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  1. Thanks everyone - I sent fero style a pm. I'm really excited about going to dinner here. I'll let you guys know how my friends and I like it. Anne
  2. After reading this thread, just scheduled dinner for ten people in January on my annual excursion into town from the eastern shore. I'm hoping that the restaurant still lives up to the descriptions of the food? I looked at the 4 points website and was almost put-off by the picture they have of the restaurant, better not to have one at all, IMHO. Also, is it more popular than suggested by DonRocks' original post? TIA
  3. Not in the U.S., but they'll deliver here... http://www.seventypercent.com/shop/product...strKeyword=club I've shopped at www.chocosphere.com with success. But they don't have the "of the month" clubs that you're looking for.
  4. I would add Lamberti's Cucina to the list of decent spots in Wilmington. There are two. Great lunch spot. They seem to be able to deliver good service, unrushed, but will get you out quickly if you need as well as pretty decent food that appeals to almost everyone.
  5. I am not a big wine drinker/buyer. Usually only a bottle/week between my husband and me. However, I have to say that I have always received good service from CW. I live on the eastern shore and order a case of Bordeaux futures every year. I like to do this b/c CW allowed you to purchase half bottles for only $30 more per case (24 bottles instead of 12). Last year I got full bottles b/c we split 2 cases with another couple so I hope that it's still true that you can order 1/2 bottles. Anyway, one year CW messed up and said my wine was in, when in fact, they only had the full bottles. I drove in only to be told they weren't in. Tom (can't remember his last name) called the next time and when I went to pick them up, he gave me 3 full bottles of wines that he liked to make up for my wasted trip the previous time. I also have never had a problem w/parking. Someone always helps me carry the wine out to my car too. (Not that I need it.)
  6. Thanks everybody. I came to the conclusion that American caviar was the way to go. I'll check out Black Salt. Do they have a website? I'm guessing you have to go to the market to actually purchase, but I'd love to look around a website first.
  7. Hi. Hubby wants to gift friends with some caviar. Any suggestions on where to go locally? On the internet? What to buy? Unfortunately, budget is limited....
  8. Hi. Heading to NOVA a couple of times over the next few weeks to catch up with friends. We're interested in good Vietnamese and Indian. From the Washingtonian that I checked out from my local library, it looks like Four Sisters at the Eden Center and Raaga are good choices. I live in Caroline County, Maryland, a wasteland when it comes to ethnic food of any kind. So, I'd like to maximize my enjoyment only getting Vietnamese once or twice a year. There is a decent Indian joint I go to in Dover that I am worried will become endangered unless someone besides me goes. Any recommendations are appreciated.
  9. ots

    Belgian food

    Thanks for the responses. Will probably try out Eulogy for starters. Anne.
  10. Hi. Wondering if there are any good Belgian places in Philly. Went to Monk's once but the people that we went with didn't like the atmosphere..."too claustrophobic." Liked Cuvee Notre Dame, but understand that that's closed. Any recommendations? Husband loves Belgian brews and mussels and would like to go in January. Thanks for your help. Anne.
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