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  1. Ha! Yes indeed, a cooking lesson wouldn't be a bad idea. Hubby and I continue our crusade to when over Old Bay fans to Tony's. It's slow going! Thanks for the tips. I've been on Cajun Grocer a few times, and it's good to get someone else's endorsement.
  2. Hmmm, Annapolis area favorites Asian: Yin Yankee Italian: Piccola Roma for fine dining, Mama Lucia's for pizza Sunday brunch: Boatyard Bar and Grill (laidback atmosphere, great for kids) Ladies' lunch: Main Ingredient or Wild Orchid Cafe Ice cream: Aromi d'Italia (gelati, really) And one I've been wanting to try... Sputnik Cafe Cheers!
  3. Anyone have suggestions for really good mail order suppliers? I'm an expatriated Louisianaian in Maryland. I already order Community Coffee, and can get my Tony's up here in some grocery stores, but right now I'm jonesing for some Louisiana pecans. Also, my mom used to get me file from a vendor at Festivals Acadiens, and I seem to have lost track of who that was to even look them up. Any ideas for artisanal file? In other suggestions would be great!
  4. Lafayette is also my hometown. I second Fist's list for the most part, though some places are new since I left the state several years ago. I would underline Cafe Vermilionville, Dwyer's, Old Tyme Grocery (fried shrimp poboy is a must!), and Blue Dog. I'd also add Charley G's for grilled seafood. Once you have french bread in Louisiana, you'll wonder what the hell everyone else around the US is trying to serve you -- a sour dough baguette, maybe? Try Poupart's bakery on Pinhook. What's hard about making suggestions for restaurants in Louisiana is what to suggest about things like gumbo and crawfish etoufee. To me these homier dishes will always be best in someone's Mama's kitchen. I don't think I've ever even ordered gumbo in a restaurant cuz I know I'd rather my own or my Mama's. Also, as for things to do in Lafayette -- music lovers should check out the Blue Moon Guest House and Saloon. It's a cool, funky place downtown that's part hostel part dance hall. Good Cajun/Zydeco/whatever music.
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