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  1. Has anybody here been on a Historic Food course by Ivan Day or know of anybody that has ? http://www.historicfood.com/portal.htm I have been bought a course for Christmas and will probably choose the roasting course. http://www.historicfood.com/roasting.htm Or maybe the Victorian Cooking http://www.historicfood.com/Victorian%20Cookery.htm Just wondering if anybody had any knowledge or experience of the courses. I do know lots about Ivan Day.
  2. Google is your friend - it really is easy. look here we are closed on xmas day
  3. Thinking that other people are actually interested in things you write?
  4. John why didn't you say that to him if that is what you "wanted" to do? I hope that the adjustment you made to the tip meant that there wasn't one. David
  5. Read the DH review earlier today. Not sure about the chipped enamel coffee cups though. Otherwise it seems a good place for a relaxing scoff. sorry piccie (courtesy of DH) is very big bt shows the enamel chips off nicely.
  6. in the '90s i worked for a software company in france, each lunchtime everybody went to the local cafeteria and would drink around a liter of wine each. I followed suit and would spend the first hour after lunch with my head on the table. Lunch started at midday for 1.45 hours. In the end i gave up the wine at lunch but made up for it during the evening
  7. You really should have got up and left once he came to "apologise". Mind you there is nothing else for miles around. Mobile phones....WHY?
  8. I've always wondered why those with life threatening allergies put themselves at risk trusting those earning a couple of dollars an hour. Surely it is easier and safer to make things yourself?
  9. I really enjoy visiting this shop, the selection of local cheeses and creams is outstanding, the service knowledgeable and very friendly. There is plenty of unpasturised cheese to be had along with excellent examples of local goats cheese. The shop is always busy especially on market day (Saturday,)locals will spend 50 – 80 Euros a time on cheese eggs and crème fraiche.
  10. John I topped crimped one of the pasties to see the difference in top and side crimping. I found the top crimping easier though side is the traditional method. I looked at a couple of videos on side crimping this afternoon and will give it another go using some spare bits of pastry. As an aside i noticed from your posts that you have spent quite a time in the manchester area, from what year did you start dining there and did you ever visit a restaurant on Bridge St called "Truffles"? David
  11. I thought I would share my Cornish pasty making efforts with you. Turnip, swede, onion and potato very finely sliced. Plenty of salt and pepper Finely sliced beef skirt, skirt is the traditional beef used in Cornish pasties and gives of a tasty juice when cooked in the pasty. All the mixture assembled ready for the pastry. Bought the shortcrust pastry from the local deli shop i hate making pastry. Pasties assembled ready for the oven – 220 degrees for 40 minutes then down to 170 for a further 20 minutes. Crimping not my strong point but working on it. Friday making more - big competitio
  12. Its years,and years,since we went there. It used to be OKish Spotted the odd "Corie" star or three, during its heyday Not to mention the odd football manager. "Odd" perhaps being appropriate looking back Ah memories! ← Wow that does bring back memories. It must be over twenty years since i last went to the Moss Nook, 1987? At the time there was very little in Manchester of any quality and no matter what our thoughts on the food there today you could get more than a decent meal in the late 80s. I would eat there on my own probably 3 or 4 times a month, order wines that cost more than my car
  13. sadly i registered for those who don't want to, you may find these more interesting and the spelling a little better. kids at play. http://books.ladybird.co.uk/nf/Browse/Brow...,224362,00.html
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