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  1. Okay, pizza in Buenos Aires...a very complex topic to tackle! At once, it's ubiquitous and elusive. There's cheese (to the gills!) and no cheese. There's ham--deli-type and salt-cured--but no pepperoni. There's the thick, gooey crust that tastes and tooths like bread or there's the "pizza a la piedra," or stone-baked, thin, crispy crust that tastes like a water cracker. There's faina, a...hmm, how to describe it...chickpea flour biscuit-like, focaccia-shaped bread thing, slightly reminiscent of cornbread in appearance, that is eaten on top of the very local, very traditional pizza called
  2. I just got back from a trip through the Rockies, and I must rave about Fuze Finer Dining in Banff (on Banff Ave. in the Clock Tower Mall). Sorry, I'm not going to get the names of the dishes exactly right: Their signature tomato soup was stunning. After sopping up every last drop with my bread, I thought about ordering another round. The flavors of tomato, smoked bacon and basil are perfectly intermingled; there's subtlety to how the tomato, bacon and melting basil cream relate, yet simultaneously the smoky aroma is quite intense. I'm dreaming about it right now... I had the Thai-style riso
  3. tighe, to your point, i just had dim sum at IG today (was "in the neighborhood"), and it was more enjoyable than i expected. it was just my preschooler son and i so we didn't try too many dishes, but the dining was fine and i might go back if i have a craving and don't want to trek to the ID. in my opinion, i found the rice wrappings and noodles to be over-cooked and on the soggy side, and the gai lan was a tad mushy as well though the flavors of each offering were nice. (i happen to be very particular about chinese food...) the sticky rice was excellent. i will say that i find the servic
  4. Perhaps you've already completed your trip, but here's my two cents, anyway. I, too, used to enjoy Imperial Garden for dim sum, but I have found that over the last year, the food at that restaurant in general has been very inconsistent. It used to be our first choice for chinese, but I can say with certainty that the last five times I've eaten there have been disappointing and unsatisfying meals. My husband ended up sitting next to a man at lunch a week ago. He does fresh fish deliveries to restaurants, primarily Asian, I believe, and he said that the best dim sum is Jade Garden. I think
  5. Thanks for all of the responses. Unfortunately I didn't get the recommendations until after we returned. We didn't end up eating on the Strip at all. The first night we went to Carmel's Steakhouse or Carmel Room in the Rampart Casino at the J.W. Marriott. It was a last-minute decision, a practical one since we were staying at the hotel, but we were glad to have gone. They served the best pre-dinner bread I have tasted in a long time: flavorful flatbreads, an olive bread (which was good, but not noteworthy) and an amazing sweet bread called white chocolate bread, all from some place calle
  6. We'll be in LV for two nights only, one night in Summerlin and the other at the Venetian. We have a toddler (2 1/2 years old) who defies the term "terrible twos." Coming from Seattle, an extremely child-friendly dining city, I'm used to feeling comfortable taking my son to any restaurant of choice (and also comfortable wearing jeans and hiking boots to most of them). He is truly not what people fear when they see a small child enter the restaurant: he's not loud, he doesn't cry or tantrum, he doesn't run around the restaurant or throw food, etc. I think that he is unique in that manner--we
  7. Oops, neglected to report back on our choices... Django was wonderful at every turn--especially the cheese plate and the two desserts we selected: one was an almond/chocolate terrine with almond ice cream and the absolutely heavenly creme brulee napoleon Pat's--this was also heavenly...I'd been craving a REAL Philly cheesesteak for 13 years and Pat's delivered. As an aside, I've always thought of myself as a provolone gal, but after dipping my steak into the cheese fries goo, I think I've converted to Whiz. Cucina Forte--the pastas were lovely; tried the gnocchi in a red sauce and a tagliatel
  8. My group (which includes four adults and three children under 3) will be in town for only two nights. The first night we'll be eating at Django (leaving the baby with a nanny at the hotel), and for the second night, which will be a Sunday, we're interested in heading into South Philly. I'm looking right now at Tre Scalini and Anastasi's Seafood Ristorante. Tried to make reservations at l'Angolo, but they're closed through the weekend. I've read plenty about Tre Scalini, but does anyone know something about Anastasi's? How about Caffe Valentino? My preference would be simple, well-prepared,
  9. My family and some friends are traveling to Philly and environs for a brief tour, including a half-day in Lancaster county. I am excited by the possibility of dining with an Amish family and today called the Mennonite Historical Society as suggested. The woman who answered had no idea what I was referring to, but she directed me to the Mennonite Information Center (717-299-0954) where I was given the names and phone number of a couple who either host such dinners or are contacts for the arranging of them. Haven't yet called them so I can't report the further details. Thanks for the lead. A
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