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  1. If you have time for a little side trip, I've heard good things about <a href="http://www.visitpa.com/visitpa/visitDetails.pa?name=Dean's+Diner">Dean's Diner</a> from my sister. Can anybody else vouch for them?
  2. Anybody else been yet? We had dinner there a few nights after it opened. I'm a little hesitant to post a review without giving them some time to get settled in, but I'd be curious to hear if anybody else has tried them.
  3. Hi all, just an interloper from Philadelphia coming by to say thanks for the market information. I went to Jean Talon this past weekend on the basis of some posts here, and had a wonderful experience (from olives to cheese to bread to tire-sur-neige). Thanks again! Let me know if you're ever coming to Philadelphia and I'd be happy to return the favor, recommendation-wise. :)
  4. Thanks, Holly. ;) And thanks, guys, for the info about August. I'll let you know how it is when we try it out!
  5. I was surprised that I really liked Jones for brunch. Their banana french toast was excellent...
  6. Hi all--been reading all your enjoyable posts for a little while now, and finally decided to join and dive in. I didn't see a particular topic for introductions, so I hope it's OK to start a new topic and introduce myself in the process! Can't remember where I first heard about eGullet, but I'm excited I found you all. I've been an aspiring foodie since I read my first Holly Moore column in CP while in college. It's great to find other Philadelphians all in one place who feel just as passionately about food, and enjoy talking about it as much as eating it. On to my question. Has anybody eaten at August yet? (It's at 13th and Wolf, I think.) As far as I can remember, I haven't read any reviews (I didn't even know it existed), but a friend has been raving about it--thought I'd like to try it out. But would love to hear your impressions first. Thanks--good to be here and look forward to getting to know everybody. Joyce
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