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  1. i believe you are right...i know that the l'atelier in tokyo (roppongi) had it and i had a long conversation with my server about how I couldn't get it in the US. in the end, my server insisted that they had it at the NYC l'atelier.
  2. i have never had a good meal there (food and service). the tribeca location is definitely a bit better but still wildly inconsistent.
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    ippudo will be opening on 4th ave later this fall. i remember in tokyo they were open till at least 4 am. hopefully the manhattan outpost will be the same.
  4. me too!!! i would say that is probably the case for a lot of people visiting rome!
  5. wow that is surprising...i went 2 fridays ago and made the reservation less than 2 weeks before that. maybe b/c it was a 4-top rather than 2.
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