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  1. Let's see, You must only be interested in the finer dining restaurants in Beaufort Stillwater- wouldn't guess they're branching out Sharpies- source close says "No" Blue Moon- owner not interested in expanding Beaufort Grocery- already has two in portfolio Clawson's/Aqua- who knows -or- the rest Net House Royal James Spouter Inn Boardwalk Cafe Cool Fish I am curious where you got your info from. As for Clementine's: He opened and closed another restaurant in New Bern within a short amount of time and a friend of mine who worked for him cannot file his '06 tax return because the owner never filed his and is nowhere to be found.
  2. I've heard nothing but good things about Sharpies. What wasn't to like?
  3. I am overwhelmed with excitement. I am actually thinking about doing a stage that night just to see Ashley and her staff in action. Only if, of course, that would adhere to protocol. :) How long, from an operational standpoint, is the cocktailing allowed? I am just negotiating my schedule for return to Greensboro. -Sincerely, Zac Durham Chef de Cuisine, Grappa Grille, Greensboro, NC zchef2k (yahoo and eGullet)
  4. Union Hall Barfly ad, Charleston For those curious
  5. I'm the one holding the bread :), and the ad was my idea. (inspired by VitaPrep Ads)
  6. Union Hall in Charleston, SC. I used to make the fresh pasta there. Jacques Larson is one of the greatest I've seen in a kitchen. No one in downtown offers Italian like Union Hall.
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