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  1. Hi, My info is very dated, as I've been going to Delaware since my fav dog friendly places were sold and became not so dog friendly, but here goes... If the Captian's Table is still around, somewhere around the 30's, the SOS used to be the best. Burgers, etc. I used to like the Alaska Stand, somewhat north of the Captian's Table. Seacrets used to be a small local place but has become a Mega Club. The Jamacian Jerk dishes were good. Fager's Island was a nice place for good food, drinks and a good sunset. Just across the Del state line there's a place called Fenwick Island Crab House that was once very good. Lombardi's Pizza was our fav. Been about 10 years since I've been there but many of the places have been around for many many years and are probably still there. BTW, IMHO Phillips Seafood House ain't that good.
  2. Try bringing the beans along slowly until you hear the "first crack" when all beans have finished crackinf turn the heat up a bit and roast until they start to crack again. After the first few snaps remove from the heat and pour into a colander to cool. Let degasse for a couple of days in a mason jar, opening every couple of hours for a few minutes. grind just berfore brewing and you'll find a better cup. Take heart and practice. It takes a while to get it down pat. What were the beans that you purchased? Different beans develop at different roasts. Lots of good info at sweetmarias.com & coffeegeek.com
  3. "But I also had a traumatic Chemex incident years ago - somehow my bathrobe slipped open and the side of it caught the Chemex pot and tipped it over - boiling hot water, grounds and all. I came very close to caffeinating my family jewels and have been very nervouis around Chemex pots ever since " YIKES!
  4. Anybody use a Chemex? I find that it makes one of the best cup of any I've used. It's a bit of work but worth the effort.
  5. Thanks for the tips. No, not going on a tequila tour, per se. more informal.
  6. I'm headed there this week and know that ALL tequila comes from Jalisco so does anyone know of anything I should look for? I am famillar with a lot of the importeds, El Tesoro, Chimaco, Padron, etc., but am looking for something special. TIA
  7. This thread has really dredged up alot of memories of Wheaton. Most resturants don't hold a candle (I guess I'm showing my age). Might Mo's and Oragne Freezes at the Wheaton (Hot) Shoppes, drag racing up University on Friday nights, hanging out at peoples on Saturday afternoons, after the Einstein/Wheaton game. I wan't much of a diner in high school, except the dates at the 4 Aces in Silver Spring. Dusit is a Pheonix from the "ashes" of the Thai Hut. It was started by the chef at the Thai Room on Connecticut AVe. in DC. Much more earthy that Dusit. And good Thai food. Ruan Thai now occupies the space of the old Siam Inn. Siam Inn was the best Thai that I've ever eaten (and during the early 70's I shared an apartment with to Thai, one of which was a chef). They were consistantly in the Washingtonian lists. The owner made his dishes sparkle and the flavors were so well belnded that I compare all Thai resturants to the Siam Inn. The Raleigh Inn,,when it opened, was a great place and my family used to eat ther often, but probably not by today's standard. Marchones has been there forever, but they used to be bigger. Torrinos, the name evokes memories of Italian food that was on an equal with Mama Leone's in NYC. The Capri, which has change hands so may times that I can't keep up. My first job was there washing dishes at nights and on the weekend. They would always feed us before work. Tony, the chef, would whip up anything on the menu and the food was really old country, as was Tony. The Pizza guy was Ceasar and he would stan in this pit twirling the pie dought high in the air. I could go on & on but I won't continue to bore everyon as I wax nostalgic. BTW, I still like to go to Wheaton every now and again but usually to Barnaby's. That too has changed over the years.
  8. Couldn't agree more about Beautiful Foods. The guys there really know their cheeses. They have a selection of only the best. They are in the next to the last strip center on the right on the way out of Rehoboth. Don't look for fancy. Big Fish Market sells the meats and seafood that they serve in the resturant nand the quality is very good. For other cuts and seafood try the markets on either side of Nage...next to the Salvation Army Thrift Shop on Rt. 1. Lewes Seafood is good for Lobster. They are just south of Lowes on Rt 1 Jimmy Lynn's is good for shrimp. jut below the second Wawa on Rt 1 going north. If you want clams and find Copp's drive past about a 1/4 mile and follow the sign to "local clams". Enjoy
  9. Hi. Not a real seasoned NO visitor but spent a week there in Dec and hooked up with a friend who took me to a really nice place that doesn't get the attention of Commander's or many of the others mentioned above but I thought that it was fantastic food. It's the Bon Ton Cafe a few blocks off Canal on Magazine. I don't think that it's open on the weekend and doesn't really cater to the tourist trade. The food as I recall was pretty basic creole. If the ladies want to blow a few calories I would recommend that they find Napolean House and split a Muffelata. I thought that it was many times better than the ones at Central Grocery. JMHO
  10. Sorry about the misspelling, it was late and it's been a while since we've been there. Also thanks for the link to the Inn. It's been way too long since we've been there and I was afraid that they wern't around anymore.
  11. Hi everyone. I'm delurking to add my $.02 on this topic. I rarely see anyone mention Maria's. I (FWIW) love the place. The food is excellent traditional Nu Mex and the Margarita menu is 6 "pages" long. One problem with Maria's is that you may have a looooooong wait for a table. I don't know if it's still around because I heard a rumor that they were going chapter 11 is the El Ray Inn. It's an older (50's) motor lodge renovated into a beautiful place to stay.
  12. Hi folks I'm delurking because I've recently found and started drinking Doorly's. I think that is like Ron Zacapa meets Havana Club 7. IMHO I think that his may be the best rum that I've ever had. Any thought would be appreciated.
  13. If you are mobile, try the Tastee Diner in Bethesda for Creamed Chipped Beef on Taost w/a fried egg on top. It's c couple of miles N of the DC line up Wisconsin and a block off to the right on ????.
  14. About 4 1/2 years ago the Washington Post Magazine or the Washingtonian ran a contest to try to determine what the signature dish for DC would be. I think that the contest ran for about 4 months and had some fabulous prizes and the best that they could come up with is the half smoke and the Senate Navy beans. The one thing that I can think of that seems unique to the area in about 40 years of eating in and around DC is the pork chop sandwich. I used to get these sometime when I was working in some of the neighborhoods. What it is is a porkchop, bone and all slapped between two slices of Wonder Bread.
  15. BobL

    illy coffee

    I have heard or more likely read that the longer roasting time that is usually involved with espresso reduces the caffine level, as that more is burned away.
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