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  1. Iris wasn't open at the time the guide was put together. The new French Quarter location opened just last week, I believe.
  2. Certainly worth it. As these things go, it's not that expensive. The taste of New Orleans menu is a bargain.
  3. The 2008 Dining Guide is out, and here are Brett Anderson's current picks for the top ten places in town [Note: these are unranked and in alphabetical order]: 2008 Bayona Brigtsen's Cochon Emeril's Delmonico Galatoire's Gautreau's Herbsaint Restaurant August Ristorante del Porto Stella! For those keeping track at home: exit Emeril's, Lilette, RioMar; enter Cochon, Emeril's Delmonico, Gautreau's (the last previously on the list with a different chef). Sorry to see RioMar go. Surprised to see MiLa not crack the list. Full disclosure: I contribute to the Times Picayune these days. Not sure that it matters, but I don't want people to think I'm promoting the paper under the table.
  4. Brett Anderson is reporting that the Country Club restaurant is closed: Full article here. I do hope most restaurants can weather this financial storm.
  5. I got mine at the Cajun Butcher Block (pretty sure that's the name). I think they do mailorder.
  6. I suppose some papers are laying off indiscriminately while others are preserving the most popular features. I'd have to guess that food still looks like a money maker in many markets (classical music, theater...not so much).
  7. Like many newspapers, the L.A. Times just announced a new round of layoffs. This one seems to hit the culture coverage hard. I don't regularly read the L.A. Times, but it looks like the main food voices were spared. The blog LA Observed does report that Susan LaTempa, acting editor of Food, got a pink slip. Have you seen cut backs in food coverage where you live?
  8. I'm pretty sure that got some at the Crescent City Farmers Market last year. Can't remember which vendor had them.
  9. My experiences with Blue Plate, both before and after the storm, have been more mixed. This pre-storm review by Sara Roahen captures my experiences: click.
  10. Yeah, I don't believe that non-regulars are unwelcome (although I can certainly believe the kitchen had an off night). The first time I went there I walked in, said I had no waiter preference, and got attended to in grand style. I've been there as a guest of the house, and I can't say the service was any better or worse than that first time. Now, I always wear a jacket and drink a few rounds before thinking about food, so maybe that marks me as a local.
  11. Unfortunately, this topic is now merely academic for me. My wife insisted that we toss everything labeled "refrigerate after opening." Oddly enough, the yellow mustard said "for best taste refrigerate." Can't imagine it would make a difference.
  12. We're back in New Orleans after an uneventful evacuation. Wisely, we dumped all the perishable food from the freezer and frig. What was left were mainly condiments. The power went out Monday morning and came back on Wednesday evening. What's safe? Pickles? Ketchup? Various global hot sauces? Mustard? Simply syrup? Or should I just dump it all and start over?
  13. As we stare down that bastard named Gustav, it's time for our new hurricane tradition: the freezer party! That's right, large numbers of New Orleaians will be cooking up what ever they can find in the freezer this weekend. No wants a repeat of meat turning to liquid and destroying the frig. So what are you making?
  14. That's ok, because you don't want to be eating oysters in the summer. Another close place by Tulane campus is Dunbar's in the law school cafeteria at Loyola. Just cross St. Charles Avenue and follow the smell of frying chicken.
  15. I've been to a few of their events, but it doesn't seem like they've been real active over the last few years. It's not an organization, but both the Southern Food and Beverage Museum and the Museum of the American Cocktail plan to hold regular talks. If you become a member, then you can go without paying the entrance fee each time. Cooter Brown's is a bar with an oyster bar that's walking distance from campus. You'll learn to love them raw there.
  16. I hate to keep asking for follow-up without giving you info, but do you know what part of Jefferson or Orleans? These are big areas, and it seems most convenient to find a restaurant in the neighborhood.
  17. Funny, I was about to post the same comment. It also happens in less than upper middle class circles. There just isn't a big stigma attached to getting bombed in this town, although it's a different style of drinking practiced by the natives than the one favored by the Bourbon Street tourists.
  18. I agree. With only 30 people, a restaurant would be your best bet. Do you know what part of town you'll be in? Any dietary restrictions?
  19. No, not a genius, but I'm smart enough enough to know which ideas are worth stealing.
  20. For the record, I want it to be known that I'm the fan mentioned in the article who suggested the webcam to monitor the line. You could attach it to that bookstore across the street. It works for New York's Shake Shack, doesn't it?
  21. You'd think it would be easy to find, but everyone around here seems to have stopped carrying it. The flavored sugars sound intriguing. I suppose grinding less processed sugars would also work. Could be interesting. Now I feel silly for buying that expensive caster sugar from Whole Foods.
  22. It's recently become almost impossible for me to find bar sugar. Whole Foods was the only local place that stocked it, but they haven't had any for months. Is it possible to grind regular sugar in a food processor to make bar sugar? My guess is no, but I wanted to get some opinions.
  23. Hansen's now has a website. But it's way more than your average restaurant website. They're building a big online collection of photos and documents. Check it out: Hansen's Sno-Bliz
  24. It still doesn't haven much, although this isn't a good period for farmers market. Maybe when the weather cools off there will be more offerings.
  25. It looks the after a long history Peristyle has come to an end. Ian McNulty got a press release announcing that it will close this Friday.
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