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    Rum Drinks

    Three great run drinks are already mentioned here: Planter's punch Daiquiri (JFK's favorite before dinner drink) Caipirissima Let's not forget the illustrious mojito http://hotwired.lycos.com/cocktail/98/19/index3a.html Pick any one of these four and you can't go wrong. Thy're really well balanced. If you want more rum flavor, go easy on the simple syrup. Via con dios.
  2. TomV

    La Tupina

    LaTupina is just incredible. My wife and I ate there in February. They started us off with a few pieces of pig instestine hot off the fire. Hard to describe like chewy bacon but crispier. Then we had some little appetizers which were good, but overshadowed by the revalation of the amuse. For an appetizer, I had the foie gras with grape sauce. This was the most perfect expression of foie gras I've ever had. The texture, sweetness and acidity of the grape sauce complemented and contrasted with the silky sweet foie gras. Another option was an entire lobe of foie gras, but that just seemed excessive. For an entree, I had roast chicken. This was very good and came with fries cooked in duck fat, which were also quite tasty. My wife had tournedos roissini, which was a major splurge at 65E. IT was worth every penny. The steak was a filet two inches thick. It was crust on the outside and nice and pink inside. The true revalation was the sauce which contained truffles, foie gras and veal stock. It was just heaven on a plate. I'm glad I ordered the chicken because she couldn't finish her entree. I was able to enjoy what was left. We actually ate again at LaTupina on the same 6 day trip. For me, that's major praise. It was just so good. One reason we went back was to get laprey bordelaise. It was almost like eating braised lamb, but fish. This is a traditional local preparation that includes blood of the eel. I had to try it, because it was so rustic. How many chances do you get t oeat lamprey anyway? I started with a nice pig intestine salad, which was the same as the amuse I started with on our first visit. In short, LaTupina is one of those restaurants that I will always remember. I just wish it was closer to home so I could eat there more often.
  3. Pop the Cap Update: Last week, the bill was to come up for a vote on the Senate floor. One senator is attempting to table the bill which would delay passage for a year or kill the bill entirely. If you care about this issue, learn more about the latest at http://www.popthecap.org/news/july05/ To me the issue boils down to the fact NC is one of just 6 states that have such a restrictive cap on beer. GA and OH recently lifted their 6% caps without any negaitve effect. It was a total non-issue. I'd like to see NC join the vast majority of the nation and allow consumers free access to buy the beers they want to buy.
  4. Yep. It was on Creedmoor on the east side. Between Millbrook and Strickland - that's a few miles, I know, but it should be there. I just can't remember where exactly.
  5. In my limited experience, I have only found 1 form of bread/pastry from Mexico to be worth eating: the bohio (the spelling gods cringe). The bohio (or however its spelled) is the bread that makes up a torta. Quite tasty. Usually pretty fresh, Tom
  6. It's still a bit early for heirloom tomatoes regardless of where you are. Whole Foods has them, but I can assure you they're coming from somewhere south like Mexico. Tomatoes that pop this early are almost always hybrids bred specifically for early season harvest. I could be wrong because my seasonal timing was primarily learned in the SF Bay Area where we never saw outdoor grown tomatoes until early July. That said, the only tomatoes I'm getting out of my back yard right now are cherries. ← The toms in my garden are only starting to get color. July and August are prime tomato time, but now is a great time to find sources for slab bacon. Last year, there was a farm stand on Creedmoor that carrier Cherokee Purple and several other wonderful heirlooms.
  7. Taco truck at the flea market. Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner. Very assertive effort. It doesn't get more authentic than that... Creedmoor and Crabtree? I could be wrong, but the closet tacos I can think of are at Compar Foods. Take 440 to Wake Forest Road exit go right onto New Hope, left on Atlantic. There's also a good Vietnamese place, a decent seafood place and an Asian market in that strip mall.
  8. To get a good taco I think you have to be discerning enough to find a place that fits into one of the following categories. 1. The kitchen has wheels. Taco trucks rule. Many still lament the loss of the Costco taco truck. I assume taco trucks get a lot of authetic customers since they can drive to where the action is. 2. Hidden in a pre-existing Hispanic grocery store. Compar Foods in Raleigh just opened a little stand that's pretty good. Hang a right at the mayonaise. There's that little market in Durham next to the Post Office on Roxboro with a good stand. There's also ElManado on Capital by the Louisburg split. Been a while since I was there, but they had this neon green salsa that seem to include some avocado. It was fiery good. There's also the restaurant/tacqueria in the Amoco station on Capital that I must recommend. A new sit down Mexican place openned up near there across the street that's real good. Sorry too rushed for details. More later. Tom P.S. I work in Durham, live in Raleigh and am always up for a taco run.
  9. We'll most definitely get the turkey fryer again. We may need to get you some help making those exquisite hush puppies, as one person can't possibly make them fast enough when they're that good! ← Varm, I have two turkey fryers I can bring. Tom North Raleigh
  10. Thank you for your support of Pop the Cap. Soon the effort will start in the Senate, watch www.popthe cap.org/ for more info. For those of you who don't get this whole beer thing, I would suggest you are missing out. Beer has more flavor vectors than wine does and can be matched to damn near any food. If you think beer is only pale yellow fizzy water, you have a whole world to discover. TMV
  11. Fins is a treasure. Thank you for reminding me that I need to go back...and soon!
  12. Thank you all for your replies. I heard about horse meat and routiers on the radio program Spendid Table. Jane & Michael Stern ate at a routier and had horsemeat. The show was originally broadcast Nov. 10, 2001. From the link below, you listen to the audio of that show. http://splendidtable.publicradio.org/listings/shows01_11.htm John Talbott: Interesting historical perspective. I can't imagine the outrage of the animal rights groups if the Harvard Faculty Club still had horsemeat on the menu today! I can't wait to get to France.
  13. Thank you, Marcus. I'd thought as much. That makes sense. TomV
  14. Hello, My wife and I are leaveing for a week in Bordeaux and the Perigord in 10 days. We'll spend one night in Paris, 4 nights in Bordeaux, and 2 nights on a snail farm in Vaunac north of Perigueux. I'm planning the schedule based on packing as many fine meals in as possible without breaking the bank. On our first night in Bordeaux, we're going to La Tupina. From everything I've read I might be content to eat there for every meal. I love the philosophy of eating local food in season. We'll also hit Didier Gelineau, Gravelier and Bistrot du Sommelier for dinner. They all look pretty reasonable. Jean Ramet may be a lunch. That's just Bordeaux and I'm stoked. javascript:emoticon(':biggrin:') smilie A couple of questions for ye eGulleteers. Tonight, my wife reminded me of her requirement for a truffle omelet. She really wants one for breakfast at some point. Would anyone be able to recomend a place? Has anyone been to Auberge de la Truffe in Sorges? It's in the red book with as a bib gourmand. Not sure if we should go for dinner or lunch, perhaps that's the place for the truffle omelet...it would make sense given the name. I'd love to stop at a routier. Any suggestions on the road between Bordeaux and Perigueux? I'd be interested to try horsemeat. I'd like to heartily thank you as a group for the volumious content that I've had at my fingertips here. Cheers! TomV
  15. Hi Dean- We're in. Since we also live in Raleigh, I'd like to offer to help. This is my first post, though I've been following the forum for a while. It all sounds like great fun. With this much notice, I'll plan to bring several gallons of hoppy pale ale to go along with the tasty 'que. TomV
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