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  1. Just to update some facts - John's is closed (soon to be a chain restaurant). There are three BBQ places in the area now - Dickey's (a chain I believe), BBQ Shak that is on route 1, and the Pik 'n Pig which is worth the drive from Pinehurst to Carthage. - Go on Saturday, but order your ribs in advance. Good eats in some other local establishments - Ashten's, Rhett's, Wolcott's (all in Southern Pines) and some fun bars are around too - Maxie's, Bell Tree, etc.
  2. Headed to the Blue Ridge Wine & Food Festival in Blowing Rock, NC and was wondering about restaurants in the area. Any ideas?
  3. How about Coca-Cola Cake or "Better than sex" Cake (which it isn't).
  4. Katy, You weren't there when I was a few weeks ago, and I have to say (except for one thing) that I was very, very pleased. Great Scallops, excellent braised beef, phenomenal fries. Wonderful service. Open windows brought in flies, and the red wine was almost 75 degrees (i.e. summer room temperature). I will go back, but they need to chill the red wines to allow for lack of a/c in "moderate weather." I will look for you next time. Glenn
  5. Not the greatest, but very good - Tir Na Nog. Have had good Tuna with soba noodles as well as good Shepard's Pie. Toasties are great for a snack and the bartenders are friendly. Only problem is finding a seat with the Comcast construction going on.
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    I had lunch at AMADA today and had the pleasure of Katie's company. The lamb albondigas were excellent as was everything else, including Katie's wine selections. I am only sorry that I missed the event - What a Babe!
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    Took a friend to lunch who knows little of Spanish tapas, and he was pleasantly surprised with everything. I particularly liked the Melon y jamon with the caramelized touch to the melon. The tuna was exceptional as well. My friend seemed to like the chorizo and tortilla espanola particularly well. We both loved everything - truth be known. Particularly, Katie's kind service, and her knowledge. Great job, and since my first visit in early December, it has, if possible, gotten even better. Garrotxa, carbrales, and manchego were wonderful with their accompaniments. Thanks Katie, and we will be back. CKP and STH next though (on your recommendation) Glenn
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    My wife and I went in last night (in preparation for a birthday Pig Roast right after Christmas). We had tapas and a glass each of sangria (one white, one red). I felt both sangrias lacked punch and flavor. Both seemed a bit insipid as compared to the Sangria I have made or enjoyed in Spain (perhaps it was the cold evening that put us off it). I went on to have a "Bad Education" which was delicious - congrats to Katie on that one. The tapas were superb for the most part. Patatas Bravas were excellent mounthfuls of potato with smoked paprika and spicy sauce; Flat Bread with short ribs (a special last night) was also superb. The tortilla espanola was perfectly prepared and served warm - not usually warm in Spain, but delicious with a alioli sauce. The octopus was overly paprika'd but was tender. I closed out with the chocolate 5 ways, and it should not be shared - delicious. We sat at the kitchen bar and had a delightful discussion with the pastry chef during our meal. We are officially looking forward to our return visit.
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    Katie, I am bringing family and friends on December 26 for Roast Pig. We will be six. I haven't been on the site for a while and booked it without even knowing you were there. Looking forward to some good pig and sides. Also some Manzanilla. Lived for a while very near Sanlucar de Barameda and go back every chance I get.
  10. I obviously missed it, I had done a search before. Thanks for th update - However, IMOH it is now better than 2 bells.
  11. We went night before last. I went for the offal meal - foie gras and sweetbreads - both were absolutely outsanding. Others in my group had "milder" fare - Steak Frites, Crab, etc. The desserts were also outstanding. Several had the Banana Cream Pie (always great) and I opted for the flan - also outstanding. I note that LaBan has always ignored this place, which is a godsend. You can still get a reservation here. It is also nice that they added themselves to Open Table. Still it is one of my faves here.
  12. Another option would be Brassarie Perrier - get a nice quiet table in the back - Not too bad. I second Lacroix - the Fountain is never bad.
  13. We have given up on the Media location as well. We find the food and service much better at Granite Run. In the past, when we have eaten in Media (before the recent refurbishment) the service has been extremely poor, and slow as well. Whereas at Granite Run, it has been much better. The quality of the Japanese menu in both places has been pretty good in my experience, but I haven't had Sushi in Media for at least a year. Neither is as good as a number of other Sushi restaurants that I know. The Chinese menu in Granite Run is generally very good; however, they should have more specials.
