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I am a free-lance Botanist. I mostly conduct rare plant surveys and studies, wetland delineations, and plant community mapping. However I am also a Master Gardener (an Extension program anyone can participate in). Then I am a food-lover, from a kid on I've loved cooking, and finding out about food - where it comes from, how it's made, how it affected history, all of it. I was also growing it from young on (maybe 4 or so in Kindergarten). I am a founder of our local Gardeners' Market (a farmers market), as well as SAABRA, the Sustainable Agriculture Association of the Bear River Area. With SAABRA we envelope the market, started a community kitchen (which is not run by the local Vocational School), and conduct community outreach. I've also been a cook, ran the community kitchen, and occasionally still make food for sale at events, and cater small parties.

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