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  1. Yes - we were also very disappointed to see the patisserie is no more. They still have the nice boxes in the window just to tease you. We used to buy them now and again for a treat to take home, so very sad they have gone. Does anyone know where Stephane has moved on to? Cheers, Harry
  2. Most men wear a jacket or a suit, but they are ok with the more casually dressed. On my one visit there in Jan we were just in NY for the weekend and I was just smart casual. We didn't get the best table (in the asian food blogger section :-)), but service and food was all top notch and no snootiness about dress at all. Cheers, Harry
  3. Thanks for the recommendations (agreed about Tayyab!), but I'm specifically interested in Southall. I'm meeting some friends there tonight - so it's going to be hard to get back into town. Cheers, Harry
  4. Anyone got any recommendations for Southall - whenever we go there we always seem to end up at Giftos. Giftos is fine but I would like to know if anyone rates any of the other restaurants there. There are lots of them! I don't mind a different cuisine from Giftos. Cheers, Harry
  5. My daughter is looking for short courses over the summer holidays in London that would teach baking/pastry skills. She's done a certain amount of basic baking at home, but would like to know more. Anyone come across courses they could recommend? Cheers, Harry
  6. Another place to check out is the Chelsea Arts Club - I ate there a while back and was favourably impressed. I've heard good things about it since, but sadly have not been back.
  7. I've tried both Sushi Hiro and Kiraku recently. I'd say that Sushi Hiro still has the edge in terms of sushi - I felt the quality of the fish to be better and the preparation was better. Where Kiraku was nice was they they weren't so traditionalist as Sushi Hiro and had some interesting sushi-dishes. Kiraku is good for having a much wider range of dishes - they do yakitori, sushi, tempura, noodle. If you are going with people who aren't into sushi, or you want to eat a wider range of dishes I'd recommend it.
  8. We tried to find this place - nobody seemed to have heard of it. In the end we went to a place called Ristorante Cafaggi on Via Guelfa, 35r. Tel. Is that the one you meant? Cheers, Harry P.S. Food was good, the veggies looked very institutional, but everything was actually very tasty. IIRC the menu is 19 euros.
  9. Simon, thanks for replying to my other post. I notice from your website as from mid next week that you are having a brasserie menu downstairs and moving the higher end restaurant upstairs. Are you going to be putting some sample menus on the website? I'd love to visit & sample menus always help persuade SWMBO. Cheers, Harry
  10. I'm looking for recommendations of places to eat in South Devon, ideally the south hams area. Like many EGulleters I'm looking primarily looking for good food rather than fancy decor. So I'm up for anything from seafood shacks (like the one near bigbury) to restaurants. Far too many times I've not been impressed by many of the local places and ended up at the seafood wholesalers in plymouth picking up some nice fish to cook ourselves, but I'm resolving this time is going to be different! We're actually staying near Bantham/Thurlestone. Cheers, Harry
  11. I would second the recommendation for William Curley. It's a tiny shop in a narrow street off richmond high street, so there's not a huge number of places to sit. When the weather is nicer they have a couple of tables and chairs outside. The hot chocolate is also very good. The chocolates are also excellent - highly recommended. I bought my wife some chocolates & marron-glace - she didn't offer me any so that means they must have been really really good!
  12. I'm off to KL in a week or so for CNY (first time for CNY so it's very exciting). What are the latest and greatest places to eat in KL? I am particularly interested in any good malay food places. I seem to find it really hard to find good malay food places. Also of great interest are good seafood (chilli crab / marmite crab), and good chinese food places especially out towards Cheras. Cheers, Harry
  13. I'm off to KL in a couple of weeks. Where is a good spot to try these marmite crabs then? -- Harry
  14. Our current favourite is Foliage in the Mandarin Oriental near Knightsbridge Tube. They do a 3 course set lunch menu with 2 glasses of wine for 32 pounds (IIRC 25 pounds w/o wine). The food is of a good standard and the setting is very nice as well. In addition to the 3 courses you get an amuse prior to the started and petit fours. I'd also second the suggestion for Capital - I really liked that as well. -- Harry
  15. harryb

    6 Nights in HK

    I am also interested in this! We are going to be in HK over easter (plus a side trip to Shanghai). We're very interested in good & interesting places to eat in HK. Especially Dim Sum. I'm not too keen on food that relies bits of unusual animals for it's 'wow' factor, more quality and freshness of the cuisine. Cheers, Harry
  16. I think Capital is fine for lunch. I've only been there twice (once for lunch, once for dinner), and on both occasions was good. The lunch wasn't quite as good as the evening meal, but I'm not a discerning enough foodie to be able to tell you why :-). Although the room isn't big, I didn't feel that it was too small, if anything it was nice to eat somewhere that didn't feel like it had 100s of people to cater for. Service was very friendly. I didn't pay too much attention to the other diners, and so can't comment on any snobbishness of other patrons. I'd also agree with the suggestion for Foliage. It's a better space, and the hotel bar is fun for a drink beforehand. If you can, get a table with good view of the park (there are a couple of windows that are set lower down, the tables in front of those are the best). Both are restaurants that I would go back to. Although they don't have the suprise & wow factor of places like the fat duck, there were many items on the menu that I'd like to try on future visits. -- Harry
  17. I rate Marina O'Loughlin in Metro. Her reviews are usually pretty much on the money in terms of food, atmosphere etc., and she's not afraid to say what she really thinks about a place. What I really like about her is that she actually cares quite a bit about the food. I don't think the restaurant community really know who she is, and she doesn't appear to get any special treatment. For example, when we went to Pied a Terre back in Jan we got chatting about reviews etc., when her review appeared they could work out when she'd been in & the table, but didn't recall anything about her. -- Harry
  18. It may be that they want to pace the arrival time & number of diners so as not to stress the kitchen. On my last visit to Chicago in November I tried to book a table (for a Thursday I think), and it was fully booked. So at least on some nights it is busy. Thanks for the writeup anyway. It strengthens my resolve to try again next time I am in town. -- Harry
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