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  1. Hi All, Originally from Montreal (now happy in North Vancouver)' I'm staying with my sister in Kirkland and need a place to watch game 7 of the Stanley Cup Finals (she has no HD OR Plasma (I know, I know). I don't want to a place that's ging to be stupid crazy (I'm 44) but would like a place where I can sit at the bar and watch the game with sound. Any suggestions??
  2. Hi All, I'm going back home to Montreal in June for a family visit. I will be staying in Kirkland and would love to find a decent place to eat. I'd like something with a fun atmosphere, good food and a decent wine list. It does not have to be fromal dining but nor do I want to got to La Baton Rouge. Maybe a decent tapas place? Is this a tall order? A place with a decent bar to have a drink first?
  3. Awesome Place...amazing selection...everything from the cheapies to the grand
  4. Are BC spot prawns from BC? Oops, wrong board.
  5. My wife and I are planning a day trip over to the sunshine coast. We are actaully exploring the idea of a possible move there. While I realize that the SSC is not exactly "foodie heaven", are there any decent places in Gibsons or Sechelt for dinner? Has anyone spent some time over there? Thanks!
  6. The Beach House in West Vancouver. They have one of the most incredible settings right on the ocean. There is a private room upstairs. The Beach House
  7. This story has been in the local papers as well for the past week.
  8. 9.95 for a dozen freshly shucked locally grown BC oysters. Beat that, Rodneys or Forte's! Available at the Bearfoot Bistro between 3-6 p.m. Keep on shucking Oyster Guy ← $9.95? Are you crazy? No way we could beat that. Nor could we ever beat the cost of your wine or champagne
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    I said the same thing above. I would much prefer some softer lighting.
  10. winegeek


    Went to Fuel for dinner Sunday night. Here are my feelings about this new restaurant. We were greeted very warmly at the door by bith Tim (manager?) and one of the line cooks. The room was completely full(7pm). The room is very minimalist but not cold. Only minor quibble would be that I prefer the lighting to be a bit lower. As others may have mentioned, the menu is quite small, 6 apps and 6 mains plus a special of each. We had a few drinks and ordered a bottle of Sokol Blosser Pinot Noir (Oregon). I have had it before;yummy! I had the pumkin soup to start and really enjoyed it. 2nd course I had the Duck Confit and Foie Gras Mousse Terrine and my wife had the Warm Matsutake and Chanterelle Mushroom Salad. Both were delicious. We were then served a complimentry course, my wife a bowl of sauteed gnocchi (flour, not potato) and I had some ham that Tom (owner) had hanging for 15 months. Both were great and very much aprreciated. For mains I had the Slow Cooked Shin of Beef and Seared Weathervane Scallop and my wife a bowl of Lemon and parsley risotto with crispy capers. Again, both were fantastic. Course #5 for me was a Carmelized banana tart with coconut. OMG, about the best dessert that I have ever had! My wife had a great cheesecake (don't remember the details). I finished off dinner with a glass of Sauternes and my wife a tea. Leanne was our server and she was fantastic. Very professional and when she noticed that we are pretty laid back, her great sense of humour showed through. All in all one of the best dining experiences that I have had in Vancouver. Will definately go back and I highly recommend that you give Fuel a try.
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    Seeing as Fuel is NOT involved with DOV, my wife and I are heading there for dinner tonight. Working DOV=Not dining at DOV restaurants(during DOV).
  12. winegeek


    Mia Stainsby sure loves Fuel. Great review in The Sun.
  13. Any idea of when they might actually be opening? ← I walked by a few days ago and it looked like they were open. Not sure if it was just staff inside or not but quite a few people in there.
  14. Without rehashing an old thread on restaurant reviews, this was one of the few honest, from the heart reviews that did not sugar-coat a fellow e-gulleters establishment. It also did not deter me in the slightest of one day giving this new establishment a try. Well done
  15. A couple of suggestions here .In case the link doesn't work: ← Thanks for your help !
  16. I'm looking for "masa harina", which is, I believe, a latin corn flour. Any suggestions?
  17. As a server, it is a major pet peeve of mine, both as an employee and as a guest. It also happens to be the easiest problem to solve, with either a wooden or plastic shim or, as an absolute last resort, a piece of cardboard or book of matches. I will never eat at a wobbly table
  18. My wife and I are having the pleasure of dining at Parkside on Sunday night. It has been soooo long since we were last there. Will report back!
  19. I don't believe it happens at Joe's (not too sure) but it was definately the norm in previous restaurants worked.
  20. I'm not too sure about that Lorna Maybe you are referring to Spurp & Swirl, which is a great event held every year at Joe's. Believe it or not, the event has even outgrown our restaurant and this year is being held at the Terminal City Club. Info here
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    OK. A few disclaimers. I worked at cin Cin for 5 years. I am NOT a fan of the ownership, and that would be putting it politely. Cin Cin has been and continues to be one of the most beautiful rooms in the city, serving consistantly good food with a great (and overpriced) wine list. Their GM is one of the better hosts in the city. As for your comment about only tourists going there, they do a great business from the local clientelle, at least they did during the 5 years of my employment. I still dine there at leat once a year and always have a great time and great food. They also always finish right behind Ciopinnos as the second best Italian in the city in the Vancouver Magazine Restaurant Awards( ever if they are more Mediterranean than Italian, IMHO)
  22. Funny you shoud say that. Andrew can give you a better time line but The Beach house was completely gutted and re-done about 4 years ago. I like the room.
  23. Red tide is over (for now). We have, in the last 2 days, started serving kusshi, chef creek, stellar bay, effingham and a few others. Glad that's over. We've been carrying a few oysters from washington state lately (besides kumamoto, which are always great) and frankly, they did not compare to our local oysters.
  24. Just bought my first BC strawberries of the season down at Lonsdale Farmers market. $5.95 for a big batch. I'd rate them about a 7/10. Not quite sweet enough but better than anything from CA.
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