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  1. Went for lunch a few weeks ago and we liked it. Food and service were excellent. Bea/NJ PS ROSIE- we have been away and I just saw your Hackettstown message. I don;t know that restaurant..sorry.
  2. Fujiyama 1954 Rt. 57 (across from Shoprite) Hackettstown, NJ 07840 908 850-9400 Phone 908 850-1801 Fax Open for lunch Mon - Fri Open on Sat at 11:30 but you order a la carte or dinner menu Open 7 days for dinner. The owner tells me a new menu is forthcoming, within a month. I don't know if enough people come to Fujiyama to keep it open but John and I are going as often as we can. We are usually in this area once a week. Bea
  3. We haven't found any outstanding restaurants (our opinion only) in the Hackettstown/Port Murray area of NJ. A new Japanese restaurant opened on Rt. 57 so we gave it a try, expecting something ordinary but acceptable. WOW! Some of the freshest fish we have had in NJ. This restaurant is a find, partly because it is so good, and partly because there isn't much else. IF anybody finds themselves in this neck of the woods of NJ, don't miss it. Hi Rosie! Bea
  4. Had lunch there a few month ago. The food was good, not great and lots of it. I also like the General Store for takeout. Bea
  5. Ok. I know soft shell crabs are not in season yet, but once they are, any thoughts on the best restaurants for them? My favorite, a dump in Long Valley, is kaput and replaced by Gulf Coast (which we hated). Thanks. Bea
  6. WOW What a selection! Between you and Rosie, we won't have any problems dining in Cherry Hill. Amazing to find such a good list in Cherry Hill. Because of the race track, maybe?? Anyway, I have both lists printed out and now, I will have to decide which one to pick
  7. My husband and I will be in Cherry Hill, NJ a week from Wed. We would like to find an "interesting" lunch spot. Maybe Greek or Russian? Or Japanese? I don't want Italian or French. Are we in trouble? Thanks for any suggestions. Bea
  8. Cheese is good at the new Whole Foods, in Madison.
  9. We like Jocelyn's and Chez Catherine in Westfield.
  10. Has anyone been to Mikes Sub Shop in Dunellen? I used to love their subs but I haven't been there in years.... I love them with crunchy bread and hot peppers. Yum.
  11. Love Opah's grill. Not impressed with Limestone (only went for lunch).Portions were too big. Sammy's is wonderful for steaks.
  12. if you are coming from the Summit area, you don't have to go on Rt. 22. More info if you care.
  13. Thanks for all the suggestions. Since we will walk from the Princeton Record Exchange, anything that isn't walking distance won't do Sushi cafe sounds like fun. And so do Main St. Cafe and Mediterra. I will have to walk along Chambers st. and see what we find. I saw an interesting place, Le Copain(?) but don't know if it is open for lunch or not. It's on Witherspoon, near Nassau.
  14. My husband and I would like to find some good lunch restaurants in downtown Princeton. We like the Ferry House and have not tried anything else. Suggestions? Thanks.
  15. Hi everyone, I've been away for a while but as some of you know, I am a sushi-holic. I agree with Nikko being #1 and also like Ajian and Shumi. One that did not appear on a list that I could find, was Yuki Hana on Main St. in Madison (in the Staples shopping center). And today, I stopped at a "grand opening" Japanese restaurant, Zen Japanese, in the Pathmark shopping center on Eisenhower Pkwy (at Rt. 10) in Livingston. I was impressed with it but one visit is not enough. A few I don't care for---Fumio (Livingston), Wasabi (Berkeley Hts), Fuji (Berkeley Hts) Bea
  16. Hi Rosie- River Palm and sammy's ye Old Cider Mill. Sammy's gets our vote only because it is closer to us and our dog's name is Sammy and we always take a doggie bag home and Sammy gets it
  17. Re Well Sweep Farm--we go fairly often, and always when they run their special weekends. We also like Donaldson's Farm and Best's for veg. and fruits...Donaldson's own strawberries are wonderful. R. Paul-where is your local Shoprite? I have been looking in the Summit, NJ area with no luck. :confused:
  18. Oh, Rosie.Bummer. I hope Lowell gets well soon. Chicken soup can't hurt. And what are we doing this weekend? John and I and Sammy (our 12 yr old standard poodle) are enjoying grilled hamburgers at our vacation house in Port Murray, NJ and the weather is terrific. (Sammy gets one also). We get marvelous beef at, of all places, our local Shoprite (brand name is Mavarick). TIme to start the grill :)
  19. That bill was for the 2 of us. I think it was worth it.
  20. $150 and I forgot to say that we each had a glass of wine.
  21. JOhn and I had lunch at the Ryland Inn, Rt. 22W, Whitehouse yesterday. The lunch was perfection from start to finish. We both started with la soupe de poisson. That was as good as anything we have had in France and better than any fish soup we have had in either NJ or NY. Next, JOhn had grilled seabass and I had chicken breast. John's fish was served on top of litle sauteed potatoes, carrots, white asparagus. My chicken was in a delicate cream sauce, with green asparagus and mashed potatoes, served in a separate dish. Those potatoes were mashed in equal parts of cream and butter and they were heavenly. For dessert, John had homemade mango sorbet and I had hommade vanilla ice cream. Neither dessert was too sweet which was so nice. So often, desserts only taste of sugar. Both the ice cream and shorbet were served in little cookie molds. The coffee and tea went along with the rest of the lunch in quality. Same for the breads. Perfection. And the place is also pretty, service was excellent. I don't want to go back too soon...I want to savor the memory.
  22. Gee, John and I have lunched at Opah, 3 times now. Each time, we thought it was great. The fish was never overcooked. Neither of us ordered salad so I can't comment on that. We both ordered grilled fish, one time, the opah fish (uninteresting), another time, the tuna which was excellent. Win some, lose some? Bea
  23. I need a brain transplant. Yes, it was Petit Chateau, not Petit Auberge....sigh....sorry.
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