelateria as it was getting ready to storm. We bought a bucket of something like 12 scoops (12 DIFFERENT scoops) and ran through the rain back to our hotel room. We sat in the open doorway of the balcony (we were on street level on a traffic-free street), pigging on gelato and watching the sheets of water beat down.
  15. What a lovely story, Maggie. My best to your mom and whole family. Lately, I've been enjoying an evening supper of toast topped with things like creamed onions and mushrooms, sometimes with a little cooked asparagus thrown in. Reading Marion Cunningham's The Supper Book reminded me of the pleasure of such a little meal.
  16. Love it, Miz Rachel. Those La Choy kits were an occasional treat left for the babysitter to fix for our supper when I was a youngin', along with Jiffy Pop Popcorn (the MAGIC of that expanding foil chef's hat on the red eye of our old stove!). I think I knew even then that the chow mein was vile, but I never could resist cunning little food kits like their's and also the Chef Boyardee Pizza kit.
  17. That sounds really delicious!
  18. I want to make vanilla vinaigrette. I'm thinking it can't be too hard -- just add some scraped vanilla to a basic vinaigrette? I had an unforgettable dish at our county's best restaurant last spring: smoked salmon with orange vanilla vinaigrette and fried oysters on the side.
  19. I usually wear one when I cook -- I'm messy and I can't afford to be replacing my clothes all the time. I have a homemade one from my daughter and maybe three cheapy solid colored ones from a restaurant supply store. All do the job. I used to wish I had some pretty floral ones like Nathalie Dupree wore on her cooking show in the eighties or nineties.
  20. Give your opinion: I've seen two kinds of re-usable shopping bags at Trader Joe's. The $1 one looks like a plastic woven fiber-y material. The $2 one is nice-looking canvas. I was afraid the cheaper one wouldn't last. Who has experience to share? Are they durable? Is the more expensive one the way to go?
  21. Nice, nice, nice. What was the first pic of the airline food in the last installment?
  22. My two guesses to your two questions: I think the first is some sort of wheel for a mill. The second looks like an egg. The question is, is it a chicken egg a shopper dropped or a wild bird's egg fallen from a nest?
  23. My pleasure, actually, in not in a perfunctory way---I enjoy the anticipation of and recall of experience at least as much as the experience itself. And yes, Proust is my favorite author. ← I feel exactly the same way. What I journal I remember, and memory seems like the half-life of the experience to me.
  24. Therese, I so appreciate the chance to travel with you via your reports. Many thanks.
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