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  1. okay! so, after reading a marvelous review of the restaurant in le Voir and being a big fan of Godbout's cooking, I decided to check this out.. only a month after opening.. knowing well in advance that the service will not be smooth yet Upon arriving, we order two cocktails off their very appealing drink menu: one was a twist on a strawberry daiquiri, with the kick provided by black pepper.. the other being a mojito made with rumcoco.. Both were very tasty.. And you can definitly taste the freshness in the ingredients.. Lime juice, strawberry, mint leaves, etc. The place looks amazing.. A red and brown palette with carefully choosen furniture and vases.. Overall a very beautiful deisgn job. The most beautiful part of the livinbg room was a wall alcove made out of mosaic with a mirror suspended in front of it. very original.. one thing to note is that the seating seems unbalanced; ie, on one side of the table there were some chairs, and on the other side a bench that happenned to be too low for confortable seating While waiting to be served our apetizers, we munched on their in-house version of a fougasette served w/ 4 delightful toppings: the standard butter, a delicious unfiltered oil, an olive tapenade, and a pepper, tomatoe and carrot jam (which was ridiculously good).. For appetizers, we ordered 3 dishes.. all having some iberian influences.. The delightful flight de sel, which is a nice play on serving 4 mini portions of food to match with 4 different types of salt: a tasty and soft foie gras au torchon w/ volcanic salt, a very milky broiled egg dish w/ ?? salt, 3 delicious & juicy tomatoes truffle oil tempura w/ amazon salt, 3 slices of petoncle ceviche w/ ?? salt.. All in all, this serving alone was worth the visit for the amazing discovery you could make. The second appetizer was mussles cooked w/ thyme, mushrooms and onions in papillote (vs boiled).. This was very good but was too messy to our liking since we had to open the shells ourselves. The last appetizer was a simple brandade (mashed potatoes and "morue") with a bit of oil and pancetta bits.. Very simple yet tasty. Then, the main dishes which we were looking forward too. The veau de lait was perfectly well cooked and juicy and served with its bone on top of a pea risotto. This was the first time I had seen a pea rissotto; it turned out to be great, just to much on the salty side because of the excess of peas. If I were to make it, I would use less peas. The carrots on this dish were way overcooked and had no taste. The morue a la sauce a l'orange was good, but nothing to write home about. Then, the desserts, which we were looking forward too... Unfortunately, out of the 4 desserts on the menu, only 2 were available, with us being told to avoid one of the two by the waitress. Hence, we requested for other alternatives, which we were lucky to have, specially made by the chef for us. Hence, we ended up with pinneaple carpaccio w/ port jelly and pinneaple ice cream served like a dish of cold cuts would be served in a restaurant. And I ended up w/ the improvised strawberry and lime mascrapone dessert. Both were delicious. It was just very unfortunate and unprofessional that the other alternatives were not available to us. Overall it was great, but i would wait another month or two prior to returning to make sure that they are better "oiled". Total cost for 2 (excluding wine but including tip and taxes): $160 (but we ate like pigs)
  2. Ginger IMO has very bad sushi.. For that type of stuff, check out Juni Now, between your choices, if you feel for french, go to Chou.. I thought Jolifou was ok at best. If you want this nuvo latino cooking, go to Raza.. much much better
  3. thanks for the info i will be checking this place out some time soon
  4. do you guys have the phone number for this place?
  5. the problem with the license is not the lack of paperwork and but the opposition to giving them one, due to their affiliation with the Buena Notte and Globe's (similar owners) which have been known to utilize restaurant alcool licenses for club settings and packing then the place up over capacity. I have even heard that Glove will be imposed to close down for a full month due to its multiple capacity infractions
  6. Yup... I am.. If you wish to go to Cube, I would suggest Le Club Chasse & Peche instead. IMO, le Cube has not been cuisine-wise what it used to be since Claude Pelletier left and got replaced by Eric Gonzales. Claude works/owns le Club... much better food and value
  7. Just wanted to see where you guys were planning on going and getting any suggestions. I am going to the Susur diner @ Beaver Club and planning to attend 2 more events. I am also considering Paul Kahan, Claudio Aprile, Moreno Miotto, the Illy-7-service @ Chronique, and the foe-gras-5-service @ Verses.. Besides Marchesi, do you know any of these Italian chefs? I typically do not enjoy traditionnal Italian cuisine, unless if it's modern, avant-garde or fusioned with asian or french cuisine.. Where are you guys going? Any suggestions?
  8. I was there again on Saturday.. and again the food was a marvelous delight.. Had the mushroom tart, which was ridiculously tasty and was a perfect match to the Haut-Brion that we were drinking.. Then, this was followed by red snapper cooked to perfection within its citrus-based marinade; Claude actually explained us the trick for this dish; I am definitly going to try it at home. Finally, I had the surf&turf (lobster and braised marbled porc), which was a nice match to our Harlan Estate.. The lobster was, as described above, cooked to perfection; and the porc was one of the best porc dishes I have ever had due to its marbled colour and perfectly soft and juicy texture. I also tried my friend's Kobe beef, which was very juicy and cooked to perfect tenderness. Overall, another outstanding meal.. with great service as usual.. As others have said above, this is truly special.. The service, restaurant and atmosphere are so warm and friendly; the food is exquisite and well presented.
