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  1. We (a small cafe in Northern California) are looking to buy a blast chiller and would welcome any recommendations or information about them. One of the models we are looking about is a Traulsen RBC50....which lists for about $15,000 new. There are many of them on Ebay for sale at around $3000....like 10. I find this disconcerting...that there are so man y of a particular brand/model for sale. So, does anyone know anything about this model blast chiller and have pertinent info to offer? And, we are also open to hearing about your experiences with blast chillers. Thank you for offering any
  2. As far as I know, tahini keeps forever (or for a very long time). I just used some that I have had refrigerated for over 10 years (!) and it was just fine. It was excellent 'quality' tahini (bought in bulk from Kalustyans). The oil always separates from the solids...and I think this is why it keeps so long. You can either pour off the oil or incorporate it into the solids (I poured off most of it). Joya is the best easily accessible brand...tahini must be made from roasted sesame seeds to have the best taste....and, unfortunately, most of the organic brands do not roast the seeds. Hopes t
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