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  1. Star Advertiser reports that Futaba, opened in 1975, will be closing.
  2. FYI, Chefs Catalog has a sale on the Magimix 5150 for $300. There is also a coupon code on the interweb that will give you another $25 off the purchase.
  3. Yes, they honored the price above and I received the "cube" in about a week. I have not, however, seen the 50% coupon repeated.
  4. It's worth being a Barnes & Noble member! Received a 50% discount coupon by email. Discounted price of $418.81 reduced by half plus tax = $219.87. Free express shipping for the holidays. Crossing my fingers that the order isn't canceled.
  5. Another option is to call/go to the Jaleo in Crystal City, and see if the retail wine shop in the restaurant carries the same wine.
  6. It appears to have been U.S. Patent No. 4,321,857
  7. I haven't gone there, but I read of another family-owned plate lunch place closing February 28, 2007 after more than 30 years in business: Masu's Massive Plate Lunch. Stories in the Advertiser and Star-Bulletin.
  8. Here's a link to news about Josselin's opening in the rebuilt Coco Palms Resort. So keep your fingers crossed that both projects succeed.
  9. Commander's Palace (@ Aladdin) has a "jazz" brunch on the weekends. Emeril's New Orleans Fish House (@ MGM) and Delmonico (@ Venetian) are open for lunch every day of the week. I would recommend the latter.
  10. Just pointing out that it varies at different spots, the Hybla Valley store was fine the last time I was there about a year ago. Some people believe quality is better at the locations opened before the owners started to franchise and Hybla Valley is not (I believe) one of the new franchisee-owned stores. Have fun !
  11. Dinner or Lunch? Closest I would recommend is Five Guys in Hybla Valley (7622 Richmond Highway)serving OK burgers/fries. Going north on Mt. Vernon Highway, continue north at the intersection to Richmond Highway and Five Guys is on the left (visible from the road). It's a local chain of variable quality depending on the location. Southside 815 (815 S Washington Street; 703-836-6222) is farther away (about five miles?) north in Alexandria. It's a tavern/restaurant with some Southern specialties, and a parking lot in the back. Farther north into Old Town Alexandria, there are lots of places on King Street or close by in the area. Flying Fish (www.flyingfishdc.com/MLunch.html) and Restauran Eve's bar (turn right at the hostess stand), which do not have cheap items on their regular menus, have weekday lunch specials that might fit the budget. The owners of Restaurant Eve have also opened a "Dublin chipper" called Eamonn's. Bebo Trattoria is in Crystal, which mapquest calculates to be 12 miles north of Mt. Vernon (23 minutes).
  12. The Wine Spectator's article about Joel Robuchon's restaurants in Las Vegas doesn't appear to link, but you could use Google to find the article by searching for the magazine's and the restaurant's names.
  13. I was sad to read that Leong's is closing. The owner blamed the lack of parking in the area.
  14. Antoine Westermann has been the "consulting chef" at Café 15 in the Sofitel Lafayette Square since its opening in 2002. Of course, he does not live in DC but the hotel's publicity promises that he visits several times a year (and the resident chef is supposed to have trained with Westermann). I have only had lunch there but would like to try dinner. Does anyone have any experience to share about dinner at Café 15? I'm also on a mailing list for the restaurant. Antoine Westermann will be in the kitchen on June 28 and 29 to "personally prepare a spectacular dinner" so is there a significant difference when he is visiting? In any case, it looks like a good chance to sample the restaurant: $59 per person, excluding tax and gratuities. Maine lobster gourmandise - cauliflower cream, vegetable tartar, crustacean jelly roasted sea bass - gingerbread crust, spiced emulsion Colorado lamb trilogy - chop and shoulder with braised rib stuffed tomato, eggplant confit, pearl onions pistachio and coconut soft cake - strawberry and rhubarb au jus, sorbet I'll let you know if I make it there.
  15. Still a great deal: $64 with tax and tip. I only had tea but I noticed that sparkling water can now be ordered instead of the stale bottled water which used to be the only choice. Enjoyed trying to balance the amount of lemon juice and salt on the kara-age soft shell crab. I still have not gotten it perfect for my taste, but am homing in on it. Also enjoyed watching the broth for the soba being prepared, the cook taking several small sips (poured from the pot into a small bowl to ensure cleanliness) and adjusting the seasoning between sips. Sitting at the counter is a little more comfortable for taller people because your feet are able to dangle a few inches below floor level. I enjoy watching the three cooks behind the counter preparing each dish, guessing which one is coming to you, and following the flow of the courses. NOT recommended if you are going only for sushi or sashimi (see hillvalley's post above). They do not detract from the other courses but it is not a strength of the restaurant. You do get fresh wasabi on the side with the sashimi. FWIW, the size of the pieces and the lack of wasabi in which to drown the sushi are appropriate for the Japanese.
  16. 4822 MacArthur Boulevard above Makoto (no relationship between the two restaurants other than both serving Japanese food) www.kotobukiusa.com has a link to its Washington Post review (I think it also had a favorable review in the City Paper)
  17. Kotobuki with selective ordering (e.g., the kamameshi fits your budget I think)
  18. Sorry, but I can't help you with your three French choices. Less expensive than Restaurant Eve for New American would be Vermillion mentioned above (but it can be noisy near the bar) or Flying Fish. The latter has non-fish items as well; the fish can be either cooked or raw. The sushi bar is probably the best in Old Town based on two visits (although that is probably not much of an accomplishment). I can't find a web site for Flying Fish but it is near the Old Town Theater and replaced a Thai restaurant. I have never "got" Majestic Cafe (tried it again this past Sunday for dinner).
  19. Calvert Woodley and the Montgomery County stores have some good prices. Central Liquor, Schneider's, and Wine Specialist have lists of their scotches and prices online.
  20. I've been to the Royal Mile Pub only once. It was for lunch and I thought the Scottish "specialties" I had were only okay. Perhaps the chef comes in only in the evening. The list of Scotches is impressive and priced reasonably. Not sure whether they are always available.
  21. Number 7 at Viet House Restaurant on Richmond Highway, Alexandria, VA.
  22. Definitely order the scallop appetizer.
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