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  1. Thanks, Deborah. And I thought I was a great googler. You're an expert sleuther. And am glad to know I can cross it off my list. One less place to try! ← One of my nicknames is Surfer Betty. I look forward to reading about your Chinese Dining Extravaganza
  2. I found the Yu Restaurant reference: it was canucklehead. Google is a wonderful thing
  3. I would say that "X was not to my liking" is the most basic and honest criticism possible, and as valid from a 5-year-old as from a Michelin-starred chef. Taste is subjective, last I heard.
  4. Thanks for that, Stefan...I still haven't got to the man on Main.
  5. I drove down the PCH three weeks ago, and saw those same guys at that same place! But being alone in the car, wasn't able to grab a pic before I was past it. So thanks! I look forward to the rest of your blog
  6. That what he says, unpasteurized. "Au lait cru" also means "with raw milk" so, yeah.
  7. Mistral is not a Top Table restaurant AFAIK... Although perhaps that's not what you meant.
  8. No gravy? Here's my turkey sandwich: 2 slices of a fairly sturdy baguette, sliced about 1/2 inch each thick pieces of dark turkey meat cranberry sauce, cold maybe a few slices of thick, peppery bacon enough hot gravy to soak the bread and make it softer ← No, no, no! A HOT turkey sandwich is white bread, not toasted turkey stuffing if you have any left white bread lots of gravy, hot, to soak into all that white bread cranberry on the side, cold, to be added to each bite, not to melt into the whole Bacon? that's for clubhouses. I seem to be a shocking purist
  9. Cru has good macaroni and cheese.
  10. I like the roast chicken idea, if you have a suitable container to transport it. It can be reheated, or eaten cold or room temp, and if the chicken's big enough, they'll have leftovers for a sandwich. Potato salad, vinegar-based dressing, perhaps with dill? also good warm or cold. A good quantity of any sort of robust vegetable salad including beans for the non-meat child. Well, I'm crazy about "salad suppers" as we call them in my family. For dessert, how about a pecan or sugar pie? holds up well if it's not eaten all at once.
  11. Maybe when my kitchen grows up, it will look like your kitchen... Enjoying your blog
  12. Wes, thanks for posting those! she got some really good pictures I'll leave mine where they are and good to get a good look at everyone else's stuff...last night was a blur. So much fun, that class! thanks to everyone at NWCAV, esp Chef and HKDave of course
  13. My turkey sandwich is about ¼ inch of my Mum's roast turkey two slices of white bread, liberally but not gobbily Miracle Whipped, not toasted cranberry jelly (with berries) S&P Constructed thus: bread MW cranberries turkey S&P MW bread Cranberries have to go on the bottom slice as they are less prone to fall out. If you only have cranberry jelly without berries available, you can smoosh the jelly on the top slice of bread. No toast; toast is for turkey salad sandwiches (made with MW, of course).
  14. The BCLDB lists five different Moscatos (and one grappa di Moscato); AFAIK they're all white...I have tried the frizzante one, it's pleasant enough, and the Batasiolo I know I've had in restaurants as well. I'm no big moscato maven, so I can't recommend one per se. The liquor content seems to range from 5.5% to 7%.
  15. Looking forward! I will be in San Diego very briefly later this month, so it's great timing for me
  16. Last night I took the maternal unit to Parkside for Mother’s Day, her birthday, etc. I started with an Italian Job (orange and lemon juices, Limoncello, Orancia, maybe some vodka too?) and Mummy had a Campari Orange. We had a bottle of the 2002 Domaine de la Grange des Pères. Tthe kitchen sent out an amuse of an espresso cup with the sablefish chowder, v tasty indeed, nice mirepoix, creamy goodness. Then I had the parfait de foie gras, because what else could I have? and Mummy had the fricassée of prawns, green and white asparagus, and mushrooms. Actually I might have had that if I liked asparagus, it was pretty to look at and the mushrooms were good. For mains, I had the halibut dish immortalized in my blog, because it was so damn good I’ve been thinking about it ever since. It was good this time, too Mummy had this lamb loin with braised lamb cheeks dish that she was too full to eat more than a little bit of...it looked heavenly, and she brought it home for dinner tonight. For dessert...banoffi pie. I had to google this dish. Banana toffee...say no more say no more, nudge nudge. A cinnamon graham crust, with a light toffee blancmangey pudding; caramel and chocolate sauces. Sliced bananas with caramelized sugar on top. Maybe the best dessert I’ve had at Parkside (although...that’s a hard choice), and if there hadn’t been so much foie gras on my first plate, I might even have finished it Mummy brought hers home to have for breakfast. I had a Monte Cristo coffee (some enterprising soul topped it with ice cream ). And so, the broken record that is me talking about Parkside is still stuck on "delicious." Michel was working, and he and Tony provided the usual warm welcome and impeccable service we've come to expect. Oh, and the new BC Liquor Store freebie mag has a little feature on Charles the bartender, including a Negroni recipe and how to make the syrups. I will have to pick that up Edited to correct emoticons.
  17. I love Miracle Whip, and tuna salad or a leftover turkey sandwich on white with cranberry just isn't the same with mayo! However, I have trouble buying it since I read the ingredients. Ignorance was bliss, I hate buying things made with ingredients I have trouble pronouncing. Now, if I'm using mayo for a salad of some kind and want some zip, I add some lemon juice to the mix.
  18. I've heard of tenting foil...usually just silver-coloured though.
  19. No. But I have decided that I'd ideally combine dinner out with the purchase of a new car. Wish me luck. ← Wow, all I did for my blog was buy a new stove! Good luck with your scheduling!
  20. I'm with Fabby: foie gras at almost every opportunity. Duck, not that I can't make good duck myself, but I love well-prepared duck so much... French fries, aye.
  21. From Bin941/942 ← Ah. Cheers!
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