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  1. Can someone give me an idea about the pricing at Komi? It sounds great, and I am interested in going soon, but can't quite get a fix on cost. What is the price of the tasting menu(s)? I understand it is quite a wine list -- much available in the $35-55 price range? About how much should I expect to pay for dinner for two, including a nice bottle of wine? Thanks!
  2. I had to comment in support of Freckles here. The twit to laugh at is NOT the person who comes into the restaurant/winery/store and asks the really stupid question. That is, as Freckles says, the whole problem with wine people -- how can you laugh at the person who had the courage to ask the question? How many times have you been sitting in front of a lawyer/supervisor/doctor/etc. and been too intimidated to ask what you feared would be regarded as a stupid question? The twit to laugh at is the person who comes in and does NOT ask the stupid question. Alas, I saw many more of the former in this thread than the latter, and it is sad.
  3. I've yet to enjoy Ray's, and I completely understand this policy if the place is doing you a favor by squeezing you in, but otherwise? If I were planning on dropping some serious money on cocktails, apps, wines, entrees, desserts, and coffees, and wanted 90, 105, even 120 minutes, don't I deserve the time? Edited because my first sentence made it sound like I have been to Ray's and not enjoyed it. Meant to say that I haven't been yet, but am sure that I will based on eG's advice. This also explains my ignorance about the cocktails. But 90 minutes still seems short.
  4. Me, I Ricchi on Wed, Taberna del Alabadero (sp?) on Fri, and Oceanaire on Sun. Actually, that last one was a pre-existing birthday reservation that happens to give us the option, but I don't think we will take it. The first two are places my wife has wanted to try for a while....
  5. I don't know, what is the difference between celery root and salsify?
  6. I (and by I, I mean my wife) have always enjoyed the food, but it can be a tough evening to enjoy. We must not have the right look, because we always end up with a table upstairs, or near the bar, and can never score a booth, even after asking. And last time we were there, we were entertained by the site of an incredibly intoxicated man at the bar, charming a woman who was obviously, shall we say, on the clock.
  7. I don't know, I'm a huge fan of the butternut squash soup...however, Tallula's Celery Root Soup is yum - haven't seen it offered anywhere else. ← I'm pretty sure I had celery root soup at Poste during a holiday dinner a few weeks ago. It was YUMMY! ← You did (at least I did), and it was. Really the only redeeming feature of an otherwise wasted $60 lunch for two
  8. Which is strange, because I swear the review reads like ***. Maybe I will ask today....
  9. I wish every restaurant would take a credit card number for every reservation, and charge the no shows. Is it that hard to call in advance to cancel??? Maybe then, restaurants that currently don't need to take reservations and deal with the no shows (I'm looking at you, Chef Jose) would extend the courtesy to their patrons. It makes life so much easier for us customers! (I agree with the point about calling the restaurant back for security purposes, though.)
  10. I walked by last night and the valet parking sign was out, and they looked open for business.
  11. Funny timing...My birthday is also on a Sunday in January. After much hemming and hawing, I decided on Oceanaire. I thought about the Sunday staffing issue, but figured this wouldn't be a big deal if I am looking for simple lobster, great crabcakes, etc. A steakhouse would work here, as well, and I like the sushi idea. Some cuisines seems less personality-driven, and more procedure-driven, if you will. Also, off-topic, I find a place like Oceanaire just more festive for a birthday than a subdued dining room like MRC, Tosca, and other places I considered.
  12. Don't forget about 701's miniburgers. Actually, they are like half-burgers. You get two, with chips and salad, for like 9 bucks. That, and a martini from Mo at the bar, and you have a hell of a meal. Alright, I admit it, I like miniburgers.
  13. DCatty


    I loved the movie also, but have a huge question. Without giving anything away: The thing Miles does in the diner at the end of the movie -- shouldn't he have waited to do that when he got to where he was going??? I think bringing that -- thing -- to that -- person -- would have been really nice. Also, my wife and I were killing ourselves until we realized that the ex-wife was the woman from Friends.
  14. I was hoping to get some feedback on an experience my wife and I had last weekend at Zaytinya. After a movie at MCI, we wandered over at 530PM for an early dinner. Place was half empty, but we were told that all of the empty tables (and there were a lot) were being held for reservations. So, along with about 6 or 8 other parties, we were invited to eat in the bar area. We did, and received terrible service. There was one waiter for the entire bar area, which by about 545PM was packed with confused diners. And that one waiter spent most of his time behind the bar. We had to ask for bread repeatedly, and ended up asking for the check from a busboy, because that waiter completely disappeared. Food, by the way, was awesome as usual. But more importantly, for the 90 minutes or so we were there, many of the tables stayed empty. From our cramped perch at one of the small tables in the bar, we specifically watched 8 tables that went empty from 530PM to 630PM, and only then started to fill. Some of the parties that came in at the same time as us didn't eat, but actually waited in the bar for close to an hour, and then were seated at tables that had been sitting empty the entire time! It was disturbing to watch. I think that Zaytinya's policy is to take reservations until 630PM, but why would they force diners into the bar when obviously tables were available? I hope it wasn't to force drink orders, or to give the place a full feel artificially. Were they holding all those tables open for the 630PM reservations? Seems like we couldn't win -- it is tough to go after 630PM without having to wait a long time, and now it is tough to go before 630PM, because you will be forced to sit in the bar. Something I'm missing? Edited for a typo, and to say that we did see at least a couple of parties leave the restaurant when they were refused a table.
  15. I have heard good things about Full Kee, but think it is cash only, so I haven't been yet. I was disappointed by Eat First, but Tom S. says you need to order off the specials on the wall, which I didn't do.
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