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  1. The market sends out a newsletter each week with a list of vendors and when they'll be there--here's a link http://www.urbanharvest.org/programs/market/enewsletter.html I don't know what he charges for sharpening, sorry. Susan
  2. I love the market at t'afia for prepared foods and monica breakfast items, but there's really not much in the way of fresh produce--maybe two or three stands outside. The Heights market is fun, lots of buzz and some nice people, but again, not a whole lot of stuff--five or six vendors the last time I was there. I've finally settled on the Bayou City market--it's really encouraging to see how much it's grown in the last year or so. Three or four produce stalls, a couple of meat vendors, two truly wonderful bread/pastry guys, a Katz coffee truck, and the lady who makes--by her own description--"the best pimento cheese in Houston." They usually have some music, too . . . and oh, a guy who sharpens your knives while you shop. We try and get there as early as possible, sit down with a cup of coffee from Katz and a pain au chocolat and decide that Life in Houston--even in August --is Good. Susan
  3. Thanks, Elie. And what a perfect day to make marmalade--I've got 20 jars of the stuff in the cupboard and we're feeling all very pleased with ourselves. Susan
  4. .59 a pound?? I know where I'm going next year! I tried the Fiesta near me--I-10 and Blalock--but they didn't have a clue, so look for me in your neck of the woods, same time, next year. Susan
  5. Yesterday, they charged me $3.99 lb. Elie, this is the recipe I use, but it requires a pressure cooker for the initial steps--I just don't have the patience/time to make marmalade any other way. http://www.davidgregory.org/home_made_sevi...armalade.htmone If you've got a pressure cooker, or you can scrounge one, it really is the business. Susan
  6. Helen, what kind of fruit are you using? I've only used Seville oranges, and as they're SO sour, I dump in all the sugar my recipe calls for--I did, however, see this piece in the Daily Telegraph, which might be of some help. http://www.wine.telegraph.co.uk/wine/main....edfeatures.html Susan
  7. In case anyone's having a marmalade moment, my neighborhood Rice Epicurean store (12516 Memorial, west of Gessner) has got approximately 40 pounds of Seville oranges stashed in the back. Their produce manager was kind enough to order some for me again this year, so I promised to get the word out--the smallest amount they can order is 50 pounds and while I took ten pounds off their hands, I don't think I can make much more marmalade than that this time around. Go buy some . . . please? I adore home-made marmalade, and I'm worried that if they can't shift all those oranges, they'll have second thoughts about placing a special order next year. I've only recently emerged from deepest, darkest lurkerdom, but if anyone has any questions about making the lovely stuff, do PM me. Susan
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