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  1. In terms of pho you're probably out of luck staying at the Four Seasons. Smoked food.. you probably want to check out so.cial's butchershop. Izakaya is pretty good downtown as well, Guu or Kingyo is very popular among locals. There's also Blue Water Cafe which has a great sushi bar though the restaurant offerings may seem a little standard.
  2. Exec chef Ray Henry has left since you last ate there, so I'd suspect there would be noticeable differences.
  3. Up until 1945 it was held by the Japanese on and off during the Sino-Japanese wars and before the Japanese, as a treaty port for the British since the 19th century. The era hardly is indicative of a culinary beckoning
  4. Only in the restaurant industry is colonialism glorified You should see all the French-Vietnamese restaurants in the US specifically recreating that era.
  5. why would the city do that? and.. what place does the city have on restaurant signage? are they gonna start asking restaurants to design their logos in a certain way, too? make them fit in with the condos? ← I *think* Gerald's remark was in jest, but FYI, the City of Vancouver (like most cities) has guidelines and regulations about signage of all sorts, so that residential neighbourhoods don't end up looking like Times Square, for example. ← Yes I'm aware of that, but I thought it was mostly regulating against indecency and neon lights (even though it IS Granville).. I just had no idea that they were nazi-regulators when it comes to conforming the neighbourhood to a certain way. I mean they might as well be telling the designer to make the places look a certain way to "conform" with the gentrified neighbourhood.
  6. why would the city do that? and.. what place does the city have on restaurant signage? are they gonna start asking restaurants to design their logos in a certain way, too? make them fit in with the condos?
  7. The unsung hero is a tasting in one month out of twelve, is it not? C is about sustainability 12 months a year 7 days a week.. I think that's the real swing factor in the seafood category.
  8. Are you serious Does this have to do with the hotel takeover or are they out of business?
  9. will they name it Ketchup?! that'd be awesome.
  10. sounds interesting, hopefully will live up to Zanzibar.. and still have couscous on the menu !
  11. i've had an awesome passion fruit chocolate mousse cake from senses..
  12. which types of misos are milled very smooth? and how can you tell via labels/brands/type? i'd very much prefer a smooth miso ideal for marinades, rubs and sauces. grains are an unwelcome intruder.. which is exactly my problem. but my miso isn't very grainy throughout, just oversized pieces here and there. id have to use a very fine strain in order to get them out, probably a cheesecloth, but that means id have to dissolve the miso as well.
  13. could be. or soybean malt? regardless, are they naturally supposed to be present in a miso paste, which makes it a bit grainy? or is the miso paste supposed to very smooth? and the brand I bought is Amano, not shiro.. shiro is the type of miso, my mistake
  14. new to the miso-thing, are miso pastes supposed to be a bit 'grainy'? the paste itself is quite smooth, but there are some very small grains here are there of what i presume to be rice? the brand i have is Shiro from Fujiya, which was organic/natural/etc
  15. does anyone know where I can get rendered chicken and/or duck fat?
  16. What happened to Tim? I wholeheartedly agree, complaining about lack of alcohol choices in a Chinese restaurant is like complaining about lack of beef options in Indian restaurants.. It was one of the worst reviews I've read in a long time, but probably had nothing to do with Green Village's recent take-down.
  17. Well, depends very much on the restaurant Id say. I have seen some restaurants where first and second cook get 20+/hr. But that may be a rarer case - I'm sure it hovers around at least 10-20 for most. And it's not like back of house doesn't get tipped out, either. If you're earning minimum wage for a kitchen position, then perhaps maybe you should come out from under your rock. And heck, it's the food industry, and it's been that way for the past 50 years. There isn't magic to any of the kitchen workers, much of it is what it is - labour - and to think that the kitchen may deserve better pay than many other undesirable jobs as well may be very well unfounded. Sure, you can increase the tip out and redistribute out server tips and bitch some more about front of house inequities.. but do so and you'll be facing a shortage or high turnover in the front of house as well. It isn't fair, but that's life depending on how you look at it. Businesses have to stay competitive. The front of house is not a glamour job either - it takes tolerance and skill to deal with certain customers and communicating to the kitchen. Vancouver is facing a shortage of labour in general. It just feels that the kitchen is particularly hit because everyone is just running for construction jobs which have better pay for entry level labour. And in any case, if kitchen staff were so proned to, perhaps they could apply for front of house as well. I mean if kitchen workers want to work at the front so badly, then they have all the means to attempt to try and do so.
  18. Long story short, had lunch at Marcello's, had bad service (absolutely snobby).. and we left a 10% tip. Waitress runs up to me (with my party, me being the last one walking out), complains that I undertipped for her service and that it was going to 'cost' her to serve me because of the tip-outs. Not wanting to look stupid in front of my friends (even though we had already agreed on the 10% to begin with) , I gave her another five bucks. I still regret that to this day, and have never gone back since.
  19. I've always assumed it was from ads in the Vanmag that lured the out-of-neighbourhood visitors who didn't know any other nice restaurants on the Drive.
  20. In fact, I would be more inclined to enjoy City Dine than DOV. DOV is all about tourism and in the end, business motivated. This at least has good intentions (albeit I imagine their ad campaign to cost more than the total amount raised for the cause..)..
  21. how can you guys insult the noodle box? egullet is disappointing i love this joint.. it makes better stir-fries than many asian places i know of.. so i'll be there filling up my noodle box cards if u need me !
  22. You mean the aquabus will actually be worth taking now ?!
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