  14. I can't help in the area to which you are headed, and I certainly cannot comment on the choices of vserna or bux. One of my very favorite meals is Sanlucar de Barrameda at Bajo de Guia. Sitting out, next to the beach and eating almost anything, but having tortillas de camarones at some point. Brings me a smile thinking about it - not fine cuisine, but fine food.
  15. As I started this, and as we stayed at 3 paradores during our recent visit, I can't say much for the parador dining experience. Admittedly, we only had breakfast in one, and dinner in two (once by default and tiredness). I guess my main complaint is that they seem so sterile. There seemed to be only Ameicans and English in them. The service was not up to the standards of other restaurants in the same area, and the food, while probably authentic, was not very interesting. The single exception that we had was the Migas that we enjoyed in Trujillo (which was also on the menu in Carmona and Toledo; however, we didn't have dinner in either of those - but as Migas is much more an Extemaduran item, we opted to try it there). The Migas was (were?) very good. It was was served in what almost seemed to be a barber's bowl (with the cutout) that Sancho utilized as a hat. In the middle were the bread crumbs fried with garlic, surrounded by green & red peppers, melon balls, green olives, chorizo, pork, and veal, and melted chocolate! Each was mixed individually with the bread crumbs. It was very good, and while I have had Migas as a tapa, this was a first to have as a meal. The breakfast that we had was fine, but too much like a typical buffet. What we enjoyed so much more was to stop at a truck stop, or some other cafeteria, and have cafe con leche and a pan tostada. Much more interesting dining companions.
  16. I am fond of Solear - Manzanilla de Sanlucar. I find it to be so smooth, but I love all manzanillas. It is widely available in Spain, but I haven't seen it too far afield.
  17. I like it. I was there for a very good steak frites for lunch not long ago, and sat at the bar. It was a very hectic day, and the back dining room was packed so service was not ideal for the two or three of us at the bar. It was very good food, well prepared. I liked the old place, but I honestly think the food is better since the change occurred. Good luck.
  18. Somewhat OT - My favorite exchange in a PLCB - I was looking for Cloudy Bay Sauv. Blanc in Media's store (now gone). Asked where the New Zealand wine was. Reply was "I don't think New Zealand makes wine." No kidding. Sure enough - not a drop in the whole store. I am hoping that the new city store will be better.
  19. Penn's View is also the home of Panorama. Had lunch there yesterday, and I can't help but commend them on their pasta. I always enjoy it. Also, Panorama has the best cruvinet that I have seen - about 120 bottles of wine available by the glass. Panorama would not be a bad choice on a Friday night. Lots of other good places nearby too - Fork for instance.
  20. Again, off topic, but the Chinatown buses are really cheap and if you want to go to Chinatown in Philly from NY or vice versa, it works well. I think I read somewhere that it is $20 roundtrip and $12 each way.
  21. I saw it going up some weeks ago, and also saw a sign in Springfield for another. For those of you in DelCo, it is going in the old Houlihan's by the Target on Baltimore Pike. Haven't tried it, but it isn't like we have a lot of bbq that is truly outstanding in Philly. Some pretty good, and I think the Smoked Joint added a lot to the Center City area. I will give it a try.
  22. I am on my way to Spain in another week. I am looking forward to having torta de Casar, about which I have heard a great deal, but have never experienced it. We will be dining one night in Atrio in Caceres, so I hope to get it there with Tono Perez's selection of olive oil with it (he seems to favor vanilla flavored olive oil, per the Relais et Chateau site).
  23. We were there around 6:30 and left around 9. Sorry we missed you too. It is interesting to hear that you enjoyed the Pork Chop more than I did - mine was dry and not very interesting at all - at least to me. I agree with you on the shortbread. Waldy is charming and fun to chat with. We were sitting down on the floor near the window. I will stop by SSOH one day this week and find you.
  24. Went to the Waldy Malouf Book & Cook at the Smoked Joint. I dined at one of Waldy's prior ventures in NY many times, and was looking forward to it, but found it a little disappointing. Started with Roasted Oysters which were served on rock salt intermingled with peppercorns. While tasty, they were somewhat overmatched by the shallots and I missed the oyster flavor almost entirely. The smoked pork chop was very good, but could have had some sauce (I ended up using Smoked Joints BBQ sauce, and it added a great deal. The pickled vegetables were very good. It was served with Waldy's view of Mac & Cheese, but neither SWAMBO nor I liked it, but our friends (French) loved it. We preferred the Smoked Joints' own Mac & Cheese. The dessert was blood oranges, bananas, ice cream and a nice closing dish. I am uncertain how good the turnout was for this event. It didn't seem too crowded for the earlier seating, but was getting somewhat crowded when we left.
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