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  1. I used to have "white trash" nachos at The Whip when I had a craving for nachos with canned olives and jalapenos--looks like they have a new chef--Jeff Wernbacher and he may have kicked it up a notch--Nachos - Tortilla chips, Serrano chili, cheddar, avocado cream, and green onions --10$ I'd still miss the olives though--it's one of those weird cravings we seamonkeys get on a full moon.
  2. The Farm now has a blog: http://www.landfood.ubc.ca/ubcfarm/farmblog/. The first market is this Saturday.
  3. We went to Fresh Café last month and the food was pretty good. They have a fun juice menu and make their own sausages. My son's crepes with lemon curd were a favorite. However they are having trouble regulating the temperature upstairs and it was sweltering on a cool day. So if you can, snag a table outside. The chocolate festival was on when we were in The Peg and we tasted some awesome chocolate bread pudding at Grass Roots at The Forks that was outstanding. The savory bread pudding at Tall Grass is good too.
  4. If you go to Calories and the rabbit paté is on the menu, it's fantastic. Calories is good for lunch--the sandwiches are great. I used to live across the street and have a nostalgia for their California club on wild rice bread--kind of nineties-style, but that's the nostalgia part. For dessert, try the Schmoo Torte--you don't see that every day! Caramel sauce on a pecan-chiffon--it's soooo good!
  5. Well, we've just been to Thyme on the Ocean in Comox, which I highly reccommend--it may be a bit out of your way, but you can zip up there pretty fast on the new highway. They have a Napolean Pizza menu at lunch, as well as other goodies. I had the Tartuffo Nero with black truffle paste, wild mushrooms and buffalo mozzarella from Fairburn Farms which was outstanding. They have other lunch items such as a Fisherman's Soup and lunch specials with a focus on local ingredients. Stop in Cakebread Bakery in Courtenay to pick up some excellent bread--the Garlic Miche is brilliant.
  6. Sometimes you can find Thai basil plants at the farmer's markets.
  7. Cathedral Creek Bistro is good, but it 's been years since I've been there. The feta garlic pizza at the Copper Kettle is a Regina legend. Weczeria is in Saskatoon, but it's worth the trip!
  8. Pineapple sage is fun, wasabi, Thai basil, shiso, and summer savory.
  9. I've had good lamb at Trafalgar's and it is on their Spring Menu and I love Vij's Lamb Popsicles.
  10. Adele, I know it's a bit late in the game but The Sweet Obsession cafe at Trafalger and 16th makes an awesome hot cross brioche. You could phone them to see how much longer they are making them. 2611 16th Avenue West Vancouver, BC V6K 3C2 (604) 739-0555
  11. UBC Farm in March: These are photos I took while volunteering for the Intergenerational Landed Learning Program which teaches elementary students where their food comes from.
  12. Thanks run2eat, Here is the latest info on what's happening at the Farm: Important Food Security Workshop on the Future of UBC Farm -Please Register ASAP Over the following weeks UBC will be making a decision about the future of Vancouver's last working farm - the UBC Farm (and Centre for Sustainable Food Systems.) The UBC Farm is a unique asset to the city and region. It provides students and the broader community the opportunity to learn hands-on about how changes in the way food is produced and distributed are a key piece in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, mitigating climate change, and
  13. UBC farm is being scrutinized for development by the current UBC administration. I am hoping to raise this issue with the communities off campus who want to keep the farm as it is. I will keep you posted about what is going on and at some point I'll probably organize some kind of event to gather signatures from people who want to support the farm. Any ideas on how to get media attention would be appreciated. Many Thanks! Lori This is the latest development from the coalition to save the farm: As you may have noted, we now have a new email address that is: savetheubcfarm@gmail.com Please use th
  14. Prima Taste offers Roti Canai? The handful of times I've been they didn't have it on the menu, only the Roti Prata. Cool, I'll have to go and try it there Will have to arrange an outing there soon! ← Sorry, I must have been confused. In fact, I still am! The roti parata at Primas Taste is puffier and flakier than I've had at other places. Chindi, the owner of Chutney Villa is from Singapore, or at least I read she moved here from Singapore so she serves good nice roti parata. What is roti canai then? Has anyone been to that obscure place called JR's on Fraser? I see it's moved a couple
  15. I bought my honey a dozen long-stemmed garlic bulbs and homemade nougat from the Winter Market. I bought my son and his friends a dozen tiny cupcakes topped with candy hearts from Butter Baked Goods on Dunbar. For all of us, I bought a box of chocolates from Choconymph, a new place on West 10th near Alma. Their "Glinda", with it's juicy squirt of blackberry jelly makes me very happy.
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