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  1. I would also give Apsleys a go - a welcome addition to London. The Galvin outlets are always good for lunch, especially the Bistro on Baker street. If you're in Charlotte street area definitely try Mennula...wonderfully simple Italian food.
  2. Definitely Galvin @ Widnows...the food is excellent and the restaurant with those views is one of the most romantic of London.
  3. ahhhh...how i love a great chardonnay with all its minerality with some super gruyere - ever since a friend of mine introduced me to this combination i have been completely hooked on it. it really is one of the simple pleasures in life. -che
  4. damn...i was taken there for my birth-day last year and had a lovely time. stunning gardens, and the food at the pub was very enjoyable. hopefully it will still be run as a hotel of some sort. -che
  5. wild honey in mayfair have a good bar...not sure though whether you can eat there or not.
  6. you can walk, cycle or bike into covent garden for free - so for one box you might be able to cope carrying it home. generally the best juicing oranges which you can find in covent garden are moroccan or egyptian at the moment - small and ugly looking from the outside.
  7. you've misread the article - it makes no mention of Restaurant Magazine's awards but rather the "palmares mondial" which is apparently sponsored by the chemical industry to promote use of their products.
  8. It is also worth adding that ordering supplies when you know you will be unable to pay for them is illegal. This goes back to dougal's comment on their "discreet" marketing excercise whcih ensured none of the suppliers had any idea the business was in trouble, and furthermore that it was going to write off its debt in a matter of days.
  9. Without all the facts? So you mean supplying someone for years, in one's industry, and being owed thousands of hard earned pounds means we as suppliers are devoid of all the facts? You think we lack any judgment in how a business is run, and how one can chose to shut it down when we run businesses sometimes larger than the ones we supply? We have more information than what is out in the public. One can chose to sell off or close a business conscious that many longstanding suppliers - many of which were an integral part of your earlier success - will be left with large unpaid debts. Or you can chose the more honorable route and ensure you leave the business with as little debts as possible, and at a bare minimum face your suppliers in person. The only "unfair" issue in all of this is how a director who demands trust and professionalism from his peers decides to disappear, without granting any respect in return. Unfair is financing someone else's business through your hard work and not getting paid for it, even with an apology.
  10. But surely they they wouldn't do that, I've just read this on their website: 'We do our utmost to behave responsibly and ethically, and to purchase our ingredients from sustainable sources.' They wouldn't lie, would they? ← of course...it is always like that. a friend of mine got shafted with B&S, went to the offices and she is nowhere to be found. great way to run a business and then run-out. similarly i tried getting the directors patrick macdonald and dominic ford on the phone for the last three weeks and nothing. in person and nothing. they ask suppliers to fund their business and support them, they then return the favour by showing a complete lack of decency when asked to face reality. i very much understand the difficulties a business can encounter, and bankruptcy is one of them. what disgusts me to the core are individuals like these who don't have the intergirty and courage to face the outcome of their actions and misjudged decisions. i have little respect for incompetent businessmen like these who should be restricted to managing shifts in a convenience store. they're big shots when things are good, while when shit hits the fan, rather than standing up like grown men they hide behind the poor office workers; complete cowards. -che
  11. Food Inc has just gone into liquidation, yet they are still open for business. The directors are nowhere to be found. Baker & Spice apparently has folded, then bought out, and reopened the next day shafting all the creditors in the process. The ex-owner of B&S Gail Mejia has left the country and is now living in Dubai. Certinaly she's on welfare over there. -che
  12. as a half-Italian, my comments should not be taken lightly!...the above comment is a bit harsh, ther are several good Italian restaurants in London. from what i hear locatelli has gone down quite a bit in the past year... ← but maybe there wasn't when paul wrote the comment over 6 years ago! ← quite right you are...
  13. they opened up today for lunch only - this will be the case until end of december. in january they will resume lunch and dinner service.
  14. as a half-Italian, my comments should not be taken lightly!...the above comment is a bit harsh, ther are several good Italian restaurants in London. from what i hear locatelli has gone down quite a bit in the past year...
  15. a bit late, but next time you're in the tottenham court area, there is a new, small place which is apparently very good - la gioconda dining room. recently closed as the chef broke his arm, it is now reopen for lulnch until the end of the year, and then lunch and dinner as of january. -che
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