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  1. Steve @ Cumbrae is raising his own Wagyu now. Its nothing like the real deal, but it is Wagyu (mostly Wagyu/Angus cross, as is the stuff from the US).
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    You do know that Yannick and Carlo have more information on you than CSIS (or the FBI if you were American)? Yannick actually knew more about me than I knew about him on our initial encounter... honest truth.
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    With all respect to Pat, a man that loves what he does (and it shows)... his food is often plagued by too many ingredients that don't all compliment each other. If he only got rid of all of those stupid mise containers that make it all too easy for him to "throw" dishes together, he has the enthusiasm to become the best chef in the city. Perigee still reminds me of Avalon before its decline, so that is why I go... hoping that Pat will one day adopt the KISS principle. Its easy to find fault with any restaurant, especially those in Toronto. That said, Splendido is the ONLY restaurant in the city that is worthy of a Michelin star. The service is way beyond ANY other in Toronto and Chef Lee is the best technician. Do they play it safe? I would rather eat at Splendido than taste another chef's ill-conceived "experiment" ala Colborne Lane. Toronto doesn't have a Gagnaire, Adria, Blumenthal, Bras or Pacaud equivalent so I'll go with what is safe and delicious more often than not (Eigensinn and Splendido). If I take an average of my meals here, Eigensinn and Splendido are head and shoulders above the rest. If you think I'm wrong and have eaten at the above restaurants, I openly invite commentary on the state of fine dining in Toronto.
  4. If that is your budget, go to Colborne Lane. You won't do better at the price point. May I suggest multiple Lobster Seviches? That is certainly the best thing on the menu... The pork belly is also quite good. If you are willing to pay a little more... Splendido. That is the only restaurant that could currently attain a coveted Michelin star if they were ever to come here. Claudio might be the most talented young chef in the city. If he can simplify his dishes (ie: eliminate the unneeded, sometimes conflicting flavours), CL could become the best restaurant in Toronto. CL is better than Susur and at a lower price point, sans attitude. That said, Splendido is still the best of fine dining in Toronto and probably will be for some time to come.
  5. Go to Mistura on Davenport. Massimo is probably the best authentic Italian chef in Toronto.
  6. Hi Alexandra, I don't really write on eG anymore due to the political climate here, but I'm curious about your last visit to Canoe? I went around this time last year and it was borderline horrible. Nice view but amateurish although well-intentioned service, and poor ingredients (my fish tasted like it was caught the week before). The technique seemed to be average-plus, even for a Toronto restaurant. I have been told its much better now and just wanted to confirm before another visit. The Fifth was never great, but it has definitely seen better days (Thuet, Leroy). Avalon has also had problems since their chef du cuisine and much of their kitchen staff left for what is probably the best restaurant in Toronto now, Perigee. Only 2 top-tier restaurants in Toronto now that are really worth going to, Perigee and Splendido. Both have good ingredients prepared by creative skilled hands. They are far from perfect, but certainly worthy of your money if you are looking for a "fine dining" meal in Toronto. Kaji is a very good choice and one of the regulars in my rotation. Have you been to Eigensinn? That is the only restaurant in Ontario that deserves all of the accolades it receives, truly something special.
  7. Its certainly one of the best restaurants in the city and I doubt few would argue otherwise. Better than Susur? Absolutely.
  8. Hi Francois, Have you read Edward Behr's book? Let me know what you think of his writings when you receive the newsletter.
  9. I appreciate your honest assessments of the 2 restaurants and will check out CC&P one my next visit. Thanks.
  10. There is no great food in Montreal. Nada. Rien. Zilch. Zippo. Plus none of us have ever travelled or eaten in even half-decent restaurants, so we wouldn't know good food if we were served it. Though, of course, we won't be. Really, you shouldn't bother coming here ever again. Trust me on this. Don't listen to anyone else. ← There is plenty of great food in Montreal, just no great restaurants. I ask for his opinion and this is what I get? You think you are being funny, but you really know what you are...
  11. I am preferrential to Valrhona and El Rey, but Cluizel also makes a very nice product. Callebaut is probably the easiest to find and a good value quality chocolate.
  12. Williams-Sonoma has a vanilla paste that is pretty good. Its definitely not as good as fresh beans, but beans don't keep very well and good ones are hard to find.
  13. But is it GREAT food? I can overcome anything for great food. Small portions can be dealt with by visiting Schwartz' afterwards.
  14. You are absolutely correct and that was the point I am trying to make. I used to be of very modest means and would save for special ingredients/meals/bottles to indulge every now and again. In recent years, money has become much less of an issue allowing me to be not only more indulgent, but to share my good fortune by sharing great experiences with my friends. Whether she thinks Manni is worth the money or not, it is NOT her place as a supposedly objective journalist to make a subjective assessment about a product she has never consumed, or subjective assessment about those who consume said product.
  15. I went years ago when he was on St. Denis. Friday night in the winter, dining room was almost empty, food was unbalanced and served in MINISCULE portions by snobby staff. The foie gras was excellent but there was so little of it on the plate! I'm not 100% sure, but my visit may have coincided with his brief NYC venture Cena. A chef of Normand's reputation would not have served me what I had received if he was in the kitchen, but he is ultimately responsible for what is served regardless of who is overseeing the kitchen that night. Virtually every restaurant will come under some critisism at one point or another, now matter how highly touted they are. Restaurants can have off nights, but too many off nights and your reputation will decline quickly no matter what heights the place reaches when they are on their game. I still want to go back once more. I love being pleasantly surprised even more than reaffirming what I believe to be true.
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