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  1. Yes, I have been there today for lunch 25 $ food was ok...desserts very good. Yes ..decor .mucho fancy.....its the type of menu that you see in more than one restaurants in Montreal. I think Decca 77 refers to the address, which is 1077 Drummond (the owner -- Tom Nacos -- is Greek). The web site will be www.decca77.com. Haven't seen the wine list but i have the menu right in front of me. Just to give you an idea of the style of cuisine... A la carte: Starters - Roasted beets with goat's cheese, salted pecans and orange oil $12 Venison tataki with radish salad and marinated shiitake $15 Skate and oven-dried tomato terrine $13 Foie gras au torchon, banyuls vinegar and pickled white turnip $20 Mains - Grilled beef strip pont-neuf potatoes herb salad and beef jus $35 roasted guinea hen with mixed cereals roasted carrots, swiss chard, honey and pecan froth $32 tagliatelle with roasted fennel sausage, arugula and parmesan $24 Cheese tasting plates $15-$18 and six desserts at $10 Actually, the $25 prix fixe looks more interesting ←
  2. LOL. yes the restaurant L'escale a Saisgon close their doors 10 days ago. Now its going to be a thai restaurant its like 4 new restaurant open this year in that area By the way, yesterday I noticed that L'Escale à Saigon, just west of La Chronique, had its windows covered with paper and the name on the awning had been painted over. Was in a bus and so couldn't investigate whether they've folded or are just renovating. Anyone know what's up? ←
  3. Yes ...i agree ..he prefer to be remenber for his Chapel and Robochon experience. He is in Japan working....he is married..
  4. it was more then a month....for the crazy hours he was doing Camel...did from 2 mounths 4..dont forget he was working from 6 am to 2 am
  5. yes this is a great restaurant....good food and good chef ,, flavio solorzano for his young age its doing a great job
  6. its a restaurant in Montreal Canada...call RAZA they are doing nuevo latino cuisine
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