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  1. I would most likely have sparkling or still water with my meal if I could not drink wine. A ginger ale (or lemonade or possibly iced tea) in a pinch. Coffee tends to work well with dessert, but not other courses, in my experience. Enjoy your dinner!
  2. Gourmet Warehouse had a square grill pan for $129 on Thursday, but I'm not clear on whether a panini pan has a lid of sorts to push down the sandwich? I didn't see that.
  3. Even regardless of that, they have some of the best cakes I've ever tasted. And I eat a lot of cake!
  4. If I were buying a wedding cake, I'd order from Ganache.
  5. I really like Campari when it's hot and before dinner...I'm glad you're liking it with the Aranciata lacking Aranciata or Limonata, the drink I had before I left the house yesterday was made with Fresca From their website, these are the ingredients for the grapefruit Negroni: "grapefruit sorbet, gin, Campari, sweet vermouth, fresh grapefruit juice, shaken." With a twist of lemon, as well. Charles makes these beautiful fruit sorbets (actually, I just assume it's Charles who makes them...it could be the kitchen), they really enhance his cocktails.
  6. I was fortunate enough to attend the first night of Parkside's inaugural Game & Wild Mushroom Festival last night. We were a party of 8, and Chef was kind enough to offer us a menu. We're no fools, and were happy to take it I had a Grapefruit Negroni to begin, and Tony opened a bottle of Marchesi de Frescobaldi Mormoreto Nippozzano (...2000? can't remember the vintage) for my friend and me. First out was the Jerusalem artichoke and celery root soup, hazelnut oil, game pie. I think this was my first Jerusalem artichoke. It was a lovely, creamy and subtle soup, with a few toasty hazelnuts in the bowl as well. The little game pithivier was just delectable: flaky pastry, tasty meat within. Next arrival: Grilled quail salad with lentils and bacon. Everyone at the table was saying BACON! when this arrived a half a grilled quail, tasty and moist, with microgreens and a bed of subtly curried lentils. Oh yes, and a slice of bacon. You never feel quite as carnivorous as when you are gnawing on the diminutive drumstick of a quail, somehow. A pasta course of Fettuccine, wild boar bacon, peas, porcini mushroom cream was next. The pasta courses at Parkside have never disappointed, and this was no exception. Rich but not overbearing, beautiful fettucine. (I can't wait to eat at the next Durbach-helmed restaurant, the pasta's going to rock!) The sauce... *swoons* Next, eight cool little black casseroles were presented, filled with Rabbit "Cacciatore" with gnocchi The pillow of love within was gorgeous, fried. The sauce was deep and rich. The meat was moist and flavourful. We thought we were done for savoury, when lo and behold, Grilled medallions of red deer, sauce au poivre, Raclette potato came out. Many of our number were defeated by this course, but I am happy to say that I was not one of them. Stupendous, juicy venison. The sauce was another superstar. We got to choose our dessert, and in spite of a rumour of Banoffi Pie in the house, my pick was the Chocolate tart with wild strawberry ice cream, as the ice cream sounded exactly right for me. It was delicious, of course! the ice cream was not too sweet, and very fresh-tasting. The chocolate tart is smooth as silk. Other choices at the table included Banoffi, the Panna Cotta with Huckleberries, and the Maple Syrup Tarte Sucrée. I heard no complaints. Oh and as a fan of Gosset Champagne, I was intrigued to try their Marc de Champagne, which is a bit outside my normal round of (sweet) dessert and after-dinner drinks. I enjoyed it, although I can't really offer a useful comparison. *** I highly recommend this menu, the BOH has such a sure hand with these earthy Fall flavours. I hope that I'm able to return to sample more dishes before next year: this is promised as an annual event.
  7. Not IMO, unless you want to watch the hockey game (Shark Club). But you can always go to the Hamilton Street Grill or any of a bunch of restaurants in Yaletown, which is just a few blocks away from your hotel.
  8. I got some Crab Apple wine as a gift, I haven't tried it yet. Do you normally drink it with dessert?
  9. George seems more like what I was thinking of. The velvet rope comment scares me though. The only Lolita's I found was Lolita's South of the Border Cantina. Is that the same one you mean? ← I think so, yes, they are on Davie. I haven't been, but people have said lots of good things about their cocktails. There are some rather cocktaily places on Granville St I believe but I wouldn't know which to recommend, and they are likely to be pretty jammed up on a Saturday. I think George is probably what you are looking for, drinks-wise, or the bar at Glowbal, Afterglow. Since you will be such a large party, you may be able to make a reservation at one of these to ensure a table? I'm sorry but I'm not sure. Nu definitely has a decent cocktail list, and the view is nice even in the dark.
  10. George in Yaletown; Lolita's in the West End.
  11. Oh, I somehow never went to Artigiano for a coffee, and now, perhaps I never will.
  12. I had a pork okonomiyaki there yesterday, and my dad had a bown of chicken udon. We were very happy! (we were looking for a restaurant based on the "available parking spot" theory, and Zipang won) The okonomiyaki came with the requisite sauces and bonito flakes. The portion was smallish, in a good way: I didn't feel as though a coma was imminent and I enjoyed their tea (jasmine scented?). Very reasonable prices (lunch for two for $12.50 or something ). (Edited for bonito.)
  13. Another possibility would be Hamilton Street Grill's private dining room, which is not too far from the church.
  14. Small difference between trans fats and foie gras: to my knowledge, foie gras is not carcinogenic to humans. (Not that I would really care to live in a world without french fries, either!)
  15. Mediterranean in the hands of Andrey Durbach will be exquisite, I have no doubt! I already wish my stomach had more room every time I eat at Parkside, so that I could do the pasta course justice.
  16. Is there such a thing as Live Cooked Baby Octopus, I wonder?
  17. I have some IKEA kitchen shears that I've had for more than ten years! Great small glassware (tiny mise bowls, v small juice glasses/large shot glasses, small stemmed sherry glasses). Plastic, rubber-bottomed mixing bowls (with lids now!). Second the candles, some of the candle holders are also wicked cheap. Third the small nonstick frying pans. I also like their picture frames and bathroom rugs. (80% of my furniture is IKEA, as well; you just have to choose carefully)
  18. Barolo has reminded me, it was at Diva at the Met. Also, the Chocolate Pâté at Aurora Bistro is wonderful stuff, and the Coupe Glacée at Parkside has excellent chocolate ice cream, as well as homemade marshmallows that are worth the trip all on their own.
  19. Are these desserts created by Thomas Hass? Thanks. ← Yes, he is the Executive Pastry Chef at Diva. Here's a link to the Diva dessert menu: Diva Desserts Looks like that may be where *Deborah* had the chocolate and pistachio dessert she mentioned in another thread. Trafalgars is a good suggestion, especially since you are looking for wide selection. Here's the menu: Trafalgars Desserts ← Oh, bless you, Anne!
  20. Are there any other charity events besides Dining Out for Life and City Dine? ← None that I can think of off the top of my head, other than a Tsunami-relief night shortly after the Tsunami. I'm not being critical, btw: any contribution is a good contribution, and welcome, I'm sure.
  21. My mental comparison was between this and Dining Out for Life, which is charitable. Dine Out Vancouver is not about raising money for a cause, just about a good value for money promotion during a quieter time of year.
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