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  1. Well, we love Quebec City. We stay at the Auberge St. Pierre and would recommend Laurie Raphael, L'Initiale, Toast!. In Montreal, I like the St-Sulpice - not too tarty - just right. We enjoyed Toque when we went there last....
  2. The food was completely hit and miss -- we had a great time once and the next time, we left before the mains arrived... But still, it is a landmark in Yorkville and so it is sad to see it go.................
  3. My vote goes to Toque as well......... We had an outstanding time there.
  4. I think it depends on the context of the article and the editorial philosophy of the publication/website in question. However, to censor the person being quoted is not giving the reader the true essence of how they responded to something. Bourdain would not be Bourdain without some of the language. It's part of the persona and that's it. Take it or leave it...
  5. Wow... That's tough... When we have guests from overseas, we try and cover all the bases... Japanese - Hiro Sushi French - Scaramouche or Auberge du Pommier Italian - Can't think of one right now.... Indian - the one on Bayview avenue, near Millwood - can't remember the name! Chinese - Dim sum in china town or Cha Liu at Yonge & Eglinton Upscale lunch - Studio Cafe (Four Seasons) Afternoon Tea - Royal York Drinks - The Library at Royal York
  6. For excellent micro-brew beer and these weird but WONDERFUL hot dogs (excellent late night snack), go to L'Inox http://www.inox.qc.ca/eng/eng_accueil.html
  7. Too true - if they put a survey on here - I think they'd find an interesting difference. Isn't it awful when something starts out great but then ends up pandering to the lowest common denominator instead of striving for something better? It's like food providers in my neck of the woods who insist that they can't have anything other than pork, chicken or salmon on their menu because people in this area won't eat anything else. Isn't it the responsibility of chefs to raise the bar? To try and achieve something new and wonderful? Thankfully, some do...
  8. I wish I could join - apparently owning a community newspaper and menu directory disqualifies you. I'd have plenty to say!!!
  9. Csaville


    We were there in April and it was wonderful - worth every penny! Have the tasting menu with foie gras! Chantal
  10. Csaville

    Just Baked

    Congrats and good luck on your new venture!
  11. I'll add in some of ours then...: July 21 & 22 -- Fiesta Buckhorn -- Taste of Fiesta preview night on Friday the 21st from 5 - 9 p.m. The main event is on Saturday July 22 from noon to 7:30 p.m. This is the 10th annual of this AMAZING food and wine event! Visit their website at http://www.fiestabuckhorn.com for more information about tickets, location (maps), a list of exhibitors and more! October 21 -- ONCE AROUND THE KITCHEN SHOW- Gourmet food, wine, spirits sampling, culinary, cooking demos & sales. Public dessert competition and live bands. To Support food for kids program. Location TBA. For more information call 705-657-3636 or visit oncearoundthekitchen.com
  12. We have a couple in our neck of the woods (Kawarthas) but I'm wondering if there are any small town food events, festivals, celebrations, that the rest of us should know about?
  13. I wish I'd never watched the show -- it only lends to the ratings and keeps things like that on the air. Susur ruled the show and to the third judge (name blocked in my brain) with the pink tie: "You're not funny... not even remotely."
  14. Can you be more geographically specific? Chantal
  15. $3.99 ish for the larger VOSS (I think)....
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