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  1. East Village vs Richmond/Robson by Denman. Fight! Momofuku still has my favorite beer which, by the way, you simply cannot get in BC Hitachino Nest, where's the love?
  2. I just realized that point nondual1. Chinese new year coincides with valentines this year so it does happen to fall into the Olympic period. I actually find biting into the soft "bottom" of the bun an easy way to get the juice out. They are, indeed, quite like gyoza in that sense but the thicker fluffy dough really makes them their own thing. I know at Sha-Lin and at Peaceful both on Broadway, they are fried top and bottom (unless I'm confusing these buns for different ones)
  3. I just had lunch today at Chen's and I will say that it is quite good and a tad cheaper than Shanghai Wonderful. The XLBs are a totally different flavour and texture to Shanghai Wonderful so I'm going to treat the two restaurant's XLBs are separate products. The actual fried buns at Chen's were, however, phenomenal. Really really juicy inside and packed with porky goodness. I will make the note that the sign on their door was rather surprising: Closed Feb 11th to March 1st. Looks like the family has decided to take an Olympic Break despite the favourable writeup by Sam Sifton. So if yo
  4. I wish I had a better camera but I guess the point got across. You should talk to the owner, he's quite a character and he has funny stories on how the city still can't figure out what he's trying to do. They kept telling him to pour concrete foundations. He had this look on this face like "huh? how would I leave then?"
  5. I just returned from Yatai heaven and it was good fun. Even with some rain there were a decent number of people enjoying hot ramen noodles, hand rolls and giant takoyaki's. The owner is a dynamic and funny fellow who pretty much designed and built all three stalls starting with Tenku. He's managed to hire some help to man the other stalls as he runs back and forth ensuring quality control. I believe his grand plan is to clone himself three ways or more in order to maintain a level of continuity. There is also a permanent shack with tables for people to stand over and enjoy their recent p
  6. Remember Tenku? That crazy trailer in the middle of a parking lot off elmbridge (by the Rona)? The owner served up giant takoyaki-style balls called Bakudanyaki (otherwise known as "bomb"-yaki). Well he's made some friends! Now there's a Ramen shop and a hand rolled cone shop to complete the set of 3 trailers. On top of this they appear to have budded up to a Richmond-City built inukshuk made of containers. Japanese "street" food finally, truly, invades the lower mainland. I'm going to be paying them a little visit today to see if the food lives up to the concept. I can say right now I
  7. Pourhouse might be getting some big tourist attention from Sam Sifton's great review
  8. Nice to see a little spotlight on Vancouver food on the cover of the new york times. If Meals Won Medals Yay food!
  9. ^ Oh yes my bad, I never made the reservation - my wife did - so to me it was one of those "show up and enjoy it" evenings. After talking to some friends, the reservation "line" doesn't alarm me but probably makes it a non sleeper...more like a summer blockbuster that didn't disappoint!
  10. I had a wonderful meal at Les Faux Bourgeois on Tuesday. It has to be the sleeper hit of the summer for us. We started with a glass of Kettle Valley White and tucked into a French Onion soup done the way I love - smoked bacon, creamy stock and oh-so-sweet onions. The dish was topped with a Guyere that had a smokey aftertaste. I had the Moulles Frites and my SO had a seared salmon. The mussles were served in the traditional white wine affair but it was absolutely delicious. I could not stop dipping the fresh bread and filling my belly with the rich salty goodness. The fries were crispy
  11. fud


    Out friends from Gyoza King on Robson opened up a Ramen shop in Richmond called G-Men. It's in the continental plaza on Cambie and Hazelbridge (I think). The broth is quite good (although I still prefer Kintaro) but the pork is much softer than Kintaro's which I find to be tougher and dry. All in all Kintaro has the soup and the "fixins" but G-Men has a mean pork and the wood ear mushrooms are a very nice compliment. I was there last week and they offered a "dry" ramen noodle which was awesome. Of course at dinner time they also offer Gyoza!
  12. Nice to hear Chef Jeff has found a home at Diva! "The talented and perseverant Chef Jeff Van Geest is running the show at Diva at the Met, bringing with him, the calm and cool, David Edigar." And from the same email they confirm the Parkside transformation with the added bonus of Aurora's sous chef coming on board "Sous Chef, Sam Hartles has been showing off his knife skills at Parkside Restaurant, soon to be LaBuca2."
  13. I'm a fan of Shanghai Wonderful. The soup dumplings (Xiao long bao) are highly soupy and packed with flavour. They also do one of the better hot and sour soups out there (with actual chunks of seafood). Try it there and redefine what hot and sour soup is supposed to be like Cunucklehead is right about Jade, it's a bit of an unsung hero in most cases. When you go there for Dim Sum, it's woefully underpacked compared to many other joints in the area and I find the price premium is well worth the jump in food quality (plus easy/free parking).
  14. We just got back from Market tonight. We were seated in the Cafe (on Valentine's eve it was referred to as the 'dining room overflow'). We took a look around the restaurant before ordering. The Raw Bar is gorgeous albiet a little tight to walk through. The fact that you need to walk through here to get to the dining room is both a blessing and a curse. It's important to see the bar, but it's extremely congested on busy nights. Service was fast and a little skiddish at times but generally good. I was happy to see some great BC ciders on the menu. Butternut Squash Soup - Black trumpet mus
  15. Made reso's for Friday (before V-day). Interesting that they didn't ask me where I wanted to sit! P.S. Andrew's link is dead but HERE is the correct one. Can't wait. The scout pictures look marvelous.
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