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  1. I second the bar room at the Modern. Seems to fit your criteria.
  2. Another option is Manducatis. If you are taking the subway to the Open from Manhattan, which I recommend, it is a 2 miunte walk from the Hunters Point Ave. 7 train stop. Manducatis 13-27 Jackson Ave., Long Island City, NY 11101 at 47th Ave. 718-729-4602
  3. I also really enjoyed my meal at One. It was a few months ago, so I don't remember everything we had, but the halibut was excellent and so too were the beignets. It's one of those places that makes me miss the city less....
  4. If you are looking for inexpensive lobster, I would try Sevilla, a spanish place across the street from Mary's. My wife always gets the lobster there and says its very good. The lobster is $20, plus they make a great shrimp ajillo. If you are looking for seafood generally, I second the recs for Pearl and Mary's (I prefer Pearl), plus you may want to check out Aquagrill.
  5. I was thinking of the roast beef style dish as well. Other than Luger's at lunch, I cannot remember seeing it on any of the NYC steakhouse menus. A friend asked for a prime rib recommendation in NYC and I could not think of one. I satisfy my craving at the River Palm in New Jersey when I eat with the in-laws. I notice that the palm has prime rib on the menu. Anyone have it there?
  6. Admin: Threads merged. Where's the best prime rib in NYC for dinner? I think Luger's is lunch only.
  7. I don't know if they still serve the BLT (the last time I had it was years ago). I remember that I read a review of Union Square Cafe that mentioned the BLT that piqued my interest. The sandwich as I remember it was pretty classic: great bread, superb bacon and fresh lettuce and tomato. ← They serve it at lunch, but only during the late summer when tomato season is in full swing. I imagine the BLT will be on the menu soon. It is one of my favorite BLTs. Ripe tomato, thick bacon and good bread.
  8. I got married a couple months ago and our cake was by Ron Ben Israel. The cake was absolutely delicious (even defrosted a few months later, it was still really good). We had his cake at another wedding as well and I can easily say they were the two best cakes I have ever had. He is very creative and great to work with. We wanted a traditional cake with lots of flowers and he delivered exactly what we wanted. Prices vary based on what you want. In general, he is expensive, but not that much more than the other bakers we looked at (and cheaper than the Fauchon cake already mentioned) and the taste was much much better than anywhere else we tasted.
  9. Having eaten at all three of Ducasse's restaurants, I consider Louis XV to be the best and the only one deserving of the effusive praise that is heaped on his restaurants. In fact, I would say it is my favorite restaurant in the world. I have eaten at Louis XV twice and each time had a superb tasting menu, the decor and service are both truly excellent. Also, the wine list is the clearly the best of the three because it has the least mark-up balanced by a good selection. The fact that it now only has 2 michelin stars is comical. However, as much as I like Louis XV - I cannot recommend his NY restaurant without some reservations. I have eaten there twice and I agree that it is the closest thing to a French 3 star experience that one can find in this country - the service, the table for the evening concept. Unfortunately the food just does not measure up to Louis XV or even the Paris restaurant (which I would rate somewhere in between the 2). The problem is for 赀 (which is really about 赲 when tax and tip is figured in) it just does not deliver a meal that is close to that of Louis XV (where a tasting menu costs 贱 US with tax and tip -not including a little extra due to the level of service) or that one would expect from the environment. Take away the room and the style of service - I would say the food is no better than the best that Gramercy Tavern has to offer, but at half the price. Its hard to justify all the extra money for the experience. Also, the wine list at the NY branch has some of the worst mark-up I have seen anywhere. Some of the prices they are asking is just criminal. While I recognize that this is where a restaurant really makes its $$ and many people will pay those outrageous prices - it is still in my opinion a strike against the place. Basically, do not go to Ducasse in NY and expect the best meal of your life, because you very well may leave disappointed. The food is very good, just not exceptional. However, you will have a very nice experience and one that is unlike pretty much any restaurant in the states.
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