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  1. I've seen and held the new Kramers. As Octaveman says, you either like the look or you don't, but I'd encourage you to actually find one and look & feel it. The first pic I saw on Chad Ward's article made it look really shiny (flash?) but it wasn't as much in real life. Definitely not like one of his real damascus, a bit more like a Hattori KD with a larger and more regular pattern. I didn't cut with it but they have the same feel as Kramer's regular knives, which is second to none for me. And the bread knife is a real beauty, it also looks like it would be one dynamite utensil. I have a couple of other SG2 knives and they are a bit more labour intensive to keep sharp but once they're there are SHARP. My doctor even commented on it recently as he stitched me up, said the cut was "positively surgical" (admission of sloppy technique...or stupidity, do you have to look at the cat when you talk to her..java script:add_smilie(%22:blush:%22).). Vaughan
  2. Vaughan

    8" Santoku

    I have a 240mm (about 9.5 inches) Masahiro santoku, and I think they make even larger ones(270 and maybe even 300). And it's large and extra deep, which I like for certain applications. Very sharp, i believe Hitachi White steel, which could also be the downside for you if you want VG10 type stainless, it's not. Thought I got it at Japenese Chef Knives but can't find it there, maybe one of the other knife nuts can help out.
  3. OK, makes sense...why didn't I think of that? Thanks.
  4. Fuel's Polderside Chicken is described as "cooked sous vide in buttermilk." Does it make a difference? Maybe I don't properly understand sous vide, but I thought it was in a sealed plastic bag, so theoretically shouldn't matter whether it's buttermilk or 10W30. Is there some permeability? Is it marketing? Perhaps someone could educate me on why buttermilk makes a difference. Thx.
  5. Agree with Carolyn, don't beat yourself up, get two. And if you have any money left over get some pots & pans, like All Clad, that you can throw into one of them and minimize scrubbing.
  6. Hi Linda, Actually "spotty" would be a compliment, without getting too angstful, when we first reported the problem after about 3 tries they called and gave a phone message with a number to call, except that it was our own number. Two tries later and much discussion with our contractor, who installed it, they agreed to send us a replacement for faulty part, except that I had to be home to sign for it....."some time the week of April 21st." Oh sure, I'll take the week off and sit at home so I can sign for a part. Go for the white glove service if they say what it say they'll do, if only to save the potential pain and agony of something going wrong. And great great stove, it's actually worth it. Vaughan
  7. We have a Bluestar 4 burners + griddle....(didn't go ovens, went with double Miele) it's much better than our previous 6 burner + griddle Viking. Service is horrible, go for "white glove" or whatever it's called if it's an improvement. We were referred to a service (annoying ignition problem) with a phone number, no one answered and no answering machine, then someone answered about the 3rd time we called, said he was a serviceman for ranges but never heard of Bluestar and hung up, and we're in Vancouver, not a small centre. But LOVE the stove, very even and high heat. Also go for the griddle unless you have a professional range hood...do smokey stuff on the BBQ. Also for what it's worth we got their wine fridge, it's not large but we have a wine cellar so it's for more immediate drinking, and it's great, two zones, works well and inexpensive...minor complaint is large bottomed bottles (eg Burgundies, Turleys) sometimes don't fit. Have fun!
  8. Kim Saigon moved from the somewhat grungy market on Hastings and opened a restaurant on Main & Pender, Golden Garden Vietnamese Cuisine (on Main beside the CIBC bank). Still makes the best Vietnamese banh mi for takeout, still a great deal, now $3.15...love the meatball ones. Kim also owns the restaurant. And what happened to Amadeus pizza? That space is for sale or rent.
  9. Just coming back from a week in San Francisco and expected to see that Pied a Terre is open. Andre are you up and running yet? Anyone know and/or been there, I have a friend coming in from TO on Monday and was going to take her there.
  10. I"m in San Francisco with 40,000 of my closest friends for the Oracle conference, and just had an excellent bottle of 1997 Claude Carre Cuvee Passion Champagne. I'd like to take a few bottles home, but with flight restrictions I'd have to take it home in the (I assume unpressurized) cargo hold of the aiplane...any chance it'll explode? Thx, Vaughan
  11. We went there today and the kid noise is significant, you just have to go with it (or not go), but it's kind of timely that I'm told the women who own it are ex-Lumiere...hmm, got out just in time?
  12. Vaughan

