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  1. Surprised not to see at least La Gavroche or Le Crocodile on this list. As quoted it's pretty hard to put together a top 10 or 20 list. Ralph
  2. The food does not look all that appetizing on their website. Better get a real food photographer I have never liked schnitzel here in NA or Europe. Ralph
  3. I'm not a big fan of the running shoe look in any establishment whether it be casual or not. Nice photo's and I agree on the noise. Ralph
  4. Looking forward to Andrew's new website. Love his column in the WE.
  5. On a not so cool moment my Lexus was broken into the night I went there and it was parked just across the road from the Heather. An expensive evening $90 for wine and cheese and $2900 on the car Note to everyone take a taxi to Salt and do no leave your car anywhere on Carrall after 11pm.
  6. In regards to location. I'm guessing based on the previous four restauranst that have been there including Umberto's none have ever lasted. The street in general is a barren waste land in regards to neighbours and foot traffic. Chambar on the other hand is close to the skytrain, bridges the gap between the Gastown and Yaletown, and the night time "homeless situation is far greater than Beatty Street.
  7. I was there four night ago and it ws pretty quite. Great drinks and all round great service. I'm convinced that the location is a restaurant graveyard. Such a beautiful room but no one goes there even with valet service. After having a couple of drinks and appies we walked over to Chmabr and it was booked solid even at the bar
  8. Sbonner and I were at Nu for brunch on Saturday at 11:30. Nice and quite and even better after Stephen paid for two bottle of Champagne Our Australian server was great. I'd highly recommend Brunch. Bonner was pretty happy to have an omelette with truffles in it now he can't eat brunch at Aurora. I'll have to try Nu for dinner soon. Ralph
  9. Nwyles nailed it! It is a deli with wine service. Nice room without service pretension. SALT is a tasting bar not a restaurant. It is loud and a neat hang out for a light meal. Just wish it had a patio instead of an alleyway across from low income housing. Ralph
  10. 10 Sherries; that is brave. My annual comsumption of Sherry is about four glasses a year Ralph
  11. eatglobally

    Wine schools EU

    A WSET courses are longer than two weeks and are also available in Barcelon and Madrid. Ralph Los Angeles
  12. Head out to White Rock or Crescent beach and then enjoy the sunset as well. You could also look at Commercial Drive but not late at night when all the industry types appear.
  13. We are chocolate mad too!. We are heading off there on Monday with Stephen and Helen who just love hot chocolate in the Spanish style. What kind of prices are they charging for hot chocolate and chocolates. Ralph.
  14. Ling, Just got the Susar cookbook...I will be attempting a couple of recipes on Sunday night. Great read. Ralph
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