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  1. At Alinea they issue you a gift certificate if you fail to show for your reservation...I assume something similar will be in place here.
  2. I would like to throw Solga in the hat as a recommendation. My korean friends brought me there and i was the only caucasian in the place. it is a bit nicer than most and i find that there cuts of meat generally come to the table looking better than san soo or others than i have been to. Not to say that i do not enjoy the others (san soo is great at 3 in the morning) also Solga is byo and there is nothing better than austrian gruner veltliner or austrian riesling with korean.
  3. I will throw my vote in for Anteprima on clark near Berwyn in andersonville. Great people, great food and I believe their is a connection to Spiaggia some how. Been 4 times and have thoroughly enjoyed everysingle visit. If intimacy is what you are after go some where else, if a bustling neighborhood spot with much better than average cooking and ingredients than this is it. And I should throw in that the wine list is better than average as well.
  4. The obscure flavoring in the lamb dish is "akudjura", which is an Australian bush tomato, which is known to have similar flavor components to sun-dried tomato with more of a caramelized flavor with a hint of chocolate. The two butters are sourced from different places. One is an unpasteurized goat milk butter from Quebec, the other, cow from Wisconsin.
  5. Agreed. It's definitely more Chinese than anything else . . . and quite delicious! =R= ← ...anyway, Sol Ga is the shit!
  6. The bowl for the hot/cold potato is made of food grade parafin wax and discarded nightly. As for the Delaforce "curious&ancient" 20 year old tawny, it has a slightly sweeter(think brown sugar or maple and more rosey color).
  7. to clarify, was it a charcoal grill? (as I've been to electric or gas/propane establishments as well) ← San Soo Gap San does indeed have live coals. It's becoming my go to place for Korean BBQ & it doesn't hurt that it's open 24 hrs/day either. ← Jin Ahn, the maitre'd at trio, brought some friends and I to a place called Sol Ga which i found to be amazing. It is located west on Bryn Mar to either lincoln or milwaukee, my memory escapes me. Also, right on argyle is a place where you can get a plate of bbq duck or pork for $3.50 and if I am correct it is called korean Bbq.
  8. Keep scootin' it ronnie, and bring a bottle of savennierres or haut cotes de nuit with you. I have been three times and the consistency brings me back. I am in san francisco at the moment but plan to dine there on the fourteenth upon my return.
  9. Having been open for only 3 days the 7.5 hour mark I am sure will come down once all the staff is comfortable not only with each other but the space itself. A lot of trio alumni went with chefg and they were able to do the tour there in 3-4 hours. I know some of the tours done at alinea have been at the 5-5 1/2 hour mark already, so look for them to be a well oiled machine soon.
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