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  1. I finally took it upon myself to go there for diner on Friday.. and I was very pleased with the experience.. we had 4 tatsy rasphberry point oysters, the potato veloute w/ ribs, and the beets & pralined bacon salad as appetizers.. and all 3 were terrific for entrees, we had the divine lobster spaghetti and the delicious pintade.. we skipped dessert.. all in all, a wonderful culinary exprience.. every thing was perfectly seasonned.. we found the prices to be high versus comparable priced, but more complex meals we had elseweher.. but it is definitly an address that we will go back to
  2. cafe melies has IMO the best breakfast.. i have a weekly residence at the bar there
  3. Pizzeria Napoletana on Dante is the place to go in MTL
  4. what type of cuisine is it? do you have a sample menu?
  5. damn it.. they just called me back indicating that it is been booked for more than a week aerghhh! need to find some other interesting diner.. any suggestions?
  6. "I am tempted by Anise with Vij and BU but my GF is prego (again), maybe I can work something out with Angelo or maybe I can walk out drunk (again)... " i booked a table for the Friday night..
  7. thanks lesley.. this is bizarre.. any idea of who is coming? is rob feenie coming?
  8. are they slow or what this year? any idea when the list will be released?
  9. On Tastet's choices... O Chalet: I have been there twice and both experiences were terrible.. Food served at inappropriate temperatures, mix of tastes that just don't work together, inproperly cooked food (overcooked), etc. I do not recommend it and do not get what all the hype around this place is about. Jun i: Very good sushi/asian-inspired cuisine. Love it! Express: Is not what it used to be. The cooking has been lackluster as of late and declining in a major way. Don't understand how this resto still makes it in the top 12 list.. Joe Beef: Havent been there yet, but heard many good things about it Bo: Havent been there either.. Montee de lait: De food is delicious, especially for the price. My only problem with the place is the lackluster service when it gets busy. Last time I went there, we barely got any wine/food descriptions; the service was very slow; wines being served after a course was complete; etc. Chronique: a classic.. definitly, one of the top places in MTL CCP: well, everyone knows I am bullish on this.. well deserved Spaghettatta & Vasco De Gamma: They are ok restaurants, but no where close to all the others.. It definitly seems that Tastet is getting some cutbacks from these restos.. XO: Haven't been; am going there on the 26th.. Can't wait to try.. Raza: His description is spot on, but i find it difficult to see this becoming more than an occasional fling unless menu changes substantially... You got to wonder.. where are Chevres, Toque, Bronte, etc? Even places like Jolifou beat many of the restos above..
  10. Best restaurant Club Chasse Et Peche "Senses @ Chevres" Best starter Tarte aux champignon @ Club Chasse et Peche Bisque d homard @ Chronique Best main Truffle stuffed ravioli with truffle shavings at Bronte Pork and foie gras rissoto @ CCP Best dessert hmmm tough to say Best new restaurant Club Chasse et Pehce Best service Club Chasse et Pehce Biggest surprise Club Chasse et Pehce
  11. I will actually be in Quebec City for the beginning of my NYE celebrations.. And will eat diner at l'Utopie.. I can't wait to finally try this place out...
  12. you can find them chez yanick fromagier on laurier.. my favorite chocolates with chloe's (i find grandbois' to be too sweet)
  13. my favorite chocolates gotta be the Chocolat Gendron (@ Yanick).. roquefort thyme ginger root beer etc.. miam! simply unbeatable
  14. Yanick (cheese & Gendron chocolates) Napolitana (pizza) Olive et Olive (oils) Schwartz (Smoked meat) maison du roti (meat)
  15. the food is good... the filet mignon was delicious
  16. it's funny to see how the restaurants on the main and the buena notte group restos are being compared to NYC's best spots... Montrealers don't even consider those as good culinary experiences, so they definitly can't compare to NYC. Regardless, I do believe that NYC still blows MTL out of the water, just due to the sheer size of the city. But, we do have some very good spots that are very often off the tourist paths: the Club Chasse et Peche, Juni, Raza, Version, Anise, Epicier, etc Now, we are talking...
  17. It is.. I bought some olive oil and some rectangular long plates..
  18. This is where I realize how bad/big of a pig I am.. hahahaa!
  19. around pines & st-laurent for french.. there is laloux on pines & laval for indian.. there is atma and mysore a bit north on st-laurent for tapas.. there is pullman on parc for italian.. il sole is the best choice
  20. the wine list is okay-ish.. primarly focused on italian, portuguese and spanish wines.. there was 1 california wine, 3 french, 2 south american and the rest was iberican or italian.. you will find something, but the selection could be better they also lack a decent sommelier
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