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  1. alas, I have been called into work. Sounds like you guys are going to eat well. Grrrrrr
  2. Many have been asking about the menu for friday so here is the nutshell version. Wine will be at each individuals discretion. $40 gets you Caprese salad, with michigan heirlooms, Giant prawns with arugula, And a choice of, stuffed quail, beef tenderloin, Scallop with vanilla turnip, and a fresh catch to be determined, I am still holding out for something special in that department. And finally a good old cannoli might do the trick. I'm sure there may be surprizes along the way, look forward to serving all of you. Dress code is irrelevant as you will have your own room to do as you pleas
  3. I have been in contact with tammylc, and details are being flushed out. Have no fear all dietary restrictions can be handled. Right now it is shaping up to be about five courses and wine at your discretion. Depending on everyone's agreed upon expenses/limits anything can change. On a related note, July 26 We will be hosting a six course tasting menu and wine dinner. Cost is 75.00. Heirloom Tomato Caprese Sweetcorn Soup Scallop,Turnip and Arugula Stuffed Quail with Beets Dry Aged Beef & Parsnips Peach and Blueberry Buckle
  4. Absinthe, charcuterie, and carbonation........... I have a feeling this meal is mandatory to the well being of the universe.
  5. If I can juggle my work schedule for sat off I would love to throw down a meat dish, something along the lines of duck or game birds perhaps. Maybe even some Foie can be worked in. That is if I'm not too pooped after friday evening.
  6. Ludicrous. People do realize that animals are dead when you eat them? Right? This whole thing is making me hungry for foie, I'll put it on the menu tomorrow for all you ann arborites.
  7. I took over the kitchen at Bella Ciao about a month ago, and am in the process of making changes. Love to serve you all in the future.
  8. I myself am a long time lurker, would love to join in the festivities. I'm a former moto employee and now head chef at an ann arbor restaurant. I live in town so there's really no reason for me not to attend.
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