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  1. We at the Onion will now charge for toilet tissue! (vbg) Just kiddin'...We drove by EN on Saturday late and it was packed and they had a very sweet Jazz combo playing. This place was a taco joint. Go figure!!
  2. I heave heard nice things about Eva. It is hard to replace Brie and Bordeaux which was great in its day. As for Luau, it is my favorite place.
  3. The atmosphere and patio are cool. How can the food be consistent when they go through chefs like flies. That should be the question. Why do they lose chefs and when are the good ones there? I am sad that My Blue Onion is not one your list (vbg).... that is for an economist!
  4. Thats ok. I still like yah. Remember the creme caramel. The caramel was solid on the bottom. HA
  5. Mamster, did you really love Pichet that much. When we went some of the stuff was great and some pretty mediocre. The beignets we had were overcooked. I actually had the impression that night you were not overly thrilled. What the heck do I know. Some cool places you can try: Le Gourmand Earth & Ocean Flying Fish of course there is always.....forget it (no shameless promotion)
  6. Is that not truth. I tell em stories of being grabbed and shook around and they think I am telling a Grimms Fairy Tale. Of course I am about 260 now so I could crush those old bastards.
  7. My roommate was a waiter there and said the place ran out of things all the time (this is bad in the biz). They just cannot get it together. He quit!
  8. Being a slave of the kitchen I can say that off menu specials, special requests etc are great in a flattering kind of way, however they can really throw a monkey wrench into the kitchen wheel. There are sometimes those who are super customers or you know are coming in advance that you can go to town for, however most chefs really do not appreciate special crap unless they have no customers.
  9. To write about the restaurant business is easy. To write about the restaurant business through the eyes of one of the kitchen soldiers is genius. As a lifelong kitchen flunky and now restaurant owner, I make sure every young guy or gal reads this book who works for me. It is very real. I could put my name in place of yours and it would be a documentary of my life. I imagine it is weird for you to accept all this praise, yet you have earned it. Thank you from Seattle.
  10. If he has to go out maybe I should put my next place there!
  11. Hood is a fine reviewer. His writing style is fun and loose. He also has an inside track being a former restaurant owner. He also does time with Boomtown Cafe. I was a Greg Roberts fan, however Michael Hood has done a fantastic ob and he is ahem..the best thing at the PI at this moment!
  12. I am always leary of STranger reviews. She is a top notch writer yet the write ups are extremely personal and not for the everyday man or woman. She is a very alternative person as is her reviews. Oh well it is the Stranger.
  13. Blue Heron...send me an e-mail through the websight (I will be re-doing the sight this week) and I will send it out.
  14. How did I miss his post? I definitely recommend Bizarro for the overall fun experience. Ciao Bell Too is now Marcello and one my cooks loves the place. It looks the same to me though. I truly love Tosonis and I have it on my list of faves. Walter Wachler is a great chef and the way non-menu items just become available is awesome. His sausage sampler or schnitzel (both if available) are awesome. Salvatore is my neighbor and they put out a fine product and have fantastic service. Of course Il Terrazo Carmine is always solid for me.
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