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  1. Appropriate for the times - pretty decent line-up. I have to try to get myself up there. ← Hello Docsconz. Hope to see you during the festival. We met at the starchef this September
  2. Douglas Rodriguez, Alex Urena(Nyc) and Jose Aleyva(Spain) at Raza. Matias Palomo and Rodolfo Guzman (Chile) at Madre.
  3. MADRE will open july 10 for more information www.restaurantmadre.com 2931 Masson street
  4. Madre ( latin kitchen) may 8.... 30 seat restaurant
  5. Are you sure?\ i was talking to mario at raza yesterday about the festival and didnt mention anything about it 100% sure, Mario is going to get another Chef from NYC for the same day ← Nuevo latino Chef will replaced Chef Josh Dechellis..in the 2007 Montreal high lights festival.
  6. jajajaja.... good one Lesley. He is opening a new restaurant in Japan( sumile)....anyways
  7. Are you sure?\ i was talking to mario at raza yesterday about the festival and didnt mention anything about it 100% sure, Mario is going to get another Chef from NYC for the same day
  8. Mr Josh dechellis will not participate in Montreal high lights festival 2007
  9. I would have thought that Baru might have beaten them to the punch by half a dozen years or so. ← ?????????????????????? ← Come on...this restaurant is a bistro..and the food(menu) is not latin...where is the mate cocido, aji panca, aji amarrillo, maiz morado, huacatay,quinoa, cana de azucar, mote, chulpi,, chirimoya, lucuma...cancha etc...who is the chef??? In Montreal are more then 30 latin little restaurant...and restaurant like this one..but not like Raza....here is the web site one more time www.restaurantraza.com and look how is in the kitchen who is the Chef , where he comes from..and sous chef
  10. I would have thought that Baru might have beaten them to the punch by half a dozen years or so. ← ??????????????????????
  11. Don't leave us hanging. After all, there's a 'sad dearth of said cuisine.' And I mean that. ← I don't have any hard dates for you, but I know Nuevo Latino has been around long before Raza. Patria in New York, for instance, must have been around much longer than Raza. ← Perhaps they were referring to Canadian Nuevo Latino cooking? Certainly Nuevo Latino dining had been around in the States since the early eighties. It started in Miami, as you would imagine, but really gained attention, and the moniker Nuevo Latino, with Chef Douglas Rodriquez who is referred to as the father of Nuevo Latino cuisine in the United States. He also got his start in Miami but was responsible for moving the cuisine style out of the Cuban market into the haute cuisine market throughout States. We dined at Patria, his restaurant in New York, in 1996 or 97 and it was like nothing we had ever tasted or seen. It was exquisite, exciting food both in taste and presentation. Recently we ate at his restaurant in Miami and found his Nuevo Latino cuisine has continued to evolve, the flavours slightly more subtle now, but still exciting and exquisite. I have never tasted anything that even comes close to those flavours in Vancouver and have not dined at Raza. I suppose it's not a surprise however that the cuisine crossed the border to our East Coast first given the influence of Latin cuisine on the US East Coast. Though having said that, it's always a surprise to me that the Mexican influences in California cuisine never seemed to drift our way? I suppose it may be the lack of Cubans and Mexicans on our West Coast, we turn instead to Asian flavours and embrace Indian spices, as is our ethnic mix here. When I took classes at CIA Hyde Park we did a class pairings wine with spices. It was an interesting class lead by Montreal wine expert and senior CIA instructor Michael Weiss. The spices we worked with were mostly various types of chili peppers. Clean hot spices, very Cuban and Mexican rather then Indian spices or Asian flavours, speaking to the influence of the Latin cuisine on the East Coast. ← Perhaps they were referring to Canadien Nuevo latino restaurant...Raza is the first nuevo latino restaurant in the country. Mixing latin cooking, products and French tecniques... here is the web site www.restaurantraza.com The Chef owner is Peruvian...
  12. "October 26 2006- after calling upon a natiowide roster of 37 of Canada's MOST RESPECTED FOODIES TO RECOMMEND NEW RESTAURANTS across the country(OPENED ..BETWEEN JULY 2005 AND JUNE 2006)"..... Pintxos opened march 2005...????? J uni OPENED APRIL 2005????? COME ON this is a joke....Chris Johns and the RESPECTED FOODIES TO RECOMMEND THIS RESTAURANTS JAJAJAJAJA
  13. No comments.......it's unbelievable.....
  14. ← Like me, Goldfarb, Liebrandt....for example. ← Hi Mr Achatz. This person came to my restaurant with Mr Liebrandt to eat..table of 8. ( on a Monday on which we are usually closed) I spoke with other restaurators..and he did the same thing. I am very upset and i undertand you. anyways ..Have fun in Madrid fusion and hope to met you soon. Personally I am working on bringing chefs to Montreal.
  15. Sebastien Villeneuve....a person who owns money to many people and restaurants too.
  16. zapata


    Ariel ...is the name of owner ( ex caprices).....food is going to be japanes with a french twist.....and the chefs are two japanese ...
  17. Looks like there's more better English there too. Doc thanks for the kind words. My only regret about that article is that I couldn't include more restaurants. ← nice article Lesley...
  18. a chef de partie....he is there since they open Per se. I had from caviar,soups, foie gras, poultry, meat ,cheeses, prep desserts ...desserts so many things... that i have to tell them to stop...I was so full..at the end.
  19. Well let me tell you it was worth it, I had 16 courses...i dont remenber maybe more....food was exellent...I had a diferent tasting menu then my sous chef, then a tour of the restaurant, kitchen....nice ...they were very nice the whole staff... I am going back for sure for two weeks stage, and i promesed my wife for a romactic dinner later this year.
  20. thanks. a friend came to Montreal few mounths ago from Per se (cook) and he spend some time in my kitchen...exelent cook...he is coming back in may 2006
  21. I need to see Per se?? i have a reservation the 13 of febreary 2006...and I have a friend the works there as a cook.
  22. I have a friend the works at Garson... and what I hear from him is a Caos in the restaurant....I hope Garson get better i went to eat...the 30 of october..food was good..some things a little salty and cool...and the services super slow...and short of staff......i thought she had a new chef too.....???????????
  23. Yes ...it was the bad weather...(all last week)...dont forget Raza is been open for 4 mounths and 2 weeks..... remember Anise, Bronte...took more than few months to have their people....I belive in Raza , in the food..., services , wines...location so far people are happy ...thats the more important thing for me.
  24. well dont forget what Douglaz Rodriguez did???? and other Chef like Guillermo Pernot, Jose Garse etc This sounds really great and very interesting!! Especially the chicken with calamari and chorizo, the tamale, the dessert and the way of going back to pre-columbian staples. Which is cool. If you have any recipe of this cuisine I'd like to have some! ←
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