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  1. At the risk of being too obvious, there is no such thing as an interesting Martini. If it's interesting, it's not a martini, it's some sickly sweet concoction devised to booze up people that don't like booze, and allow them to pretend to be more sophisticated drinkers than they really are. 

    Oh, and welcome to the board.

    Thanks Keith.... they are interesting in the fact the bar has 12 different Gins and 8 diffrent vodkas... all premium brands and 30-40% less than drinking them downtown.

  2. I was pleasantly surprised that the dining and more so drinking culture on Commercial Drive is changing. I dropped by the WaaZuBee Cafe for the first time in almost six years. They have a new chef Andre Tremblay from Cafe Barney and Ouzie Bistro and some very interesting martini's and wines by the glass. The wine list had 24 wines by the glass as well as several wine flights available. Seemingly the wine guy is a sommelier and has changed the whole wine scene around at the restaurant. Food was average but I would highly recommend dropping by for a beverage if you are on the drive. This place has the best drinks available in this waste land of vegan's. Thank God for a Wine Guy finally on the drive and some good old bbqd meat at Memphis Blues.


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