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  1. Congratulations! I pass your space daily to and from work and will definitely be by! Joanne
  2. Really hope this works out for you! Joanne
  3. The grand opening of the new parking deck is slated for November 19. No telling if it might open sooner- it looks very near completion. We're all very excited (and relieved) about it down here! Joanne
  4. In my haste to respond to the negative, I've completely forgotten to respond to the positive! (I'm sure that means something) Curlz, thanks for the kind words about our food, I really appreciate it. As for the coffee, it's Kobrick's. Glad you like it as much as we do! Joanne
  5. I am sooo sorry to hear that you felt rushed last night. We definitely strive for efficient service, but very specifically have told staff never to rush our customers. (I am one of the owners) Rest assured that this will be dealt with immediately- and I do mean that literally- I will be heading back up to the dining room as soon as I finish typing! Again, my apologies, and please say hi next time you're in. Joanne
  6. Raymond's in Montclair is open on Mondays.
  7. Just curious- how does Mardi Gras manage to cook their wares without offending the neighbors? Also, didn't the Japanese restaurant formerly in that spot serve any hot foods? Why weren't there problems with them? This whole thing seems ridiculous. Please reiterate, when is the board meeting when this will come up?
  8. JoRic


    Ive always enjoyed the sushi at Aozora.
  9. Wow, this is truly awful, but not only did your dinner get ruined, it seems to me that you witnessed a crime. Have you considered contacting the police?
  10. Perhaps Sweet Sisters in Totowa? I'm not sure that they make low fat cakes, but their work is exquisite. Definitely worth checking out.
  11. I couldn't agree more! This is why,when the Sopranos wanted to film in our then-restaurant (Twentyeight) we said no. They couldn't believe that we really said no to them, but I for one would have felt horrible perpetuating the mobster stereotype.
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