  9. IMO, our food (restos and markets) beat Vancouver by a mile.. and are comparable to TO. As far as NY, Chicago, and SF, these are cities with 4-5x more habitants and a lot more disposable income.. hence, they do tend to get more selection than we do..
  10. hummmm.. let me start by saying that it is not because you didn't find it, that there ain't any.. for syrian/lebaneese cuisine, we probably have one of the best selection you can find... Alep, La Sirene and Daou are among the finest arabic restaurants you will find in Canada. there is no where a close quality of this in TO/Vancouver/NY/etc. The food is authentic, and due to the large presence of these cultures, we get fresh ingredients. Go to Adonis for your middle eastern shopping (homos, baba ganouj, shanklish, labneh, spinach, beef tartare, cebe, soujouk, etc). Even the "lebaneese fast food" (shish taouk, shawarma, fatouch, taboule) is of better quality than the other cities. Falafel is made from scratch in any good restaurant/shop you'd go to; fast food parlors, whether in MTL or any other city, will typically not do the whole thing fresh since it defies the economics of a fast food business plus, stop complaining and look at the bright side.. we have a terrific cuisine du terroir (and its accompanying produce), wide selection and great quality of restaurants and produce for the many international cuisines: portuguese, middle eastern, polish, french, armenian, italian, peruvian, brazilian, etc. We do not have it all, but we are pretty damn close to it, especially for a city of our size..
  11. Well... Decor/ambiance-wise, it's completely different from Cube.. a lot warmer and cozier (vs the minimal and uber-modern decor at Cube). Food-wise, there are many of the Cube's old classics, but it definitly is a bit more on the game-side of things that le Cube was. I personnaly preferred the Bar atmosphere (more casual), but I heard that they have actually stopped serving full meals there and decided to only limit it to the appetizer dishes.. Regardless, this is a great place to check out!
  12. Just be creative with the bill and you can pull this off for a lot less ;-)
  13. It was the 2001 Sine Qua Non Midnight Oil... I think it was listed at 300$. The wine selection is pretty good for such a "young" restaurant.
  14. Le Clube Chasse et Peche is located in the old Fadeau in the old port. The place from the outside looks more like a Bed & Breakfast, but as soon as you walk inside, you have the impression of walking into a small snazzy Jazz bar in New York City basement. The decor is very classic and cozy with one bar area and another restaurant area opposite. The menu contains 5-6 appetizers and 5 -6 entrees; the menu does not offer enough description on each item and you definitly will need to ask your waiter for the details around each. The menu is very similar to the Cube's minus the Tuna, plus some new red meat dishes. We were told to either order 3-4 appetizers or 1 appetizer and one entree each. We went with the former since there were many impressive items in the appetizer menu. I had thus the opportunity to sample.. appetizer of the day.. Chaud et froid.. Beef tataki salad & ris de veau. I can't remember the salad since I was absorbed the ris de veau, which in true Pelletier style is the best in Montreal. The ris de veau was served on a puree that was incredibly tasty and of very thick consistance.. probably the best puree i have had. beats and duck salad.. very simple.. some marinated beats with house smoked duck served on top.. even though the dish was delicious, i found the beats and the dressing over-powered the duck's aroma fois gras poele.. my friend sampled and loved it; was served again on a bed of that delicious puree scallops.. my friend ordered this dish.. I can't remember what type of sauce it was served with, but the scallops were perfectly cooked.. brown and crisp on the exterior and 'rare' and soft on the interior.. braised pork risotto with some foie gras 'melting on top'... this was delicious.. the rissotto was of a very nice creamy texture, that the melting foie gras supplemented with taste and with a bite.. a couple of braised porc pieces were mixed in the risotto and were very tender and were probably marinated in some herbs prior to cooking. This was so good, I ordered a second serving (after the dessert).. All plates were served in typical Pelletier artistry: perfect choice of plates for each, with sauces and herbs turning each dish into a work of art... Other interesting items on the menu (that sounded delicious) were the mushroom tart, the chasse et peche (plate of lobster and entrecote), the seabass, his classic salmon dish (c.f. Cube). Each appetizer was priced in the 10-12$ range except the foie gras which was 22$. Each entree was for 19-24$ each.. so overall, very good value, considering the pricing in similar quality restaurants (typically 50-100% more). For dessert, I got the Foret, which was magnificently presented green-tea-chocolate-mousse cake served with a little scoop of chocolate ice cream on top. My friend for a Montagne.. I can't remember what this was, but the plate looked incredible with a 'spaghetti-like' pastry sitting on top of some sort of cake (cant remember what type of cake this was). The sommelier was very good at helping us choose a wine, especially considering my friend is a big-time wine-connaisseur. We choose a bottle of Sine Qua Non 2001, which was very tasty, but which was a bit 'closed' and to which a couple of extra years of aging will do a lot of good. All and all, a great night... I will definitly repeat in the next couple of weeks before the word goes out, the place gets jammed pack and the prices go up.
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