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  1. Art, I agree with you totally on the hot chocolate thing, and you taught me something. Since it's even better when made 24 hours ahead, I no longer have to worry about the extra time required to make it. I'll just make batches daily for the next day. Thanks, Jen
  2. Ling, fabulous post, thank you for taking the time and the pictures! Lord, what a party! Your generosity is an inspiration.
  3. jcho

    Fruit Compound

    McDuff, Who is RLB and can you tell us the technique? I have tried reducing Boiron's raspberry and mango purees in the microwave, and while I've been satisified with the results, I always feel as though I am violating the heat restriction and possibly losing some flavor compounds. Sorry if I should know who RLB is, maybe it's too early for me! Jennifer
  4. cocoa-lulu, Thanks for the thoughts. I am really interested to hear that you can hand-dip faster than the 6" can coat. I haven't seen it in operation, so I guess I was just assuming it would be faster than I am. I am just using a Little Dipper now, so the jump in production might well be more than I need. I hadn't even thought about the RevX. I'll mull and ponder, and maybe get that manual before I commit. Thank you! Jen
  5. Wow! Thank you thankyou thankyou for the comments and ideas. I really appreciate all the thought that went into your replies, and naturally, now I have more questions. I was planning on having the window separating my workspace rise 6 feet or so, not to the ceiling, but am now wondering... I am not sure of my need for climate control: The building is a new type with an R-factor of 50, the windows face north and so far as I've seen get no direct sunlight but plenty of indirect daylight, and the heating is thru coils in the floor. Are these units that normally stick into a window? or something I've never seen before? I love the idea of working in a large cooling tunnel, if I need cooling. And thanks for the 'mystery' thought--yes there are times I don't want to see or be seen! I visited Li-Lac about 5 years ago and obviously didn't take enough time to really check it out. It may be time for another visit! I agree wholeheartedly on the anti-sterile sentiment (re other shops), but hadn't pinpointed the thought for myself--thanks. Prepackaged baskets/gifts for sure, the ceramic plates/bowls/mugs with chocolate sayings--wow again--one neighbor in the building is a potter, another a screen-printer/embroiderer (t-shirt, anyone?) I am so excited, and so grateful for your comments, and I promise to stop gushing now. The
  6. After 6 years of making & selling chocolates in a very small mall space, I have the opportunity to expand into a brand new building (renting one of four shop spaces in the building.) I'll be buying a Hilliard's Six Inch Coater to add to the Little Dipper and the Mol d'Art melter I currently use. The coating process will be visible (behind glass) to customers. I'll continue to also sell fudge and candies and nuts, as gifts and for instant gratification, because the heavy walk-by traffic includes kids and adults, not all of whom are chocolate lovers (gasp!) I am considering adding espresso-based drinks, as this is lacking in this downtown area, although I am a little concerned with the heavy coffee aroma infiltrating my chocolates. My question for eGulleters is, any advice, thoughts, do's or don'ts? Anything you wish you'd done differently, or are particularly happy with, in your shops/kitchens? Anything you love or hate about chocolate shops you visit? I'd love to get any kind of input, as the blank floor plan seems to have taken up permanent residence in my mind's eye.
  7. Truffle Guy, I was happy to see that: I have been starting my ganache with melted tempered chocolate for some time now, with good results. I've been wondering whether I was alone in that, and whether it was considered a no-no.
  8. To tag along on this thread, can you tell me why you fold the liquer into the emulsion, rather than adding it to the cream before the chocolate? Is it a matter of safeguarding flavor compounds? I've seen this frequently and have always wondered. Thanks for all so far!
  9. I have taken the Ecole Chocolat course, and have mixed reactions. I may not have been an ideal student for the course as I had already been making chocolates for my own shop for 4 years, but I wanted to gain some knowledge about what I was doing, and to expand the variety of my products. The first goal was sort of met, the second not. I thought the course was very well researched; the materials provided for reading were quite good. The homework assignments and their follow-up from Pam's assistant I found less helpful. As tan319 suggests, this work probably requires in-person comments. I hope this helps--if you have any particular questions, feel free to IM me.
  10. I am pretty sure I have a copy of that report (I never toss anything, apparently.) I can send you a copy if you're still interested: PM me your address, okay?
  11. jcho

    Grilled Donuts

    So glad to see I am not alone, although my treat is slightly different. My mom taught me years ago to slice a glazed doughnut in half, toast in the toaster oven, and butter it!!! YUM!
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