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  1. The countertop unit does seem silly, but the commercial ones are used to brine the chicken at KFC for their extra-crispy style. At least they were 33 years ago when I worked there.
  2. There is an Alfies in Lompoc,CA that is great.
  3. I just bought a Weber performer and it is the perfect charcoal grill (gas start). I also have a Coleman Roadtrip gas grill which complements the Weber. The Coleman is a versatile unit that can travel, and has multi-grill plates (traditional grates, flat top grill or gas range-like pot supports. This will be my temporary kitchen for the next 3-8? months.
  4. Tastebuddy


    Brookside dark chocolate pomogranite candy. Purfect.
  5. I thought that I was the only one who didn't "get it". Totally unuseable.
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