    TN: Brief notes

    Sounds great, last night had two Aussies, a 1991 Henschke Hill of Grace and 1989 Chateau Tahbilk Shiraz. Henschke still with up front fruit and spice, the Tahbilk like an old barolo, wonderfully aromatic nose and sweet fruit.
  13. You're right, there are two sides to every story, including mine, which is based on first hand experience and second hand info from people I know and trust. He is a great chef and I wish him well, I'm sure he will land on his feet.
  14. Little Nest is great for breaky and lunch. On Charles just east of Commercial. Fabulous rice pudding with different accents (candied quince is my fave). Lots of kids, so if you don't like kid noise, don't go.
  15. Thanks that sounds great, not a foodie question, but any neighbourhoods worth investigating for walking, shopping, having a coffee etc?
  16. I have the 70mm Hattori FH and it's a great paring knife. Maintains an ultra sharp edge, is small and comfortable, which I like for things like mincing garlic, peeling, taking the skin off blanched tomatoes etc etc. A lot of the knife geeks (meant in a positive sense) seem to like the 150mm petty. I've considered getting a 150mm Blazen (Ryusen) as I hear they're a good knife but its a lot of money to spend on an experiment that may not work out. Let us know what you get and how you like it.
  17. Just looking at the picture of the FH Honesuki, is it really a double bevel? I've been trying to decide between waiting for the FH or buying the Blazen. The FH looks like it would be too thick for fish, isn't the honesuki supposed to be a Japanese fish knife also? That one looks like a deba, I guess there's something unusual about the angle. A bit late for this comment but I got a 270 Hiromoto AS on your (Bob's) recommendation and it's fantastic, comfortable and holds an amazing edge. Thank you!
  18. I actually think that many people who love wine do appreciate how it's made, and I think you're selling similar quality/artisan makers of shoes, clothes (well maybe not tires) short. There are many small clothing stores where people put their heart and soles (bad pun) into their product, as well as much of their time and money. Many many people drink two buck chuck, hearty burgundy and white zin, and probably most of them don't care how it's made, but many people also buy all their clothes from The Gap and don't care how or where it's made. Vaughan
  19. Based solely on research (we're in the middle of a renovation) we bought - double Miele ovens, which were recommended by a chef friend - separate standup Viking fridge and freezers, based on having a single unit in our last house which was excellent - Bluestar (Prestichef) cooktop, made in Quebec I think, based on egullet recommendations and a recommendation from the same chef friend (we bought a wine fridge from them too, and their regular fridges are very reasonable and apparently of high quality) - Asko dishwashers, which I've read are unreliable, but we have two friends, one of which has two of them, and they've had no problems and love them...previously we had Miele and it was AMAZINGLY quiet (you couldn't tell it was on) and did a good job - A Quickmill Vetrano coffee maker and Mazzer Mini grinder if you're into coffee, based on a friend who has both and makes great coffee Good luck! Vaughan
  20. Wife and I off to Calgary for 4 days, any updates on this list? It looks good, just wondering if there are any good new places (downtown) or any closures to be aware of. She's been to Calgary on business and went to River Cafe and Mariettas and liked them, if that gives a clue. Any and all kinds of food, any price range, we'll eat anything and love good wine, but hate overpriced wine lists. Also is there a good wine shop downtown? Thanks!
  21. Go ahead and get custom made, who said knives had to match? And you probably have knife types that you use more than others because of the kind of things you cook and the way you use different knives. And it's more fun! I also noticed that I misdirected you on the Kramer alternative, it's Mike Rader from Sumner Washington, not Mike Sumner.
  22. I have an 8" Kramer and love it, have in fact ordered two more (there's now a long wait list however due partly to the Cook's Illustrated article). It's a comfortable, sharp, well-designed and beautiful knife. As he points out on his web site however, it's made of a high carbon steel and the blade does discolor. You can clean it, and I do clean mine regularly, but it's not shiny like a stainless steel. I notice on Epicurean Edge there's a maker named Michael Sumner, also from Washington as is Bob K, who also makes really nice looking custom knives from the same steel (52100) with gorgeous looking wooden handles. Bob's are certainly worth waiting for, but this might be an alternative if you're anxious.
  23. Part of my reply got deleted (Gremlins - or me)...anyway, because we have a lot of good Chinese and Japanese/sushi here we tend to try other ethnic when travelling. Eg in the US like both high & low Mexican, from Topalobompo to hole in the wall. I gather Colborne Lane is molecular gastronomy, which interests me. Tried to get into Alinea in Chicago but couldn't (five week waiting list), and now chef/owner Grant Aschatz has cancer so who knows...so may try Colborne Lane if that's what it is. I do hate high wine prices; because I know retail prices pretty well it drives me nuts when I see 300% or more, I tend to go to beer out of some pathetic notion of revenge. But I do like beer with food, so there's another thought if that leads anywhere. Thanks again, Vaughan PS If anyone's coming to Vancouver or Victoria, I have lots of opinions!
  24. Love all kinds of food, only hangups are goat cheese and some challenging (for me) items like tripe, chicken feet, duck tongue etc (but did try them so know they're not for me). Having said that tried tendon the other day at dim sum and liked it. So fire away! Walking distance preferred (I walked to Susurs last time, that's probably my distance limit) but we like cabs and will venture onto transit in a pinch. And thanks for the Summerhill suggestion, one of the few things I do know about teh location of where we're staying is that the subway station is across the street so will definitely make it there. Vaughan
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